Records of human thoughts i


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  • "Workshop on Library Awareness"-Chavakachcheri Hindu College 21-09-2007
  • "Workshop on Library Awareness"-Chavakachcheri Hindu College 21-09-2007
  • Records of human thoughts i

    1. 1. •The tool for mending thoughts.•The base for checking thoughts.•The life long unforgettable Companion.•The pole for supporting the climber.•The walking stick that safeguard before fallingdown.•The master to bolster and give courage if falldown.•The good friend to rebuke with the intention ofcorrecting when flurried.
    2. 2. • Friends for those who feel loneliness.• Dispel grieve and give pleasure and peace of mind• Clear confusion and provide courage.• Act as guide to decide one’s own future• Help to improve progress by sowing self confidence• To live with oneness of mind for few hours with scholars,good people who lived thousand years back.Prof. Late ‘Nanthi’;
    3. 3. • tbtk;> vOj;J ,uz;bYk; nefpo;Tj; jd;ik nfhz;ljhf>• rpwpajhf>• ghukw;wjhf>• tpUk;gpa ,lj;Jf;F vLj;Jr; nry;yf; $bajhf>• Kf;fpa mk;rq;fis ntl;br; Nrfupf;ff; $bajhf>• gy gpujpfs; vLf;ff;$bajhf>• Njit Kbe;jJk; J}f;fp tPrf; $bajhf ,Uf;ff; $ba xNunahUrhjdk;.
    4. 4. SmellSmellingSoundListeningBodyTouchingLightViewingTasteReadingMan
    5. 5. Obsolence of materialsInformation overloadLanguage differenceReliabilityInformation scatterInformation explosion
    6. 6. • Pictorial recording• Handwritten recording• Print recording• Micro recording• Electronic recording
    7. 7. Pre historic societyHuntingPictorialrecordingHumanenergy
    8. 8. FeudalisticsocietyAgricultureHandwrittenrecordingLand
    9. 9. IndustrialsocietyIndustryPrintrecordings Machine
    10. 10. KnowledgesocietyResearchactivitiesMicrorecordingsResearch
    11. 11. InformationsocietyInformationIndustryElectronicrecordingsInformation
    12. 12. • Stone• Clay• Leaves• Cloth• Wood• Metals• Papers• Photographic materials;• Others
    13. 13. MyBody• Stone• Clay• Leaves• Cloth• Wood• Metals• Papers• Photographic materials;• Others
    14. 14. Pre historiccave paintings
    15. 15. InscriptionsStone painting
    16. 16. MyFormat• Realia and Artifacts• Models• Materials– Tablet• Paper based• Non Paper based– Scroll• Paper based• Non Paper based– Codex• Paper based• Non Paper based
    17. 17. My Size• Miniature,• Small,• Medium,• Large,• Oversize
    18. 18. MyStyle• Soft bound• Hard bound• Publishers bound• Quarter bound• Half bound• Full bound• Section bound• Spiral bound
    19. 19. MyContent• PrimaryInformation Resources• SecondaryInformation Resources• TertiaryInformation Resources
    20. 20. Primary Information Resources– Original Findings of researchSecondary Information Resources– Compilations of factsTertiary Information resources- Recompilations
    21. 21. Reference resources• Source Types– Dictonaries– Encyclopaedias– Year books– Almanacs– Directories– Current referencesources• Directional types– Bibliographies– Abstracts– Indexes– Accession lists– Book reviews– Book exhibitions
    22. 22. DictionariesEncyclopaedias
    23. 23. Year booksAlmanacsDirectories
    24. 24. Guiness recordsBiographical resources
    25. 25. Hand books and manuals
    26. 26. Atlases
    27. 27. BibliographiesPeriodical directories
    28. 28. MyConcept• Reading for Recreation• Reading forInformation• Reading for Inspiration
    29. 29. • Reading for recreation–Resources that provide new feeling ofrecreation , sensation, excitements, ect.• Literatures – Poetry, Drama, fictions,short stories.• Arts- Paintings, Sculpture• Classics- puranas, Ithigasas
    30. 30. • Reading for Information– Information resources that provide general and specificinformation about each topic.• Monographs in a particular subject• Text book for educational fulfillment• Reports, Theses, Research articlesPeriodicals that help for research• Reference books
    31. 31. • Reading for Inspiration– Resources that motive, stimulate, inducedknowledge, thoughts in every human andultimately develop the society as a whole.• Wealth of nation- Adam smith• Das Capital- Karl marx• Principles of Evolution – Charles Darwin• Population theory- Malthus• Prince- Machiavelli• Volga to Ganga- Ragula Sankrithiyayan
    32. 32. •Elementary materials•Seminal materials•Research Materials•Expository materials•Condensed materials•Reporting materialsMyStandard
    33. 33. Elementary materials• Children books;• Text book for–primary–Secondary education
    34. 34. Seminal materials• Materials that provides the deep conceptsand description in a particular topic.• Topics related to Principles andphilosophy• Pictures, Paintings, Drawings
    35. 35. Research materials• Theses• Dissertations• Primary periodicals• Reports• Unpublished documents• Pamphlets• Monographs• Government documents
    36. 36. Expository materials• Text books• Hand books• Manuals• Dictionaries• Legal documents
    37. 37. Condensed Materials• Abstracts• Indexes• Technical reports• Trend reports• State-of-the-Art-Reports
    38. 38. Reporting materials• Government and non governmentreports• News lettersmur mwpf;iffs;>• News Bulletins• Year books• Almanacs
    39. 39. MyNature• General Purpose• Reference purpose
    40. 40. NatureNormal book; Reference books
    41. 41. MyHelp• Know what Information• Know why Information• Know how Information• Know who Information• Know where Information
    42. 42. Know What InformationDictionariesEncyclopaediasYear booksAlmanacs
    43. 43. Know WhyInformation•Philosophical books•Historical books•Scientific books•Research books
    44. 44. Know HowInformation•Handbooks•Manuals•Practical books
    45. 45. Know WhoInformationBiographiesAuto biographiesDirectories
    46. 46. Know WhereInformation•Atlases•Guide books•Gazetteers
    47. 47. MyHome• Academic libraries– School libraries– College libraries– University libraries• Public libraries– Municipal council libraries– Pradesha sabas libraries– Rural libraries– Community centrelibraries• National libraries• Special libraries
    48. 48. London public libraryIdea Stores
    49. 49. British library
    50. 50. Oxford University library
    51. 51. University of london library
    52. 52. New york public library
    53. 53. France National library
    54. 54. Library of Congress
    55. 55. Public library, Jaffna
    56. 56. National Archives , Britain
    57. 57. Library, University of Jaffna
    58. 58. School libraries
    59. 59. MyLocation• Book shelves• Periodical Shelves• Pamphlet boxes• News paper stands
    60. 60. Lending section
    61. 61. Chilren section
    62. 62. Display shelf for magazine
    63. 63. Display shelf
    64. 64. Newspaper stand
    65. 65. Map section
    66. 66. Training materials for teachers
    67. 67. Notice boards
    68. 68. Computer services
    69. 69. MyProtection• Environments• Physical form• Content• Handling
    70. 70. Pamphlet Box
    71. 71. Boxes rare materials
    72. 72. Picture Folders
    73. 73. Picture covers
    74. 74. Acid and Acid free paperTry to avoid acid paper
    75. 75. PhotocopyingTry to avoidPhotocopying
    76. 76. Non quality binding• ,yhg Nehf;fk; fUjpxl;Lg; giria kl;Lk;gad;gLj;jpNkw;nfhs;sg;gLk;ntspaPl;lhsu; fl;L
    77. 77. Mishandling
    78. 78. Heavy useFolding the corner of the page
    79. 79. “Library is like Sea.Take sands those who may wantPick up the shell, conch shell those who may wanttake bath those who may wantEnjoy fresh air those who may wantFish variety of fishes those who may want .Sit in the coast and see only the waves those whomay wantDive to collect pearls those who may want .Achieve according to the purpose of visit.-M. Shanmugalingam-