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Wd40 2000 uses

  1. 1. LIST OF 2000 + USES The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to WD-40 Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of WD-40 by WD-40 Company. These uses have not been tested by WD-40 Company. Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using WD-40. Always follow theinstructions and take heed of any warnings printed on the WD-40 packaging.HOME/GARDEN• • Lubricates folding parts of ironing board • Lubricates mixer gears• Use to loosen rusty nuts and screws, clean garden tools • Removes rust from chair feet • Removes rollerblade marks from kitchen• Cleans piano keys • Cleans and polishes gold and brass lamps • Adds moisture to and preserves ivory and bone items• Keeps wicker chairs from squeaking • Removes adhesive price tag from shoe bottoms • Keeps lawn mower carburetors free of gunk• Lubricates small rolling toys • Keeps trigger on glue gun from sticking • Removes velcro stickers• Keeps garden tools rust-free • Cleans bed frame • Polishes away scratches on countertops• Cleans patio door glide strip • Protects shower heads from rust • Lubricates vacuum cleaner roller brush• Removes crayon from clothes dryer (make sure to unplug dryer • Protects silver from blackening • Cleans gunk from base of toilet bowl• Removes scuff marks from ceramic tile • Lubricates external pivots on lawnmowers • Lubricates runners on porch glider• Keeps metal wind chimes rust-free • Keeps blades from rusting on garden plow • Cleans tar off circular saw blades• Removes crayon from walls • Cleans black streaks from hardwood • Protects exposed metal parts on snow blowers• Helps join plastic shelving to make disassembly easier • Protects inner machinery in toilet against corrosion • Removes sticker residue from clothes• Removes water spots from mirrors • Removes paint from tile • Removes gum from• Lubricates hinge on pruning shears • Protects hand trowels from corrosion • Keeps clay from sticking to shovels• Lubricates screws on lawn furniture • Cleans and protects pitchforks • Prevents rake from rusting• Lubricates hydraulic rams on slideout of 5th wheel • Lubricates screen channels upon installation of rubber bead • Removes laundry detergent stain from washer• Cleans bathtubs • Removes rust stains from bathroom tubs • Polishes splash guards• Cleans and prevents rust on oil tank exterior • Cleans metal • Cleans crayon off of rock walls• Cleans and protects bed of wheelbarrows • Shines shower doors • Lubricates ball valve handle on sprinkler system• Prevents rust on swamp cooler nuts • Protects patio door from sun damage • Lubricates return springs on riding lawnmowers• Removes tea stains from countertops • Cleans mildew from refrigerator gasket • Keeps kitty-doo from sticking to electric cat-box rakes• Removes crayon from wallpaper • Helps clean rust from wire shelves • Removes dried toothpaste stains• Lubricates gate locks • Cleans newspaper ink from tables • Removes silly putty from furniture• Removes crayon from carpet • Removes rust stains from after mopping • Cleans lime stains from toilet bowls• Removes crayon from compressed wood furniture • Cleans and protects tv antenna • Spray on bottom 6 inches of wooden patio table to prevent mildew• Loosens rusty parts on lawnmower • Removes gum from wallpaper build up• Lubricates sticky drawers • Penetrates and frees stuck toilet shutoff valve • Removes glue from refrigerator• Removes tape marks from the wall where posters hung • Spray on rototiller blades to prevent rust during off-season • Helps clean showers• Shines leaves of houseplants • Cleans melted vacuum belt from carpeting • Cleans build up on hedge trimmers• Keeps snow from sticking to shovel • Removes crayon from television screen • Lubricates gardening shears• Removes coffee stains on tiles • Lubricates zippers on lawn mower grass catcher bags • Cleans dog hair from sliding door rollers• Keeps hose ends from corroding • Cleans gunk from chain saws • Removes marks-a-lot ink from most items• Lubricates moving parts on playground equipment • Prevents rust on metal patio chairs • Removes rust from cookie tins• Removes crayon from plastic • Removes crayon marks from glass • Keeps pots from sticking together when stacked in storage• Removes decals from bathtubs • scratches in cultured marble • Removes gum from dryer lint screen• Removes old cellophane tape • Removes berry stains from patio furniture • Cleans tar from rubber water hoses• Removes crayon from shoes • Removes gum stuck to concrete • Removes scuff marks from lawn furniture• Cleans ashtrays • Cleans heavy dirt from shovels • Removes rust stains from tile• Removes crayon from toys • Cleans rust from metal exterior of speakers • Lubricates lever on razor scraper• Cleans and protects underside of cast iron skillets • Coat outside pipes during winter to help prevent freezing damage or • Removes lipstick from fabric• Removes ink from carpet pipe bursts • Cleans and lubricates the rubber surrounds on stereo sub woofers• Keeps garden plant cages bright and rust free • Removes glue deposits from linoleum • Spray down drain throat to remove scum• Cleans lawnmower blades • Lubricates hinges on antique smoking stand • Removes crayon from place mats• Cleans and protects antique kitchen tools • Removes masking tape residue from linoleum • Removes stubborn body oils and shampoo residue from bath mats• Prevents mildew growth on fountain • Cleans gunk built up on doorknobs • Spray around bottom of garbage cans to prevent animals from• Removes marks from left by chair feet • Removes stickers from credit cards getting in• Removes crayon from chalk boards • Cleans smoke stains • Removes oxidation from aluminum window frames• Eliminates static on volume and tuning control knobs • Removes lipstick from carpet • Polishes and protects brass candlesticks• Cleans candle soot • Lubricates metal latches on chain link fences • Cleans music racks• Removes ink from blue jeans • Removes melted scotch tape from dining room table • Cleans peanut butter from shoestrings• Cleans residue on luggage handles • Removes stains from coffee cups • Cleans and protects blades of pruning shears• Cleans old tins • Removes crayon from screen doors • Cleans wood planter bed• Cleans and protects pruning shears • Removes crayon from plastic tables • Cleans scum from rubber gloves• Cleans gold-plated faucets • Removes oil stains from nylon • Polishes silver jewelry• Removes petroleum stains from clothing • Spray on hula hoe swivels to clean & prevent corrosion • Lubricates freezer doors• Keeps sewing needles from rusting • Lubricates air holes before inserting hand air pump nozzle onto tires • Removes grape juice stains• Removes kool-aid stains from carpet and fabric • Keeps lawnmower wheels turning smoothly • Cleans marks on shelves made by coat hangers• Removes gunk from plastic dish-drainer • Keeps plant supports from rusting • Shines aluminum sinks• Lubricates kitchen sink handheld spray nozzle • Removes gum from linoleum • Shines wheelbarrow tires• Removes rust from curtain rods • Removes strawberry stains from countertops • Cleans lock nuts around gate latches• Removes adhesive from precious china • Removes tar from shovels • scratches in linoleum• Cleans bottoms of pots and pans • Keeps plant hangers from rusting • scratches in ceramic tile• Helps prevent rust on hide-a-key containers • Removes mascara from tile • Keeps clay from sticking to hoes• Cleans vinyl garage doors • Erases marks caused by chair backs on running boards of wall • Keeps clay from sticking to rakes• Cleans doggie doo from tennis shoes • Spray on silverware during unused periods to prevent tarnishing • Prevents rust form forming on blender blades during storage• Removes gunk when replacing old faucets • Clean black marks from shoes off the • Spray on trash can lids to keep messes from sticking• Cleans and protects medicine door latches • Removes labels from medicine bottles • Protects outside of cast iron brake drums on riding lawnmower• Protects wrought iron from rust • Removes wax from shoes • Removes grime from grout on bathroom• Removes tomato stains from clothes • Cleans chair wheels • Cleans dust from• Prevents rust from forming on washing machines • Cleans window sills • Removes starch residue from sole plate on iron• Keeps metal wire screens rust free • Protects snow shovels from the effects of salt • Cleans vacuum cleaner dials• Removes blue baked-on acrylic cover shields from acrylic windows • Cleans and protects washer lid • Removes from bay windows• Preventative maintenance on cooking burner • Prevents corrosion on outdoor light • Cleans sole plate on iron• Removes coffee stains from leather • Removes felt pen marks from • Helps remove water marks from cedar paneling• Protects electric pump on furnace • Loosens valve stems on lawnmower tires • Shines mother-of-pearl accessories• Removes ink stains from leather • Removes gum from aluminum siding• Prevents corrosion on copper parts of fountain • Removes wax from vinyl surfaces www.wd40.com
  2. 2. LIST OF 2000 + USES The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to WD-40 Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of WD-40 by WD-40 Company. These uses have not been tested by WD-40 Company. Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using WD-40. Always follow theinstructions and take heed of any warnings printed on the WD-40 packaging.• Cleans oil burner parts • Cleans food stuck in and around refrigerator • Helps reclaim rusted plumbing snake• Removes marking pen from glass objects • Penetrates and loosens locking lever on windows • Lubricates table leafs• Cleans outdoor electrical relay contacts • Spray on shower doors to keep them from rusting • Removes makeup from carpet• Lubricates moving parts of vacuum motor • Lubricates vacuum cleaner wheel joints and beater bar joints • Lubricates pulley on sump pump• Shines outdoor sculptures • Lubricates steering mechanism on riding lawn mower • Penetrates and loosens stuck screws on bathtub knobs• Helps remove caked-on dirt and grime from furniture rails • Lubricates pullout handle on luggage • Lubricates recoil starter on snow blower• Removes calcium deposits from • Lubricates joints on stand mixers • Loosens stuck bolts on mail boxes• Removes nail polish from hardwood • Lubricates latch mechanisms on snowplows • Spray handles of garbage can to prevent rust and corrosion• Helps remove built up mineral deposits from freezer grid • Lubricates slide locks • Lubricates propane tank hinges• Removes caked-on food from bottom of cookie sheets • Penetrates and frees stuck mechanism inside power toothbrush • Loosens stubborn curtain rod• Removes splattered grease on stove handle • Loosens rusted joints on tree loppers• Cleans silver serving trays • Removes glue from carpet • Lubricates knobs on propane barbecues• Cleans woks -- after cleaning • Spray on lamp arm for easy swivel • Removes rust from and protects antique irons• Removes streaks from Formica • Keeps VCR tapes from sticking in VCR’s • Loosens rusted parts of antique farm dinner bell• Cleans blackened skillets -- after cleaning • Lubricates blade spindle in bathroom fans • Stop squeaks on patio doors• Helps keep wooden handles on garden tools from splintering • Lubricates hinges on TV cabinet doors • Helps dismantle chandeliers• Helps remove soap scum from bathroom cleaning materials • Prevents corrosion on valves under toilet • Lubricates noise dampening bearing on outdoor paddle fan• Helps remove calcium deposits from bathtub drains • Lubricates toaster slides • Frees stuck Lego blocks• Protects grout from mildew in outdoor shower • Lubricates vertical blind swivel drivers • Helps loosen rusted parts on garden pinwheels• Removes hardened wax from showers • Loosens plastic pump handle on weed killer sprayer • Helps loosen rusted toilet seat bolts• Helps remove shoe polish stains from socks • Keeps line from binding on string trimmer spools • Lubricates metal joints on bed frames• Cleans and protects fertilizer spreader after use • Lubricates old-style double-sash windows • Lubricates mouse trap machinery• Keeps ax blade from rusting • Lubricates and protects air conditioner blades • Makes dead bolt locks work better• Spray on bathroom mirror to keep it from fogging • Lubricates cork screws • Lubricates fans• Lubricates shower door rollers • Cleans furnace nozzle • Lubricates casters on antique desks• Penetrates frozen mail box doors • Stops squeaks in trash compactor • Removes squeaks from unit attached to furnace• Prevents rust on patio furniture screws • Helps unravel cleaning wands on vacuum cleaners • Keeps garbage disposal from seizing after periods of idleness• Lubricates locks on dog kennels • Lubricates hide-a-bed retracting mechanisms • Lubricates baby swings• Drives moisture from door sill plate • Spray on lawn mower pull cord when stuck • Lubricates handle• Prevents rust on shut-off valve of main water source • Frees stuck intercom buttons on apartment security systems • Lubricates luggage locks• Lubricates springs on garbage can foot pedal • Frees rusted hinges on alarm box • Stops squeaks on baby cribs• Displaces moisture from submerged cellular phones • Cleans remote controls • Frees old drawer-type broiler when stuck• Helps remove road salt from car locks • Breaks down silicone when coating a toilet or tub • Lubricates ball bearings in chairs• Drives moisture from outdoor latches • Removes tree sap from tree snippers • Spray top of bird feeder to make squirrels slide off• Drives moisture from moving parts of electric jewelry boxes after • Lubricates kitchen drawer sliding tracks • Shines mailboxes washing • Lubricates runners on recliners • Lubricates gears on old phonographs• Drives moisture from home wiring • Lubricates covering air vent on covering dryers • Loosens hard to open twist tops• Drives moisture from moving garden tools to help prevent corrosion • Lubricates antique iron • Lubricates shoe buckles• Drives moisture from electrical contacts on weed eater • Lubricates gears on icemaker • Lubricates doggie doors• Drives moisture from wheel bearings in shower door wheels • Lubricates folding metal stool • Lubricates roof ventilation turbines• Lubricates heat register vent levers • Lubricates kennel gates • Lubricates hamster play wheel• Apply on medicine cabinet closure to prevent sticking • Lubricates electric mixer beater receptors • Keeps keys from rusting• Lubricates spray arm in dishwasher • Unfreezes patio door locks • Prevents rust and discoloration on lids of jars of canned fruits and• Lubricates sliding tracks on French doors • Penetrates and loosens sticky knobs on adjustable chairs vegetables• Lubricates needles on knitting machine • Cleans and protects weed wacker blades • Lubricates crib wheels• Unsticks painted radiator valves • Lubricates ballcock on toilet • Lubricates bird house hinges• Lubricates can openers • Lubricates wheels on dishwasher rack • Coat door knobs prior to painting to keep paint from sticking• Lubricates patio door hydraulic self closing hinge • Lubricates drive pulley of lawnmower blades • Lubricates runners of screens• Cleans clogged Inkjet nozzle • Lubricates oven door hinges • Stop squeaks in metal rocking chair• Keeps garbage disposal from rusting • Helps to open lock boxes on home that have swollen from the heat • Keeps refrigerator door gasket from sticking• Keeps gas shutoff valve from getting stuck • Lubricates gears on grill height adjuster handle on Barbecues • Lubricate wheels on kitchen bake center• Lubricates garden hose trigger nozzle • Removes triple track screens that are stuck • Unclogs shower heads• Spray on glass objects that are stuck together to separate without • Loosens stuck light switches • Lubricates rototiller blades breaking • Keeps curling iron from sticking to plastic crafts • Stop squeaks on bathtub knobs• Unkinks gold chains • Removes tile adhesive from new no-wax • Removes plastic cement from tools• Lubricates lock on chain securing propane tank to barbecue grill • Frees stuck buttons on electric stove • Stops squeaks on web gear (listol belt) during army maneuvers• Lubricates antique cuckoo clock pendulum • Frees stuck beater-release switch on mixers • Lubricates wheels of rolling book bags• Lubricates stuck temperature regulators on refrigerators • Frees frozen parts on electric coffee grinder • Lubricates washer doors• Penetrates stuck walking foot on sewing machines • Removes hardened wax from tubs • Spray on plant holders to stop squeaks during wind• Spray on vacuum handle for easy assembly and disassembly • Eases separation of bunk beds • Lubricates hinge bearings on swing doors• Lubricates metal fasteners on corsets • Removes rust from rollers on storage shed door • Lubricates swiveling vanity mirror• Lubricates French door lock • Helps to remove rusty nails from lawn furniture • Lubricate snap swivels on dog runs• Eases disassembly of hammock supports • Loosens screws on toilet seats • Lubricates piano lid hinges• Lubricates hinges on metal boxes • Loosens rusted wheels on lawn spreader • Cleans and protects grandfather clock cables• Lubricates rubber insulation around storm doors • Lubricates squeaky stove knobs • Lubricates hinges on refrigerator door• Penetrates stuck doorknobs for smooth operation • Lubricates arms on window awnings • Lubricates crib rails to prevent sticking• Lubricates toilet handle linkage • Removes mineral and rust buildup on water faucets • Stops squeaks on stove doors• Lubricates luggage zippers • Removes rust from potbellied stoves • Lubricates windsock swivels• Lubricates on mailboxes • Keeps branch-cutting tools rust-free • Stops squeaks on baby gate lock• Removes rust from vacuum cleaners • Loosens rusted screws on outdoor barbecue • Removes dried garbage from trash compactor wheels• Lubricates microwave oven door • Lubricates swivel rocker legs • Lubricates wheelbarrow wheels• Lubricates connectors on antique stove for easy assembly • Frees locking nut on lawn mower blade • Lubricates storage drawer at bottom of stove• Lubricates wheels of homemade monorail systems • Lubricates rototiller axle • Lubricates joints on stock panels www.wd40.com
  3. 3. LIST OF 2000 + USES The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to WD-40 Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of WD-40 by WD-40 Company. These uses have not been tested by WD-40 Company. Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using WD-40. Always follow theinstructions and take heed of any warnings printed on the WD-40 packaging.• Eliminates squeak from locks • Cleans marble windowsills • Helps hone cylinder walls• Lubricates wheels on rolling dressers • Spray bottoms of chain-link fences that surround gardens to keep • Protects corrosion-sensitive areas of car• Lubricates moving joints of futon rabbits and rodents out • Prevents corrosion of spark plug cables• Lubricates slide-out attic ladders • Removes cement from metal • Shines motorcycle• Lubricates wheels on rolling Ping-Pong tables • Spray on stepping stone molds before pouring to ease removal • Removes sludge from outside engine block• Stops squeaks on full-length swivel mirrors from mold • Removes asphalt from trucks• Lubricates bearings on TV table wheels • Helps remove stubborn pieces of stuck padding under carpet • Cleans grime from engines• Lubricates storm door piano hinges • Removes melted jelly beans from carpet • Cleans and protects chrome on cars• Lubricates clothesline retractor • Removes stubborn temporary tattoos • Helps remove brake dust from wheels• Lubricates lawn cart axles • Removes glue from paneling • Restores shine on classic cars• Shines black rubber baseplates • Cleans mastic off tiles • Keeps hitch locks rust-free• Lubricates garden windmills • Use full cans for bookends • Cleans road oil from rocker panels• Loosens latches on suitcase • Removes streaks and marks from new slate while polishing • Cleans and protects aluminum rims• Lubricates squeaky weathervanes • Lubricates piano leg casters • Shines car tires• Lubricates curtain rods for better sliding • Removes gum from bed sheets • Cleans marks from rubber surfaces• Stops squeaks on rotating • Helps separate dual layer projection TV screen so that outer screen • Cleans rusty bolts• Lubricates cigarette case hinges can be replaced without damaging the inner screen • Keeps brake levers clean on motorcycles• Loosens rusted bolts on outdoor TV antenna • Helps hide scratches on glass dishes • Removes greasy from car interior• Lubricates sewing machine handle • Helps remove ketchup stains from carpet • Lubricates key holes• Lubricates throttle cables on rototillers • Helps remove candle soot from glass containers • Removes silly putty stuck on car seats• Removes ink from vinyl • Keeps garden ornaments in fountains and ponds rust-free • Lubricates trunk latch• Lubricates lawn fertilizer spreader gears • Protects pool furniture for winter storage • Spray on snow chains to keep from rusting• Lubricates and stops squeaks on folding animal cages • Preventative maintenance on Christmas decorations before storage • Removes roof mastics from tools• Lubricates swiveling picture hangers • Protects storm window gaskets • Removes tree sap• Lubricates drive belt pulley bearings on lawnmower • Keeps Christmas tree stand from rusting • Keeps car battery terminals clean• Lubricates piano bench hinges • Drives moisture from bird bath heaters • Cleans lock nuts around gate valves• Lubricates TV stand swivel mechanism • Helps shovel wet sticky snow • Unsticks car door during cold weather• Stops squeaks on Tonka trucks • Lubricates mechanical Christmas reindeer • Lubricates car antenna• Lubricates straight pins for easier sewing of heavy fabric (denim) • Lubricates movable parts on Christmas presents • Helps remove stubborn rust from tow ball• Lubricates rotating spice racks • Lubricates barbecue wheel casters • Cleans and protects power antennas• Lubricates handle on ice cream makers • Keeps snow from sticking to patio door • Cleans white wall tires• Lubricates speed control cable on power mower • Lubricates limbs of Christmas trees • Cleans buildup from wood trim• Loosens crank arm on windows • Cleans stains from Christmas tree holders • Removes asphalt from tools• Lubricates hose winder • Cleans sand from patio door runners • Lubricates tire air knobs• Lubricates gears on Rotisserie barbecue • Helps remove stuck decorations at Christmas time • Removes glue from leather• Lubricates spin wheel on vertical blinds • Lubricates auger blades and discharge chute of snow blower • Lubricates valves on trucks• Lubricates wind-driven attic turbo vents • Lubricates screws in Christmas tree holder • Cleans pigeon droppings from cars• Keeps zippers on outdoor umbrella covers from sticking • Keeps snow from sticking to satellite dishes • Lubricates rusted fasteners• Stops squeaks on swinging address signs • Cleans rust off Santa’s sleigh runners • Protects most vinyl surfaces• Drives moisture away from pushbuttons that can become oxidized • Removes snow from windows after holiday season • Lubricates license plate bolts and screws• Loosens grime on toilet tank shaft • Removes from latex fences • Tones down shine of polyurethane• Lubricates plate holder hinges • Lubricates double glazing mechanisms on window locks • Lubricates oil gasket• Lubricates air nozzle of balloon pump • Lubricate raising mechanisms for Purple Martin (bird) Houses. • Keeps tire jack working smoothly• Lubricates spinning wheels • Use the No-Mess Pen to get Christmas tree sap off ornaments. • Cleans reusable air elements• Lubricates adjuster button on canes • Unsticks gummed-up buttons on an air conditioner • Maintains dashboard• Lubricates baby buggy wheels • Cleans the exterior doors of wood pellet stoves • Removes melted crayon from upholstery• Lubricates blade-agitator assemblies in food blenders • Lubricates aluminum blind stoppers, to prevent blinds from sticking • Cleans and protects rubber boots of drive axles on front-wheel• Lubricates lawnmower throttle cables • Revitalizes the color on faded vinyl shutters drive vehicles• Lubricates rusted casters on rolling planters • Use the No-Mess Pen to un-stick telephone buttons • Keeps rubber door weather gaskets soft and pliable• Lubricates sunshade joints • Cleans and polishes brushed aluminum face plates on old stereo • Cleans PVC valves• Stops squeaks on noisy bathroom curtain hooks receivers • Keeps windshield wipers rust-free• Helps keep swinging plant hooks from squeaking • The No-Mess Pen is the perfect size to lubricate/stop squeaks on • Coat truck bed before installing bed liner to make removal easier• Stops squeaks on noisy temperature control knobs small, kitchen cabinet door hinges • Removes rust from side view mirror• Spray sewing thread to prevent breakage • Cleans and shines bathroom formica tiles and fast • Cleans grease from rubber hoses• Spray on trees to prevent beavers from chewing on them • Lubricates the exhaust fan over the stove, keeping it in excellent • Shines and protects bed liner• Eases removal of brass in toilet tank working order • Cleans gunk from travel trailer siding• Spray in cracks between sidewalk and cinderblock wall to prevent • Use the No-Mess Pen to lubricate the area under the hook of a • Lubricates sunroof crank weeds from growing in them sewing machine • Cleans and protects rear view mirror balls and sockets• Coat wire tomato plant cages to keep insects away • Spray on sticky toilet paper rollers to make replacing a roll much • Lubricates child safety seat buckles• Spray around beds gently to keep cats out easier. • Lubricates socket wrench• Spray bottoms of storage containers to prevent sticking to shelves • Coat blender blades weekly to prevent corrosion • Cleans battery chargers• Gets hair color dye stains out of towels • Helps remove residue that remains after removing • Lubricates door latch to gas cap• Removes rubber cement (caused by mineral water) from ceramic pots • Displaces moisture from spark plug wires• Use a full can for a nifty paperweight • Lubricates threads on (table) umbrella poles • Cleans and protects engine compartment• Spray old leather shoes and the leather will become soft and pliable • Keeps glove box lock working smoothly• Protects fertilizer distributors CAR/TRUCK • Helps clean messes from crevices and holes in clunker van• Removes crayon from sofas • Lubricates manifold heat control valve • Cleans rust from car hood latch• Removes melted plastic from toaster oven • Helps clean sidewalls on tires • Removes tar and grease from upholstery• Pre-lubricates threads on wood screws • Removes tar from chassis • Keeps trailer hitch receiver and insert looking new• Spray on videotapes to remove the label so you can re-label it • Removes decals from windows and bumper • Keeps RV slides rust free• Removes stickers from crystal • Removes insects from front grill • Keeps rubber particles from sticking to drag race car quarterpanels• Renews dried-up ink on adding machine ink rollers • Cleans motorcycle chains • Buff out scuff marks on bumpers• Spray on disposable razor blades to make them function longer • Removes grease from clothing • Lubricates emergency brake cable • Removes adhesive tape without damaging factory paint www.wd40.com
  4. 4. LIST OF 2000 + USES The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to WD-40 Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of WD-40 by WD-40 Company. These uses have not been tested by WD-40 Company. Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using WD-40. Always follow theinstructions and take heed of any warnings printed on the WD-40 packaging.• Quiets squeaky leaf springs • Lubricates gears on hand-rolling car windows • Lubricates windshield wiper linkage• Helps remove skid marks from cement • Keeps truck bed anchors rust free • Stops squeaks on clutch pedals• Lubricates go-cart gears • Lubricates convertible top zippers • Lubricates wire being pulled through a conduit• Gets gunk off steering wheel • Lubricates automatic seat belt tracks • Lubricates hydraulic tailgate lifts• Removes road debris from license plate • Lubricates and cleans check-valves in pop-up headlights • Lubricates automatic side view mirrors• Removes cell phone antenna glue from glass • Lubricates trailer support cranks • Eliminates squeak from fan belt• Eases assembly of vinyl fencing • Penetrates stuck brake bleeder valves • Lubricates pneumatic door lifters on station wagons• Cleans gummy buildup from steering wheels • Lubricates car ignition • Loosens stuck valves• Helps remove protective coverings from new cars • Removes grit from windshield wipers • Unfreezes car doors• Removes melted gum from dashboards • Lubricates hood release cable • Keeps heim joints free on race cars• Helps remove vinyl bed-liners • Lubricates choke linkage • Keeps winch cable lubricated and clean• Removes scuff marks from cars caused by shopping carts • Keeps cable on spare tire rack from seizing • Lubricates stainless steel hood latches• Displaces moisture from car wiring • Cleans and protects brake shoe mechanisms • Lubricates convertible top gears• Spray on suspension gaskets to resist deterioration • Lubricates speedometer cables • Lubricates scooter lift• Cleans salt-impregnated ice from the soles of my Doctor Marten’s • Lubricates locks on vehicle bike racks • Lubricates torsion bars boots • Penetrates stuck car hoods • Spray on rubber intake air ducts to ease installation of fuel injected• Spray on a rag and wipe steering wheel and gearshift knobs to • Cleans gunk from pistons engines keep them grease-free and grip-able • Lubricates gas cap locks and levers • Lubricates ball joints• Lubricates rubber bushing • Keeps air horn celluloid from sticking • Lubricates rear shock absorbers• Cleans gunk from electrical contacts • Lubricates swiveling chairs in minivans • Dissolves grease• Removes carbon residue from spark plugs • Frees sticky remote control mirror mechanism • Drives moisture from engine• Cleans bugs from rooftop cellular antenna • Lubricates air nozzle caps on tires • Spray on aluminum cylinder heads to prevent galling and cross• Removes gum from mats • Unsticks electric seats in vehicles threading• Removes grime from cellular antenna to improve reception • Keeps pop-up auto lights operating smoothly • Removes excess wax from rubber bumpers• Cleans pin striping tape from car • Helps remove window tint • Keeps asphalt from sticking to dump truck bed• Cleans ignition wires • Lubricates hydraulic lifts on truck bed cover • Lubricates bearings in wheels on boat trailer• Frees rusted glove compartment door • Penetrates stuck radiator handle • Removes a Boa Constrictor stuck in engine compartment of cars• Removes gum from boards • Cleans dead insects from radiators • Removes paint rub from another vehicle• Lubricates linkages on emergency brake release • Lubricates zippers on zip-up car windows • Cleans and protects windshield wiper blades• Cleans gum from door sills • Cleans cup holders • Helps to insert cables into cable looms• Removes crayon from dashboard • Lubricates hand-operated window cranks • Lubricates control arm bushings on front or rear suspensions of• Cleans sand from door joints • Lubricates choke levers autos• Cleans spare tire mount under pickup bed • Keeps transmission linkages operating smoothly • Lubricates rubber wiring grommets to ease installation into fenders/• Removes gum stuck in door locks • Frees stuck fuel door cable• Use on swamp cooler to prevent burnout or seizing • Cleans and protects seat belt buckles • When disassembling a race car engine for the off-season, spray• Spray tachometer cables to ensure accurate readings • Helps remove wire rim wheels that are rusted to axle the parts down and wrap in plastic wrap to keep well-oiled and• Lubricates knobs on air conditioners • Lubricates rusted oil pan plug prevent rust• Cleans gunk off snow chains • Helps free stuck battery cables from terminals • Lubricates the plastic connection of an automobile headlamp• Removes melted rubber from exhaust pipes • Eases removal of pinion shafts on old pistons retaining nut• Lubricates well crank handle • Restores vintage door locks • Removes wax from black car paint to remove “cloudy” appear-• Removes crayon from vinyl surfaces • Eases removal of stuck spark plugs from engine ance• Removes debris stuck on mats • Penetrates stuck fog light nuts • Spray on windshield wipers in the early summer so the blades don’t• Prevents oxidation on battery connections • Spray battery bolts prior to installation for easy removal crack and dry out• Removes pine tar from truck bed covers • Loosens rusted oxygen sensor in car exhaust pipe • Use the No-Mess Pen to lubricate hinges on windshield wipers• Maintains interior • Stops squeaks in car strut mounts without making a mess• Spray on a rag and wipe window handles to keep them grease-free • Prevents rust on inside of door panels and grip-able • Prevents rust on side trim ON THE JOB• Removes leftover adhesive residue from tape that holds camper • Helps remove hand prints from truck bodies • Cleans engraving machines shells to vehicles • Stops squeaks on car doors • Lubricates cargo straps on semi trucks• Removes road from brake cables • Lubricates car door hinges • Lubricates chain on scrubber machines• Protects cast iron brake rotors when storing vehicle • Lubricates motorcycle chains • Protects powder coated metal• Prevents rust on outside of door panels • Lubricates drive chain on motorcycles • Protects swing chains from rusting• Drives moisture out of trunk locks • Lubricates throttle linkage • Cleans Plexiglas• Fogs interior of vintage motorcycle during winter storage • Eases installation of rubber exhaust hangers on exhaust systems • Cleans magazines for an AK-47• Keeps car locks from freezing during winter • Lubricates auto hood latch • Cleans window caulking• Helps protect rubber trunk molding • Stops squeaks on tail pipe hangers • Cleans and protects forklifts from rust• Prevents spray nozzles for windshield washers from freezing • Stops belt noise on automobiles • Lubricates adjusting mechanisms on chairs• Drives moisture from DC auto batteries • Removes squeak from brake pedal • Lubricates elevator cables• Drives moisture from electrical wiring in cars • Lubricates sun visors • Cleans overhead projectors• Protects electrical connections in car/truck engines • Stops squeak in alternator pulley • Lubricates lead snippers• Drives moisture from front struts • Stops squeaking on windshield wipers • Lubricates wood screws for easier installation• Drives moisture from convertible top hinges • Spray aging rubber grommets to eliminate squeaks • Shines vinyl on jukeboxes• Lubricates seat belt buckles • Lubricates mounting bracket for alternator • Cleans and lubricates automatic poultry feeders• Lubricates ashtray for easy sliding • Stops squeaks caused by brake cable rubbing against chassis • Coat dental instruments before putting in autoclave to prevent• Lubricates 4-wheel-drive hubs to ease locking procedure • Lubricates cipher locks excessive oxidation• Prevents noise on car window tracks • Removes wax from motor • Cleans gunk from pricing guns• Frees up sticking carburetor linkage • Spray on trailer hitch to prevent squeaks while towing • Lubricates stuck washers• Loosens slack adjuster locks • Quiets squeaks on automatic sliding seat belts • Penetrates to help open stuck paint can lids• Prevents antenna from freezing during winter • Stops squeaks on steering wheels • Removes adhesives from sewing machines• Removes dog slobber from dash and seats in vehicle • Lubricates fuel line remote opener • Reconditions brass tips on crop sprayer nozzles• Cleans dirt from door latches • Spray inside radiator or fuel lines to slide them on easier during • Spray on metal stencils before painting to ease removal of dried• Spray brake button under brake petal to loosen sticky brake lights installation paint• Helps remove broken keys from locks • Protects rubber gasket around the sunroof • Protects steel doctor blades on printing presses • Protects metal water meters from rust and corrosion www.wd40.com
  5. 5. LIST OF 2000 + USES The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to WD-40 Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of WD-40 by WD-40 Company. These uses have not been tested by WD-40 Company. Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using WD-40. Always follow theinstructions and take heed of any warnings printed on the WD-40 packaging.• Lubricates gears on paper shredder • Cleans salt-impregnated ice from the soles of my work boots • Drives moisture from spark plugs on tanks• Prevents corrosion on helicopter blades • Coolant and polishing agent in a grinding operation • Displaces moisture from electrical conduits• Removes stickers from guitars • Cleans cell phone battery connections • Waterproofs chimney cleaning tools• Cleans dirty power cords • Cleans ax blades • Drives gunk from bearings seized by fertilizer• Removes boot marks from deck of navy boat • Lubricates vice • Frees up stuck keys on organ• Cleans and lubricates commercial coin rollers/counters • Lubricates barn door locks • Use as a tapping lubricant• Prevents corrosion on connectors used to install TV antennas and • Cleans tape and glue left from microscope stand and equipment • Cleans printer toner from unwanted places satellite dishes • Prevents corrosion on console panel switches • Lubricates swivels on 35-ton grove crane• Removes liquid nails from hands • Cleans and protects wire mesh black bay boxes • Lubricates vending machine locks• Cleans stainless steel ashtrays • Cleans and protects jet compressor blades • Loosens screws in watch bands to enable link removal• PMCS (Preventative Maintenance Checks and Service) of military • Helps clean bilge areas • Removes rust from shower chair wheels issued weapons like the M16A2 • Protects motors coupled to pumps to prevent faulty packing glands • Penetrates levers on chair for easy adjustments• Cleans rust on conveyors • Cleans and protects on-board machine and hand tools • Lubricates gears on smokers• Cleans stickers off postal mail sorting equipment belt rollers • Cleans and protects porthole dogs • Frees stuck lock on lock boxes• Cleans hydraulic tips on quick connectors on tractors • Cleans and protects radar gear • Helps remove rusted• Lubricates pencil sharpener gears • Cleans and protects Automatic weapons • Lubricates Mayo stands for smooth up and down movement during• Lubricates safe rollers • Cleans and protects cables and connectors surgery• Spray on hands before using heavy adhesives to prevent sticking • Cleans and protects tracks on tracked vehicles • Lubricates nail guns• Lubricates nails to ease disassembly of pallets • Cleans and protects blower fans • Lubricates rivet gun mechanisms• Cleans bed pans • Cleans and protects control panel boards • Lubricates bulk loading caulking gun• Helps protect sluice boxes • Cleans and protects gun carriages • Lubricates rings on ring binders• Helps remove rust from calipers • Cleans and protects gun linkages • Lubricates router collets• Removes rubber cement from clothing • Cleans and protects cargo release systems • Lubricates large mixing bowls in commercial mixers• Lubricates mechanical pens and pencils • Cleans and protects gauges • Cleans gum from parking meter coin slot• Cleans and protects sewer cleaning cables • Cleans and protects heavy-duty cutting heads • Frees up extendable paint roller poles that get clogged with paint• Frees up hot tar pipes • Cleans and protects reamers • Frees stuck conveyor belt rollers• Removes paint from windows • Prevents corrosion on stored drill bits • Lubricates overhead projector cart wheels• Spray on the inside of Victaulic pipe clamps for easier application • Protects against corrosion in retractable wheel wells • Lubricates micrometers on precision tools of anti seize • Protects against corrosion on high tension circuits • Frees stuck tin snips• Removes crayon from Formica • Prevents corrosion on wing interior • Lubricates stuck screws on overhead projectors• Removes tape marks from dry erase boards • Protects helicopter M/R blades from rust • Lubricates sticky brakes on a Genie lift• Cleans and protects the plates of injection molding machines on • Cleans Thermo King refrigeration units • Lubricates meat slicer knob windshield washer nozzles • Cleans and protects forklift brake hardware • Lubricates curtain tracks in hospital rooms• Cleans gunk and compressor oil off pistons in solenoids • Cleans welding dust • Keeps prison cell doors from squeaking• Remove tape from furniture • Cleans Hemming dies • Lubricates power actuated guns• Lubricates transcription machines • Cleans sealing equipment in GM assembly plant • Lubricates computer cart wheels• Cleans and shines magnetic tape • Filters dust when sprayed on AC • Lubricates paper cutter blades• Cleans gunk from phone buttons • Cleans lock cylinder pins and plugs when re-keying lock • Lubricates airless paint guns• Cleans and protects manicuring implements at beauty shop • Provides protective coating for heating strips • Lubricates gurneys• Removes grime from book covers • Cleans milking machine pulsator • Loosens pulleys on cable-operated bulldozers• Cleans adhesive tape residues on audio/visual cables • Helps keeps paint on farm machinery shiny and free from cracks • Lubricates tomato slicer handle• Cleans gum from chicken feathers • Cleans shoe repair equipment • Lubricates swinging leg rests on wheel chairs• Removes crater grease from rail lines • Cleans and protects moving parts of old printing presses • Lubricates dumpster wheels• Eases replacement of couplings in a garden hose or rubber hose • Helps clean oxidization from bronze grave markers • Lubricates closet door hinges• Cleans grease pencil from ceramic tile • Helps keep exposed nail heads from rusting • Lubricates drive system of dollar bill changers• Protects vintage steam equipment on paddlewheel steam boats • Spray in a box of nails to keep them fresh and rust-free • Frees stuck escape slides located at bottom of entry doors on• Improves cutting time for drill bits • Spray on electrical panel boxes to drive out moisture planes• Prevents corrosion of underwater connectors on Remote Operated • Cleans hoof trimming chute • Stops squeak of calculator tape register Vehicle (ROV) • Prevents rust on jewelry forging blocks • Lubricates sliding battery covers for easy removal• Removes transparent tape from x-ray machines • Keeps taping knives from rusting • Lubricates gear trains on servo motors• Cleans hoof trimmers • Removes rust from old keys • Lubricates tills on cash registers• Coat transmission gears after etching to prevent rust • Keeps circumference rulers from rusting • Lubricates tilt mechanism on swivel chair• Cleans ballast oil off tile • Lubricates hinge swivels on exhaust fans • Lubricates arm of letter sorter• Removes from glossy covers of magazines and book • Protects drywall tools • Lubricates squeaky fare box levers on city buses covers • Lubricates tape measures • Lubricates boxcar doors on rail cars• Removes permanent marker from dry erase boards • Drives moisture out of shovel handles • Lubricates draw heads on railroad boxcars• Prevents surface rust on stainless steel laundry coin boxes • Lubricates inside of orthopedic shoes for easy removal of cast/mold • Frees up mechanisms in ergo chairs• Keeps construction lifts clean from stucco job • Spray chalk lines drawn on asphalt to keep them from washing • Lubricates gas chromatography motors• Removes scuff marks from luggage away in the rain • Lubricates date stamps• Protects metal bars on glockenspiels • Prevents moisture damage on cable TV strength meters • Loosens tooling on tablet making machine• Cleans blades on box cutters • Drives moisture from seismic cable connectors • Lubricates rear door of trailers• Cleans pushbutton switches on hand controls for patients’ hospital • Lubricates high-performance positive-displacement vacuum pump • Rehydrates paintbrush bristles beds carpet used in cleaning • Lubricates in vent shield on gas meter• Removes rust from metal table legs • Helps maintain waterproof seal in telephone splice cases • Lubricates cogs on rollers of x-ray processing machine• Cleans cell phones • Drives moisture out of electric generators • Lubricates sticky mechanisms on old typewriters• Lubricates fence stays • Spray on main valve for pond pumps to check for a tight seal • Lubricates and protects electric stapler• Lubricates tuning mechanisms on graphic equalizers • Drive moisture from bottom of leaky coffee pot • Lubricates jack gears• Removes dried caulking from hands • Drives moisture from helicopter quadrants • Eases removal of spitballs• Lubricates foot feeder on tractor • Drives moisture from radar gear • Helps remove tape from life jackets• Protects coaxial on modem • Drives moisture from precision tools • Lubricates gears on light bars on police cars to keep lights spinning• Prevents rust on chipper/shredder rollers • Drives moisture from heavy-duty drills freely• Helps remove hands from stuck pipe • Drives moisture from ignition coils • Removes duct tape residue from work boots• Removes asphalt from overshoes • Drives moisture from ignition distributors • Lubricates locking mechanisms on video drop slots www.wd40.com
  6. 6. LIST OF 2000 + USES The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to WD-40 Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of WD-40 by WD-40 Company. These uses have not been tested by WD-40 Company. Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using WD-40. Always follow theinstructions and take heed of any warnings printed on the WD-40 packaging.• Lubricates bearings of radar antenna on lobster boats • Use as cutting when drilling copper • Lubricates wheel housings on ships• Lubricates handle of heavy-duty ingredient mixers • Lubricates spinning magazine racks • Lubricates control pulleys• Lubricates locks on money boxes on gaming tables (21) • Cleans and lubricates the trigger of gas pumps • Lubricates turnbuckles• Keeps knobs on heart monitor clean • Lubricates primacord and the port plugs on perforating guns • Lubricates gyro compasses• Lubricates battery handles on laryngoscopes • Removes squeak from dental chairs • Lubricates gun table rollers• Lubricates lift arms on fork lifts • Relieves squeaks on crystallographic grease machine • Lubricates track adjusting screws• Lubricates gripper bar on printing presses to allow sheets to • Stops squeaks on papercutters • Lubricates tank ignition system release properly • Spray rubber gasket for easy installation of window glass • Lubricates precision gun• Removes gunk from cooler doors • Stops squeaks on metal library book carts • Lubricates heavy-duty machine screws• Lubricates cabinet hardware • Lubricates steering linkages on tractor • Lubricates galley latches• Loosens stuck buttons on calculators • Stop squeaks caused by new leather work boots • Lubricates valves• Frees stuck lugnuts on semi trucks • Use on chair to reduce noise • Lubricates recline hydro locks in seats• Frees stuck motor shafts • Lubricates and cleans tension idlers on theater rigging system • Lubricates recline hydro locks in pilot seat tracks• Removes deposit buildup on sand belts • Lubricates optic cable when routing through narrow ducts • Lubricates hell hole micro switches• Lubricates C Clamps on stage lighting instruments • Loosens joints of costume • Lubricates hell hole roller switches• Lubricates dolly wheels • Lubricates hospital sterilizer doors • Eases assembly of intricate devices when light oil is needed• Loosens and penetrates rusted or stuck plumbing joints • Stops the squeaky noise from x-ray cartridges • Lubricates jet engines to ease overhaul and disassembly• Lubricates antenna parts on tall broadcast towers • Dissolves butyl caulk • Stops squeaks on gears of hydraulic chairs• Loosens stuck joints on rusted light trees • Lubricates power injecting device strung from the ceiling in Cardiac • Lubricates O-rings prior to assembly• Lubricates tractor shredders Catheterization Lab • Lubricates fan in motor on window A/C• Lubricates gears on pool pump systems • Protects gun parts when being stored • Quiets squeaky roof ventilator hinges• Loosens frozen infuser pumps from poles in hospitals • Protects plumbing “runner” ropes from being burned by molten lead • Lubricates lock cylinders during repair• Lubricates brake levers on wheelchairs • Lubricates crank mechanism on pencil sharpener • Lubricates lock shafts to check for bad bearings• Frees up rusted circulator bolts on hot water heating systems • Lubricates wheels of pallet jack • Lubricates during lathe turning operations• Lubricates ice chest locks • Protects DJ components from rusting • Lubricates precision grinding saws• Removes copper water line stains from bathroom • Lubricates barn door runners • Lubricates pneumatic cylinders• Loosens rusty hinges on mail carts • Lubricates rollers on copper tubing cutter • Lubricates pneumatic clutch• Lubricates toilet paper rollers • Lubricates worm gears in chicken house on poultry farm • Lubricates pneumatic starters• Helps remove a chair base from a press hydraulic cylinder • Lubricates rotating coffee shop chairs • Lubricates head stops on litho presses• Loosens valve bolts on tiller units • Quiets squeaky speaker stands • Lubricates side guides on litho presses• Helps remove keyed-shaft impellers from rusted and/or • Drives moisture from telephone wire connections in network • Lubricates pressure hose on gold dredge stub shafts on electric motors used for swimming pool pumps interface box • Lubricates pressure hose on silver dredge• Loosens rusted bolts on radio antenna clamps • Conditions synthetic rubber to make slicing easier • Lubricates rolodex bearings• Penetrates stuck bolts on cultivator shovels • Lubricates gears on meat grinder-sausage maker • Lubricates pin-setters in bowling alleys• Loosens stuck locks on parking meters • Cleans and protects bayonets • Eases removal of old ID stickers from computer cases• Looses up the crank on old hospital stretchers • Lubricates cash drawer locks • Eases removal of concrete grout from test cubes• Loosens drive chains on hay balers • Lubricates hinges on skunk racing box used in construction• Loosens rusted monkey on boat • Lubricates bone joints of skeletons in laboratories • Keeps tape from sticking to drywall tools• Loosens knobs on adjustable drafting table • Lubricates tractor throttle cables • Lubricates desk locks• Lubricates kiln lid hinges • Spray pegs in peg board for easy adjustment • Serves as cutting oil• Loosens interior plumbing device that controls bath drain plug • Lubricates casters on Rubbermaid utility carts • Removes rust from stainless steel vault doors• Prevents rust on ship seam areas • Lubricates chain-link conveyor belt in pizza ovens • Keeps adhesive from building up on face cut dies• Loosens rusted screws on board ships • Lubricate hose barbs for easy insertion into new • Cleans plastic desk protectors• Cleans and protects areas affected by bi-metal conditions and synthetic rubber hoses • Hides scratches on metal elevator doors disassembly of machinery • Lubricates axle on rotating shoe polisher • Spray copper wire before applying rubber insulation with glue to• Prevents rust on outdoor air conditioners • Lubricates landscaping spikes to make it easier to drive into allow lines to slide easier• Prevents rust on guns used in the landscape timbers • Spray on sewer vent cover to keep it from freezing shut• Prevents rust on testing bars • Lubricate guide rollers on digger derrick • Keeps lock down plate clean on oil wells• Prevents rust on portable electric equipment • Lubricates sliding rollers on diamond blade tile saw • Lubricates aluminum extrusion when cutting for length• Prevents corrosion on weapons • Spray on bed liners to keep rebar from sticking • Contractors use bottom of can to draw perfect circles while in the• Prevents rust on seam areas on wings • Lubricate O-rings when rebuilding oil pumps Use cap for smaller circles• Loosens rusted blower motor from blower wheel • Lubricates electric pencil sharpeners • Removes crayon from ceramic items• Helps dissolve rust from corn sheller • Lubricates swivel on overhead monitor arms • Removes surgical tape from hospital bed rails• Helps dissolve rust from apple bagging machines • Spray stereo wires to keep them from sticking when running • Removes hydraulic from Lear jets• Helps dissolve rust from pruning shears through auto • Removes glue from copper foil during stained glass production• Helps dissolve rust from fork lift parts • Stops squeaks on add-ons to police gun belt • Helps hide scratches on plastic safety goggles• Helps dissolve rust from hog equipment • Lubricates casters on mobile pizza making table • Use as a parting agent between a surface and a sealant• Loosens threaded joint on water pumps • Lubricates legs on HETs (Heavy Equipment Transporter) • Lubricates automatic envelope making machine• Helps remove rust from pistons of steam engine for easy sliding • Cleans concrete from shovels• Lubricates metal before running through a roll-former • Cleans and protects outdoor popcorn stands • Reconditions rollers in fax machines• Lubricates spring-loaded chairs • Lubricates latches on electrical cabinets • Removes ink from rollers in printing press• Quiets noisy turbine ventilators • Lubricates hacksaw blades for cutting metal • Works well for dissolving thread lock compound• Keeps chair wheels rolling smoothly • Lubricates onion ring breader machine • Spray on seat coverings when seat frames for• Lubricates parts of mechanic rocking chairs • Lubricates spool valve handles on boat hydraulic systems easy application• Stops squeaks on stilts • Lubricates hole punches • Removes evidence tape glue from evidence tape after evidence• Lubricates tuning mechanism on scanners • Lubricates rollers on metal cash register drawers has been processed• Lubricates swing arm lamps • Stops squeak on tape dispenser • Cleans and shines the exterior of stainless steel• Lubricates hydraulic barber chairs • Lubricates moveable parts of snow plow harnesses frozen yogurt machines• Lubricates pool pump motor belt • Lubricates rotorhead of helicopters to stop elastomeric dampers • Helps detect cracks in welds• Prevents rust on sanding machines from squeaking • Hides small scratches on woodwork• Lubricates bass drum and high hat pedals • Lubricates speed brake rams and linkage • Removes stiffness from dried out leather gloves• Lubricates hanging IV pole stand wheels • Lubricates • Spray on paint before scraping to make paint come off easier• Lubricates stuck vending machine knobs • Lubricates hinge bearings on ships • Spray in rubber over-booties to make putting them on easier www.wd40.com