Drupal -- B2B Marketers' Delight

Drupal -- B2B Marketers' Delight



# Challenges faced by B2B marketers

# Challenges faced by B2B marketers
# Solutions for these challenges using Drupal Content Management System and mashups with 3rd party SaaS tools



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    Drupal -- B2B Marketers' Delight Drupal -- B2B Marketers' Delight Presentation Transcript

    • Drupal for B2B Marketing Why Drupal combined with a host of SaaS platforms is a marketer's delight 15 June, 2013 www.srijan.net
    • What is Drupal?
    • About Drupal ● Content Management System (CMS) to help you self-serve content on your website ● Open Source -- zero license fee ● Over 630,000 strong community of users and developers globally ● Development agencies in 180 countries ● Enterprise support -- Acquia (RedHat of Drupal; well funded; ranked among top-10 fastest growing companies in US)
    • About Drupal ● White House, Economist, NYSE Euronext websites run on Drupal ● Secure, Scalable, Enterprise-grade ● Integrates with enterprise and SaaS apps ● Enterprise Support available
    • Marketing team challenges & needs
    • Typical challenges ● Multiple platforms -- custom CMS, Wordpress, Joomla -- all scattered ● Difficult publishing; have to deal with HTML/CSS often ● Lack of defining workflows and roles; eg: ○ MailSolution Product Manager -- able to make changes to MailSolution product page ○ But not to Corporate website ○ Corporate website publishing rights with Publishing Manager (VP Marketing) "only" ● Difficulty in handling multiple languages, regions
    • Typical challenges ● SEO is poor ● Broken pages on website ● Search results on Google show up with undesired links ● Is our website secure? ● Our internal IT team has a long turn-around cycle ● "We've been changing vendors like underwear!" ~ heard a (now) Srijan client say this
    • Typical statement of needs ● Common publishing platform ● Workflows with granular access rights management ● Preview before publishing ● Make website accessible on mobile and tablets ● Possibility of different templates across different products, including change in content blocks ● Ensure migration of current content, registered users done without loss of any data
    • Typical statement of needs ● Integrations with CRM for capturing leads ● Integrate Drupal <--> CRM <--> Mail management solution (such as Mailchimp) ● Integration with our social platforms -- LinkedIn, FB ● Integration with 3rd party SaaS tools -- KissMetrics, Analytics, Optimizely, etc. -- for studying user behaviour ● A/B Testing for improving design and content that engages; and measurements ● Make our Google ads more targetted, and thus more cost effective
    • Typical statement of needs ● SEO readiness -- to implement SEO best practices ● A/B Testing for improving design and content that engages; and measurements ● Make our Google ads more targetted, and thus more cost effective
    • Drupal -- Digital Marketers' Delight
    • Broken Web --> ...
    • Broken Web --> ...
    • Broken Web --> Integrated Web
    • Broken Web --> Integrated Web
    • Content, Community, Commerce
    • Cross-device content delivery
    • Multi-language capabilities ● Translatable interface elements ● Multilingual content ● UTF-8 Support
    • Integration with SaaS
    • Integration with SaaS
    • Roles and Access Control ● Content Creator --> Editor --> Publisher ● Access Rights mgmt across pages & blocks
    • ● Role based access ● One user can work on multiple roles with different permissions ● Notification to the editors/publishers Roles and Access Control
    • Workflow : Article Revision
    • Workflow : Publisher/Editor Dashboard
    • Content Staging and Publishing ● Content on different repository ● Work offline and push to repository ● Review content without touching the production server Create Content Publish Review
    • Content Personalization Content User Behaviour Personalized Content ● Behaviour tracking of anonymous & logged-in users ● Advanced user scoring of events ● User segmentation based on website behavior ● Content recommendations based on behaviors ● Track based on company or industry visits
    • Content Personalization ● Serves 1st time users on basis of industry type, size and geography. ● Business specific case studies, solutions ● Account based marketing ● Serves relevant ads ● B2B Marketers ● Serves content on the basis of behaviour of user with the website ● Personalized behaviour ● Customized website behaviour ● Tracks customer lifecycle ● Helps in effective content marketing strategy
    • Content Personalization benefits ● Understand which sections they are interacting with via Heatmaps and tracking user behaviour ● Use the data to optimize the design and content increasing lead conversions ● Suggest users the articles based on sections they visited or articles they earlier ● Move to industry specific or account specific targeted advertising (using demandbase) ● Use campaign source information to customize content to the user
    • SEO Ready ● Google Adword Keyword Analyzer ● Meta-tags Generator ● SEO Checker ● Search 404 ● Search engine optimized URL's ● Custom content types and views ● Taxonomy related content ● Link checker module detects broken links
    • Acquia -- Value Proposition
    • About Acquia ● Enterprise Drupal (RedHat of Drupal) ● Creator of Drupal is CTO of Acquia (and co-founder) ● Products and Solutions for scaling and supporting enterprise Drupal implementations ● Some of the smartest Drupal architects available for consulting and design
    • Integrated Hosting, Support, SaaS
    • Drag-Drop Development Interface
    • Performance Tuned, Secure Interface
    • Srijan -- Value Proposition
    • About Srijan ● Srijan is a 10 year old IT company ● Largest Drupal-only agency in India ● Offices in Gurgaon, Dharamshala, Bangalore ● 65+ people ● Expertise in ○ Drupal ○ Front-end engineering -- CSS3, HTML5, JS (Angular, BackNode, Node) ○ Dabbling with Android Apps ● Only Acquia Enterprise Partner in India
    • Discovery ● 2-day Workshop with stakeholders ● Requirements documentation ● Workflows documentation ● Architecture (draft) documentation ● Estimates of Time and Costs ● Rough Project Plan
    • Agile Development 2 week cycle Agile is about continuous incremental delivery of valuable, market-ready software Source: Agile Analysis and Planning by Ellen Gotesdiener
    • Agile Development ● Individuals and their interactions ○ Truth, Trust, Fearless communication ● Delivering working software ○ every 2 weeks ● Customer collaboration ○ Product Owner (from client) takes responsibility ● Responding to change ○ Go-to market early
    • Deployment ● Acquia ○ Well-versed with Acquia Hosting environment ○ Well-versed with Acquia security and performance compliance requirements ● Access to Git repo ● Training to stakeholders ○ User Manual ● Post-Deployment Support & Maintenance ○ Clean migration to "dedicated support team" at our Dharamshala office ● We're about "Customer Experience" -- just a call away!
    • Success Stories
    • 10 June 2013 10 June 2013 www.srijan.net Thank You! Web: www.srijan.net Email: business@srijan.in Twitter: @srijan