5leads.com- venture lab 2012 -standford review detail


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5leads.com , your universal contact page

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5leads.com- venture lab 2012 -standford review detail

  1. 1. www.5leads.comYour Universal Open Contact page
  2. 2. What is 5leads.com5leads in one line is you your universal contact pagewe believe that a consumer being a paid customershould be able to find the right service provider in amuch easier and efficient way than how currentlyits done, we want to be one step connectionbetween consumers world wide with the serviceproviderswe want 5leads to be a global contact page, whereany consumer can post what he is looking for anywhere in the world and let service providers pitchwhy he should choose that service provider , youcan view the demo at www.5leads.com/demo
  3. 3. Example 5leads works in a way like, for example lets say a consumer is looking for a card board manufacturer who can deliver multicolor four-color printing,90 lb card board boxes , instead of searching millions of pages and making hundreds of calls, he just posts the clear requirement in under 30 seconds at 5leads.com5leads uses its matching engine to search world wide web and send notifications to cardboard manufactures across the world, then manufactures who are only available and who can deliver such kind of products will reach the consumer via 5leads.com , 5leads platform will provide all means of interaction between consumer and service provider, so that its documented and in the end consumer can choose from available service providers
  4. 4. Pictorial Representation Step 1 Step 2 Followed…..
  5. 5. Pictorial Representation Step 3 Step 4
  6. 6. HypothesisWe want 5leads.com to be a universal open contact page where, a consumer can post his requirement and multiple service providers pitch-in their offers and reasons as to why they are his best choice. This is how 5Leads.com provides consumers a convenient application to pick the right service provider.5leads.com reduces the inconvenience for consumers to search in multiple places, making a number of calls and repeating the same details each time all the while unsure if he is reaching the right service provider.We believe that, the Consumer as a paying customer should have a easier and convenient process of choosing a service provider than how it is currently being done.As for the Service Providers, currently their contact pages are not one click away, there is no easy medium for them to reach the consumers. We want to provide a way for the service providers to reach the consumers at the point of sale.
  7. 7. Experiments We have created 2 surveys, a consumer survey and a service provider survey to understand the problems of consumers and service providers. Below are the survey links –Consumer Survey link :https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?pli=1&formkey=Service Provider Link:https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGhTW
  8. 8. What we tried to analyzeFrom the Consumers point of view we tried to analyzeif it is a service that is needed or good to have Also wewanted to understand what categories the consumerswould look for and the key factors they would look atwhen using such a service. &From a Service Providers point of view we wanted tounderstand if a service such as 5leads.com is needed, ifso are they willing to pay for such a service, if theyhave any other issues that can be addressed with5leads.com, key features that they would look for andhow can we make them use our application to be morethan a simple profile page.
  9. 9. Results Below are the survey results links :Consumer response graphic viewhttps:// docs.google.com/spreadsheet/gform?key=0AhfwrnpRVbdBdFNkWF9RejhFWDRDeG9QbjNConsumer Survey Responsehttps:// docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhfwrnpRVbdBdFNkWF9RejhFWDRDeG9QbjN4RF &Service Provider response Graphic Viewhttps:// docs.google.com/spreadsheet/gform?key=0AhfwrnpRVbdBdGhTWk9Kc2c2aVozYVYwZTlhaService Provider survey response
  10. 10. Results AnalysisThe results have been a great learning experience for us.We learnt –From Consumers, that such a service will be of greatimportance for them since it solves the need when they arelooking for a service provider. We were able to gathersome of the key categories as mechanics, training needs,kids needs, home services and also categories which arenot so generic but specific. We realized how importantreviews and feedback from known people will help them inmaking a decision to choose a service provider.From Service Providers, we learnt that they are willing totry such a service and ready to pay for such a service oncethey try it, and we need to provide them with tools tomanage and communicate with existing customers.
  11. 11. New Hypothesis We made a few additions to the initial plan after we received the responses from the consumer & service provider surveys.From the Consumers perspective -We want 5leads to be a one stop connection to connect with any service provider across the globe.We realized, initially we need to concentrate on satisfying the customers needs, rather than trying to reach a large volume of consumers. This will help us identify the key issues and make sure we provide the right customer support.We realized the importance of reviews and feedback and relating it with people who the customer knows.We want to use social media to let consumers know which service providers their friends and family members useA good mobile application is needed as an add-on to the web.From the service providers perspective, we realized we need to provide -Easy tools to communicate with new and existing customers.Provide transparency, by showing details as to how many service provider have bid till date, current status of the request, response rate of consumer who
  12. 12. Consumer and Service Provider Survey Results in Images http://imgur.com/a/FwuaO#0
  13. 13. Consumer Survey Details –P1• Survey URL - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?pli=1&formkey=dFNkWF9RejhFWDRDeG9QbjN4RFJERnc6MQ#gid=0• Response URL - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhfwrnpRVbdBdFNkWF9RejhFWDRDeG9QbjN4RFJERnc• No of People Reviewed – 24 Responses• Question 1 >> Would you use such a service ?
  14. 14. Consumer Survey Details – P2• Question 3 >> What is the most important factor for you to use such a service ?
  15. 15. Consumer Survey Details – P3 • Question 5 >> Users Responded?Key Findings >> These are the Key Reasons why a consumer will use such aservice• A good web and mobile system• Single Source for all services• Great Review System• Reviews from Friends and colleagues ( Show Friends names and Colleagues Names )• Faster Response and Individual customer support• Able to connect to any service provider world wide• Some of the Key Categories are Kids Needs , Mechanics , B2B , Travel , Training , HomeNeeds• One System for finding Service Providers, request bids , ask recommendations, ask forhelp , look for deals
  16. 16. Service Provider Survey Details –P1• Survey URL - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGhTWk9Kc2c2aVozYVYwZTlhaFVIWXc6MQ#gid=0• Response URL - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhfwrnpRVbdBdGhTWk9Kc2c2aVozYVYwZTlhaFVIWXc• No of People Reviewed – 3 Responses• Question 1 >> Would you use such a service ?
  17. 17. Service Provider Survey Details – P2• Question 3 >> Are you willing to pay for such a service ?
  18. 18. Service Provider Survey Details – P3• Question 5 >> Being a Paying Customer for 5leads.com, what features you would like ?
  19. 19. Service Provider Survey Details – P4 • Question 6 >> Service Providers & Free Trial?Key Findings >> These are the Key Reasons why a service provide will use such aservice• Generate New Business• Allow them to reach target customers at point of sale• Good tools to manage existing customers• Connect with other service providers around them• To be better than competitors we need to Provide more than a mere page, we need toprovide tools to manage their customers like ( Add Contacts , Easy ways to interact withtheir customers )• Good Feedback & Faq system