Differences between traditional and digital
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Differences between traditional and digital

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  • 1. Differences between Traditional and Digital What separates traditional marketing and marketing in digital age?
  • 2. On-Demand Marketing• What is new? – On-demand centre to store your business information – Information stored can be retrieved anytime through the internet• Why is it special? – Convenience for your customers and yourself can maximize your sales and save you cost
  • 3. On-Demand Marketing• What is new? – Computers can now take care of repetitive communications requests• Why is it special? – Saves costs by answering your customers’ questions once and for all
  • 4. On-Demand Marketing• What is new? – You can now track customers’ service sessions and purchases – You can record almost anything that they do on your on- demand marketing center• Why is it special – Understand of what your clients need and offer what your clients want.
  • 5. On-Demand Marketing Assisting Traditional Marketing
  • 6. Deficiencies of Traditional Marketing1. Aggressive yet passive2. Cannot deliver timely information3. Cost of marketing media
  • 7. Aggressive yet Passive• Aggressive – People can’t turn it off even if they don’t wish to see it anymore• Passive – People have to wait for the AD even if they want to see it
  • 8. Aggressive yet Passive• On-Demand Solution – Always allow your customers to access your information – No longer in the hands of fate
  • 9. Un-Timely Information• After delivery, you cannot change/update the information• After development, you cannot modify your contents• Your customers may not receive the most timely information as a result
  • 10. Un-Timely Information• On-Demand Solution: – Always provide the latest contents for your customers to access – Only have to update your information at one place
  • 11. Cost of Marketing Media• Billboard Ad: $3000-$5000/month• Yellow Page : $1200/yr for smallest Ad• Flyer: 40 cents per flyer, $1200/campaign• Newspaper Ad: $1500/week• TV Commercial: $ a lot• Radio Commercial: $1/sec $2000- $3000/campaign – All info provided are for reference only
  • 12. Cost of Marketing Media• On-Demand Solution: – Smaller ad space – Single page flyer – Minimize mailing expenses – Minimize reprints of catalogues or brochures
  • 13. On-Demand MarketingSatisfying your customers in digital age
  • 14. Your Customers in Digital Age• Busy – Won’t call you during regular hours – Demand 24/7 info delivery channel• Resourceful – Can find competitor as easy as they find you
  • 15. Your Customers in Digital Age• Limited physical compare shopping• 70% general customers shop online before purchasing in store (UCLA)• Internet influenced US$130 billion offline purchases in 2003 (CrossMediaServices.com)
  • 16. On-Demand Marketing Advanced Applications
  • 17. ATM Machines• Banking Systems – Access your banking information anywhere in the world at any time – Transactions are recorded in real- time
  • 18. ATM Machines• Advanced machines combine with internet• Internet allows the communication with servers instantly
  • 19. ATM Machines• Real-time teller services without the hassle• No more line-ups for customers• Win-win situation for both banks and customers