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Impact Of Relationship - IOR Impact Of Relationship - IOR Presentation Transcript

  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPROI - Return of InvestmentIOR - Impact of RelationshipSilvia Rodriguez-DonaireSilvia.rodriguez.donaire@gmail.com14 d’Abril 2013
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIP Steps to calculate IOROBJECTIVES >> What would we like to achievewith the relationship between brand and followers?STRATEGY >> What would we do to achieve that?Which is our difference? Which is the added valueto our followers/fans/friends?CHANNELS >> Where is our audience? Whichchannels are relevant to our strategy?MONITORING >> Where are they talking aboutus? Who is talking about us? What are theysaying?ContentStepsMetricsSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPSocial Media project is subject to its ROIcalculation.In a Social Media plan investment returnsare not immediate, and parametersusually harder to mesure, as many of themare qualitative.ContentStepsMetricsROISummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPIts difficult to calculate Social Mediaprojects ROI and prove theireffectiveness, as it is related to relations.Hence, Social Media Campaigns not onlycontribute to economic ROI (quantitative)but also to social ROI (qualitative), which iseven more important.ContentStepsMetricsROISummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPHow to calculate socialmedia ROI?Estimate Benefits and Investments from theMarketing and Promotional campaign andgenerated sales >> OFFLINE MARKETINGContentStepsMetricsROISummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIP Is difficult to convertsocial media processesinto economic terms.What aboutthe specificactions onSocialMedia?ContentStepsMetricsROISummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPAppears Impact OfRelationship - IORIOR intends to evaluate the importance ofsocial relationship when calculating asocial action.IOR is qualitative, rather than quantitative. Itis much a question of influence andengagement. It is about assigning a value tosocial importance applying variables to eachaction & interaction between the brand,content and followers/fans/friends.ContentStepsMetricsIORSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIP How to calculate IOR?To calculate the IOR >> assign a value toeach action depending on the importance ofIOR.AUTORIDAD51-100 ptsACTIONS:•  Use of our presentations•  Our content distribution•  Be used as a reference instudies and publications•  Be cited in blogs, articlesand news.We apply the highest score to be cited on a well-known site and the lowest score to a non well-knownsite.ContentStepsMetricsIORVariablesSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPHow to calculate IOR?AUTHORITY - ExempleHOTELGeolocalization campaignsNews in Specialized channelsMore news in BlogsContentStepsMetricsIORVariablesSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIP How to calculate IOR?INFLUENCE26-50 ptsACTIONS:•  Newsletter subscription•  Content syndication•  Number of Fans on FB•  Number of followers on TwWe apply the highest score to subscription and thelowest score to followers*.*Big followers get highest score.We would quantify the INFLUENCE variableby the number of subscriptions & followersin SM. A subscription at the blog has a highervalue than on Twitter.ContentStepsMetricsIORVariablesSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPHow to calculate IOR?INFLUENCE - ExempleHOTELIncrease authorityIncrease visibilityIncrease followers/fans/friendsContentStepsMetricsIORVariablesSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIP How to calculate IOR?PARTICIPATION06-25 ptsACTIONS:•  Comments in our blog•  Interaction in the SMchannels•  Assessment of our contentWe apply the highest score to comment on blog,middle on FB* and the lowest score to Twitter*.*Big followers and fans get highest score.We would quantify the PARTICIPATIONvariable by accounting how many, how andwhen our followers participate in our content. Itis the variable that generates a HIGH IOR.ContentStepsMetricsIORVariablesSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPHow to calculate IOR?PARTICIPATION - ExempleHOTELIncrease followers/fans/friendsGet more influenceIncrease participationContentStepsMetricsIORVariablesSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIP How to calculate IOR?We would quantify the WEB VARS byaccounting the traffic generated to ourwebsite from the used social channels. Whichimpact has our actions in SM to our website?ContentStepsMetricsIORVariablesSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPComunitatsHow to calculate IOR?Quantify WEB VARSContentStepsMetricsIORVariablesSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIP How to calculate IOR?WEB VARS01-05 ptsACTIONS:•  Traffic generated to ourwebsite from the socialchannels.It is the easiest var to measure by analytic webprograms.Depending on the source of visit we would apply ascore. The highest score for blog traffic, middle onFB and the lowest score to Twitter.ContentStepsMetricsIORVariablesSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPHow to calculate IOR?PARTICIPATION - ExempleHOTELEngage more peopleIncrease followers/fans/friendsIncrease participationIncrease the traffic to thewebsiteContentStepsMetricsIORVariablesSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIP Negative IOR?ACTIONS:•  Apply higher values to variables for negativeactions.•  Recover the points with actions that influencepositively the IOR.•  Answer the negative actions thinking always in howthe answers will impact on future actions.As we add points for positive actions wereduce points for negative actions!NOTICE that negative actions have a biggerimpact than the positive ones.ContentStepsMetricsNegativeIORSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIP SummaryContentStepsMetricsSummary1.  Establish SMART objectives2.  Design an strategy3.  Select a SM channels that gets youraudience4.  Monitor the presence of your brand in theSM5.  Measure the impact of your brand in thesocial media campaigns - IOR
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIP Summary1.  Plan actions for each IOR variablesaccording to your SMART objectives.2.  Apply values to the actions &interactions with followers.3.  Compare results in short periods of time>> which action you have to improve?REMEMBER... Social Media is related topeople not to brands! ROI is calculatedaccording to relationships not sales reports.ContentStepsMetricsSummary
  • SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGYDESIGNIOR-IMPACTOFRELATIONSHIPROI - Return of InvestmentIOR - Impact of RelationshipSilvia Rodriguez-DonaireSilvia.rodriguez.donaire@gmail.com14 d’Abril 2013