TYPO3 Outsourcing White Paper


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A whitepaper on outsourcing TYPO3 projects to India.

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TYPO3 Outsourcing White Paper

  1. 1. OUTSOURCING TYPO3 PROJECTS A White paper on engaging Srijan, IndiaABOUT SRIJANSrijan is an IT consulting company engaged for over 8 years in designingand building web applications, and IT infrastructure systems using opensource software.TYPO3 EXPERTISESrijan has been engaged in writing Extensions and building websites onTYPO3 since mid-2004. To see a list of extension, please visit:http://new.srijan.in/typo3_extensions.html. During implementation of most ofits projects, Srijan follows best practices of Web Accessibility and otherStandards and validates them against automated tools such ashttp://validator.w3.org/.Apart from TYPO3, Srijan has deep expertise in other open sourceframeworks such as Ruby-on-Rails, Python based frameworks like Django,and PHP frameworks such as Seagull and Symphony. It also hasspecialised skills in Linux Sys Admin. To know more, please visit ourwebsite at: http://new.srijan.in/projects.html.OUTSOURCING TO SRIJANSrijan has successfully delivered projects outsourced from agencies andend-customers alike, in Europe and USA since 2000, in various technologiesand frameworks. Over this time Srijan has evolved its engagement modelwith customers and addressed successfully the challenges that anoutsourced environment throws up. There is a general perception that smallprojects such as the ones for TYPO3 cannot be outsourced. While smallprojects of 200 hours or less do pose their own challenges, Srijan hasdesigned practices to deliver such projects successfully and in-time. Somekey things adopted are: i. Use of Basecamp as the project collaboration tool for maintaining all project communication ii. Well documented estimation practices, for even small TYPO3 projects iii. Dedicated Account/Project Managers to provide one-point-of-contact for customer accounts and projects iv. Extensive and regular use of Skype Voice conversations to ensure smooth communication v. Internal practices of Resource Management and Resource AllocationSrijan Technologies Pvt Ltd www.srijan.in
  2. 2. PARTNERING WITH SRIJANAs a customer in Europe or North America, an “I can only tell you myengagement with Srijan as a partner, could give experiences with thisyou the necessary access to best-of-breed particular company Srijan Technologies in India. Ifskills in TYPO3, and other open source the situation occurs wetechnologies, while leveraging the lower cost certainly would make use of this company again.”advantage of India. Srijan is shortly opening a A happy SrijanRomanian development center managed by its customer – Joost vanupcoming Swiss office. This would give near- Berckel, Shared Service Center ICT – 3xO,shore advantages to customers in Europe. Technische Universiteit Delft – in an interview toSrijan currently has over 12 people highly Thomas Schlichtherle for the T3N Magazinetrained in TYPO3 extension development orimplementation, in an overall company size of just under 20 people. It ishiring more people and increasing capacity further to about 15 peoplespecialising in TYPO3 in the next 1-2 months. While there are somequalified people available in India, Srijan mostly hires and trains people onTYPO3, through peer-training programmes, and well-documentedknowledge.ENGAGEMENT MODELThe engagement model can differ significantly “Offshoring does notbetween small to large projects. While for small eliminate goodprojects the best practices adopted as above requirements planning and good communication andcan suit project needs, larger projects may management. You needrequire on-site consulting. For such central person who can dedicate a couple of hoursrequirements Srijan can arrange for its Project a day to an ongoingManagers to travel to customer sites in Europe project.”or North America. Alternatively, Srijan has A happy Srijanstrong partnerships with agencies in both these customer – Charles Overy, CEO, LGM Model,regions who can be of assistance and provide USA– in an interview toonsite consultation, and act as a front-end to Thomas Schlichtherle for the T3N MagazineSrijan.It would be imperative for the agency to have an Account/Project Managerwith thorough understanding of TYPO3, or atleast in designing web-applications in general, and must be able to dedicate 1-2 hours everyalternate day or so, on Project communication, management and co-ordination with the counterpart at Srijan, throughout the lifecycle of theproject.Srijan Technologies Pvt Ltd www.srijan.in
  3. 3. TIME ZONE CONSTRAINTSTime zone differences between New Delhi and, say, Germany, are in therange of 3-4 hours depending upon the time of the year. This offers a perfectcombination of, 3-4 overlap hours each working day, and the undisturbedtime to both parties to focus on work during the rest of the hours.For North America, India offers early morning or late night overlaps withcounterparts in the Eastern Time Zone (EST). Calls are normally pre-scheduled 1-2 times each week thus allowing.Once Srijans Romania office comes up, it will be able to offer 3-4 hours ofworking hour overlaps to North America and nearly 100% working overlapsto customers in Europe.LANGUAGE CONCERNSAll of Srijans developers have formal school and college education inspoken and written English. English is the default business language inIndia. Thus, Srijan can work well with all English speaking regions of Europeand North America.Srijan Technologies Pvt Ltd www.srijan.in