Arab lab expo 2013 visit report


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An international scientific exhibitions conducted by ARAB LAB, The UAE

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Arab lab expo 2013 visit report

  1. 1. Arab Lab Expo Compilation ReportDate 11/03/2013Location World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAEExhibitionOrganisersTHE ARAB LAB GROUP (Scientific Int’l Exhibitions Ltd)PO Box No. 125303 Dubai, UAEwww.arablab.comAttendeesDr. Venkatakrishna K (Manager QA)Mr. Santosh J. Shetty (Manager Engg.)Mr. Naga Sankar (Sr. Executive- Supply Chain)Mr. Jitendra Sharma (Sr. Executive- QC)Mr. Sreenath .S (Executive- QC Microbiology)List of Most RelevantStalls Covered1 Hana Medical Supplies LLC,UAE 11 Gulf Bio Analytical LLC, UAE2 Newtronic Life care Equipment (P)Ltd, India 12Shimadzu, JapanShimadzu Middle East & Africa FZC, UAE3 Thermo scientific, USA 13 Sartorius AG, Germany4 International Scientific Supplies Ltd, UK 14 LABCO LLC, UAE5Metrohm AG, Switzerland,Metrohm Middle East FZC, UAE15 Sigma Aldrich Chemie GmbH, Germany6 Agilent Technologies, USA 16 Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, Germany7 Gulf Scientific Corporation, UAE 17 Viscotech Hispania SL, Spain8Merck Millipore, GermanyMerck Millipore, USA18 Ebro Scientific, Germany9 Waters, USA 19 Xylem Analytics, USA10 BICASA SRL, Italy 20 Accumed, China
  2. 2. Arab Lab Expo Compilation ReportList of Most RelevantStalls Covered21 Bruker AXS GmbH, Germany 36 Himedia pvt Ltd, India22 Bruker BioSpin AG, Switzerland 37 Pall Life Sciences, UK23 Eppendorf AG, Germany 38 Biomerieux, France24 Mettler Toledo AG, Switzerland 39 Borosil Glass works ltd, India25 DURAN Group GmbH, Germany 40 Accumax Lab Technology, India26Fisher Scientific (Part of THERMO FISHERSCINTIFIC ), USA41 Air Clean Systems USA27 SD Fine Chem Ltd, India 42 BDH Middle East LLC, UAE28 Labtech (DAIHAN Labtech), Korea 43 Citizen sales LLC, UAE29 Olympus Europa Holding GmbH, Germany 44 Ecosafe SA, Switzerland30 Perkin Elmer, The Netherlands 45 Schuett biotec GmbH, Germany31 Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt Ltd, India 46 Extract Technology Ltd, UK32 OPTICA Science, Italy 47GT SCIEN, KoreaGreen Technology Science & Environment33 Applied Bio systems, USA 48 Trans Instruments (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore34 Microbiologics, USA 49 Micros, Austria35 Al Hayat Pharmaceuticals, UAE 50 CPI International, The Netherlands
  3. 3. Sl.No BrandInstruments/EquipmentsDisplay / DemoTechnology Systems/Visuals1 Extract TechnologyContainmentIsolators,Containment boothThe isolator is designed to not only provide aphysical barrier between the operator and theproduct but to also provide a controlledenvironment, negatively pressurized with anatmospheric condition or a reduced oxygencontent using an inert gas. To maximize bothoperator and equipment interfaces 3Dmodeling and full scale mock ups are usedextensively to facilitate the best understandingpossible of the pharmaceutical process and theoperators involvement whilst ensuring highlevels of containment are achieved. (EU GMPCompliant design. Different pressure regimesin each chamber. Integrated hydrogenperoxide decontamination. Recirculation LAFsystem or turbulent airflow by ISO class 5)2 CPI InternationalColitag™iMPN plate™-1600iMPN plate™-1600 is a simple and easy to usedevice for enumerating microorganisms in aliquid sample. Colitag™ ready test method,results will be in 16-48 hrs3 MicrobiologicsKwikStick,EZ Accu shot ™KwikStick-Lyophilized culture preparations forsubculturing. No need of forceps, reduce therisk of contamination and easy storageEZ Accu shot ™- quantitative microorganismpreparation for GPT
  4. 4. Sl.No BrandInstruments/EquipmentsDisplay / DemoTechnology Systems/Visuals4 GT SCIEN TOGA clean systemsComplete removal of toxic gases, volatileorganic compounds, offensive smells andfumes generated during the chemical analysis,experiments in the laboratory. The microbialparticles also can be removed by the system.5 F-DGS SASUltra Zero AirGeneratorIncreased lab efficiency- A constant,uninterrupted gas supply of guaranteed purityeliminates interruptions of analysis to changecylinders and reduce the amount ofrecalibrations.Various flow rates: 1,3,6,10,20,35,50 L/minApplications: GC-FID, NPD, FPD etc6 NEWTRONICStability chambers,Data loggers-NeclogMultiple parameters, data logging, Alarms,PC Compatibility Remote control monitoringfunction, 21CFR Part117 Micros AustriaMicroscopesPINK MC50Upgraded optical and illumination system,ARCTYPE observation tube and biggerspecimen stage. Three high grade ACHROobjectives 4/10/40. Rechargeable built inbattery
  5. 5. Sl.No BrandInstruments/EquipmentsDisplay / DemoTechnology Systems/Visuals8 OPTICA SRLMicroscopes- Brightfield, phasecontrast, dark field,polarization, LEDFluorescenceMonocular biological microscope, 400Xmagnification, Rechargeable built in battery,Double layer mechanical sliding stage, Coaxialcoarse and fine focusing mechanism with limitstop to prevent the contact between objectiveand specimen. Digital with camera attached.9 Merck MilliporeSwabs-Total countsampler, Coli countsampler, Yeast &mold sampler&Air SamplerContains a recovery medium for aerobic andanaerobic bacteria, yeast, molds, Coliformorganisms individually.10 Accumax MicropipettesColour coding for easy identification, Fullyautoclavable, UV resistance(ISO17025, ISO8655)11HimedialaboratoriesRapid identificationdiscs- HiDtectDirect application with out any preparations.Confirmation in just 1 to 4 hrs12Trans Instruments(S) pte ltdPortable & bench toppH and conductivitymeters, electrodesLong lasting sensor, One touch calibration,auto shut off. Large LCD, TDS factor setting,platinised platinum conductivity electrode
  6. 6. Sl.No BrandInstruments/EquipmentsDisplay / DemoTechnology Systems/Visuals13 SHIMADZUUHPLC-NexeraQuaternary systemNexera-SIL30AC: True high throughput, Ultrahigh separation. A low volume (20mL) efficientmixer and an optional loop injection methodconfiguration absolutely minimize dead volume.Nexera Low pressure gradient system:Seamless method transfer from conventionalHPLC to UHPLC. Highly accurate solventdelivery ensures reliable analysis. Capable of 4-solvent gradient analysis at UHPLC systempressures up to 130Mpa14 SHIMADZU GCMS-TQ8030High & enhanced sensitivity, High speed,Overdrive lenses reduce neutral noise, methodflexibility. High efficiency collision cellUFsweeper® technology: sweeps residual ionsfrom the collision cell to provide high CIDefficiency and fast ion transport. Rapid ionremoval minimizes cross talk and enables traceanalysis. High speed scanning control. MultipleReaction Monitoring (MRM)15 SHIMADZU LCMS-8040Newly improved ion optics UF lens &UFsweeper ™ II collision technology, Provideshigher MRM sensitivity. Ultra fast MRMtransition speeds up to 555MRMs per second.Features the worlds fastest polarity switchingat 15 msec and high speed scanning rate of15,000u/sec16 WatersXevo TQ and TQ-SXEVO G2 QTofACQUITY UPLC withMSUPLC/MS applications: features new off axis ionsource technology known as StepWave™.StepWave™ collision cell technology-rapid MRMacquisition. RADAR™ to collect highly specificquantitative data for target compounds whileproviding the ability to visualize all othercomponents in the sample matrices.
  7. 7. Sl.No BrandInstruments/EquipmentsDisplay / DemoTechnology Systems/Visuals17LABGULF FZC/B&WTEK Inc.NanoRamAdvanced statistical algorithms foridentification & verification. Wi-Fi & USBcommunication for data Sync & management.Sampling accessories for almost anyenvironment. High selectivity with no samplepreparation. Measure through plastic, glass &quartz. Samples can be solid, liquid,transparent or opaque. Compliant with USP,EP, JP ,and FDA guidelines18KRUSS A.KRUSSOPTRONICGermany(LABGULF FZC)Digital Density MeterDS 7800Based on oscillating U tube principle. Touchscreen display with 6 languages. Efficientintegrated Peltier temp regulation (10-40°C)with high precision. Built in air-pressuresensor, Ethernet interface to connect PC. NISTtraceable calibration certificates. (cGMP/GLPcapability, meets Pharmacopoeia standards,OIML, ASTM)19 Hana InstrumentsMulti parameterPortablephotometersFree Chlorine, Total chlorine, Hardness, IronLR, and pH. Light source: tungsten lamp.Detector: Silicon photocell interface @525nm20 MetrohmConductivitymodule, pH moduleFive ring measuring technique for conductivitywith large linearity. iTrodes- the newgeneration of intelligent electrodes. Softwarecontrolled -tiamo™. four MSB and two USBinputs offer plug & play functionality. (21CFRPart11)
  8. 8. Sl.No BrandInstruments/EquipmentsDisplay / DemoTechnology Systems/Visuals21 MetrohmIon ChromatographymoduleCompact modular system, MagIC Net™software, MISP-Metrohm Inline SamplePreparations, System components: iPump,iDetector, iColumn, Dosing units. High-precision Dosino technology, Swiss engineered.(GLP,FDA)22 Mettler Toledo QUANTOSDosing of small quantities of free flowingsubstances. QUANTOS doses to target weightwithout exceeding set tolerances. Radiofrequency identification (RFID) in the dosinghead saves all info such as sample ID, Qty,Date etc. QUANTOS doses to 0.5mg-with0.005mg readout accuracy.23 ESCOBiological SafetyCabinetsULPA filters with >99.999% efficiency forparticle sizes between 0.1 to 0.3 microns. Lownoise level, Ergonomic design.24 JEIO TECHStirrers & VortexMixersUser-friendly operating & time setting modes,Non-Slip silicon plates, easy to read digital VFDcontrol monitor.25 RADWAGMA.3YMoisture Analyzer5.7” colour touch screen display, Softwarebased, Programmable IR proximity sensors anddetachable terminal provide excellent comfortof use and ergonomics.Compiled By: Sreenath.S, Executive-QC, Microbiology Department, Neopharma