Snap training power point for troops 2011


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Snap training power point for troops 2011

  1. 1. Troop User Guide
  2. 2. Login: your email address Password: assigned by your SUCM
  3. 3. The SnapShot home page is the first screen you will see once you successfully log on to Snap. The home page presents a summary view of your Messages, Tasks, Important Dates, Recent Activity and Charts and Graphs.
  4. 4. The Snap menu is located along the top of the page. The features are broken into sections –Cookies, Recognitions, My Troop, Reports, Finances and Help. *You must pick an option from the sub-menu.
  5. 5. Messages Lists messages, with newest showing first, on your SnapShot page Shows messages by clicking the envelope under Messages
  6. 6. Task Manager -allows your Council managers to set Tasks for all Troop volunteers at the same time -these tasks can be tied to important dates
  7. 7. Calendar -shows important dates that have been set by the Council -scroll over important dates marked with an ‘x’.
  8. 8. Edit My Profile Click on the Edit My Profile link at the top of the page…
  9. 9. …to make changes to your Snap profile. You can change your email address (which is used to log in to Snap), password, and enter your contact information. Please do this the first time you log into snap!
  10. 10. Modify Troop Information To edit Troop information, select Modify Troop Information located under the My Troop menu.
  11. 11. The information provided here is very important. Your name, address, email, etc. *Please do this after logging in for the first time!!!
  12. 12. Manage Troop Girls To manage Troop Girls, choose the Add/Edit/Delete Troop Girls feature located on the My Troop menu.
  13. 13. -click Add New Girl to add -click large red X to delete girl -can change a girl from Active to Not and Selling to Not
  14. 14. Enter girl’s first and last name as she is registered. Click Add Girl.
  15. 15. Initial Order -click Initial Order in the Cookies menu
  16. 16. Pay careful attention to the unit of measure displayed. Troop extras can be entered in the Booths/Extras row. Be sure you click ‘save’. Once you click ‘commit’, you cannot make changes!!!
  17. 17. Manage Orders The Manage Orders feature allows you to commit orders or make revisions to pending orders.
  18. 18. Transfer Orders – click Transfer Order under the Cookies Menu
  19. 19. Transfer Orders -Girl to Girl -Girl to Troop -Troop to Girl *You can do Troop to Troop transfers, but these must be entered by SUCM!
  20. 20. After selecting the type of transfer and the ‘from’ option, you’ll enter the quantity to be transferred. Next, click ‘OK’.
  21. 21. Then, you’ll select the ‘to’ option. Finally, click ‘save’.
  22. 22. Finances - Click the Finances icon to add, view and edit your financial transactions.
  23. 23. To enter transactions at the Troop level, click on Add New Transaction.
  24. 24. You must select the Bank, Troop and Type of transaction. Enter the amount and any reference number or notes and click Save to save changes.
  25. 25. You can also enter a Girl level transaction to record money paid by the girl to the troop. To enter a girl deposit, click Add New Girl Transaction.
  26. 26. Click on the down arrow key to select a girl. Enter the amount and any reference number or notes and click Save to save changes.
  27. 27. Reports Snap allows you to run a variety of reports to review information about your cookie sale.
  28. 28. Reports are available in the following formats: HTML, Excel, PDF, Text To set a Favorite Report, click on Reports. Select a Report Category and a Report. Click Add to Favorites.
  29. 29. Preview It Preview a sample report if you aren’t sure if it’s the report you want to see. Just scroll your mouse over ‘Preview It’ after selecting a category and a report.
  30. 30. Notice, that the Troop Balance Summary Report is the FINAL REPORT.
  31. 31. Troop Balance Summary Report This is an example of what the FINAL REPORT looks like.
  32. 32. Recognition Order Click Main under Recognition Order and Create Recognition Order. The recognition order will auto-populate. Once the recognition order is complete, click save or commit to complete the order.
  33. 33. Help
  34. 34. When you click on the Help icon, a window will pop up giving you information about the section you are currently working in.
  35. 35. Important Dates • Initial Order Due - December 3, 2010 • Cookie Sale Begins – January 19, 2011 • Cookie Sale Ends – February 25, 2011 • Final Report Due to SUCM - March 4, 2011
  36. 36. Thank you! Please contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager or the Product Programs Team at if you have any additional questions!