An invitation to join Srijan


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Join one of the most exciting emerging open source companies in India

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An invitation to join Srijan

  1. 1. Join One of the Most Exciting Emerging Open Source Companies Be a part of our journey from 100 to 300 people | 9cr to $9m
  2. 2. ABOUT SRIJAN Consulting, designing and engineering products and solutions for online businesses for over 10 years India’s largest Drupal company Over 200 clients across US, Europe, Middle East and APAC across industries Agile / SCRUM process maturity Preferred Acquia partners Acquia certified Drupal engineers
  3. 3. OUR ECOSYSTEM Srijan Technologies Srijan Aravali New Delhi Srijan Aravali Goa Srijan Dhauladhar Dharamshala Srijan Movida Gurgaon Srijan Technologies LLC USA Srijan Foundation New Delhi Partner-owned and Employee-owned subsidiaries. All development & delivery happens here. Not-for-profit Trust
  5. 5. AREAS OF EXPERTISE - SERVICES Web Content Management ● Content Management solution & design ● Editorial Workflows for hassle-free online publishing ● Responsive/Mobile UI design & development ● Content Personalisation ● Integration with 3rd party BPM tools ● Powerful Search solutions (Solr, GSA, Elastic) Drupal Solutions ● Performance & code audits ● Rehabilitation of broken/delayed Drupal projects ● Migration from proprietary CMSs & end-of-life CMSs to Drupal ● Drupal Support & Maintenance ● Drupal optimized hosting ● Custom module development
  6. 6. AREAS OF EXPERTISE - SERVICES Outsourced Product Development ● Product Conceptualization; Wireframing & UI/UX Design ● Rapid “prototyping” using HTML5, CSS3, Angular.js ● Dedicated product development teams for Drupal, Node.js ● Test Automation using JMeter, Selenium, Behat & Cucumber ● Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployments Agile Process Maturity ● Trained SCRUM teams ● Certified Scrum Masters ● Resident Agile Coach ● Continuous Testing, Integration & Deployment ● SCRUM and Project burndown charts using JIRA Agile ● Demo-script document for current-state progress
  7. 7. Document Management: Databases: Content Management System: Quality tools: New initiatives: AREAS OF EXPERTISE - TECHNOLOGIES Search: Programming Languages:
  8. 8. MANAGEMENT TEAM Rahul Dewan CEO Krishnan N Business Head - Dharamshala Avienaash Shiralige Resident Agile Coach Hareish Gur Advisor & Board Member Deepak Vasudeva Head of Enterprise Services
  9. 9. SRIJAN -- DIFFERENTIATORS ● Focus on “Customer Experience” -- we run our company like a “hospitality business” ● Focus on long-term projects (incl Support) OR long-term clients (multiple contracts) ● “Thought Partners” to our clients
  10. 10. SRIJAN -- SNAPSHOT ● Revenues -- 9cr in FY 13-14 ● 100+ staff members ● 4 offices -- Delhi, Dharamshala, Goa and Gurgaon ○ WIP : Bangalore, USA ● Focus Areas : Product Development, JavaScript Development, Drupal Partnerships ● Being Agile -- Agile Contracting & Development; SCRUM followed, processes matured
  11. 11. SRIJAN -- REVENUE GOALS ● FY14-15 → ₹15 Cr ● FY15-16 → ₹30 Cr ● FY16-17 → ₹50 Cr ($9m+)
  12. 12. GETTING TO THESE REVENUES ● Sales/ Project Management and Development offices in US, SE Asia, Middle East, Europe ● Several development centers in both small towns and major metros of India
  13. 13. OUR CULTURE -- WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT! ● Be treated like an adult -- plan your work and deliver responsibly ● Active guidance, mentoring, coaching from peers & support structure ● Formal training for identified learning needs ● Encouragement to invest in self-training and growth; in becoming T-shaped well-rounded people ● Blog, talk, share, write, deliver a webinar/talk, conduct a community training -- create your own brand
  14. 14. OUR CULTURE -- WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT! ● Openness to (expressing and) taking dissent and disagreement ● Speak up honestly, responsibly and fiercely -- with courage ● Transparency ○ in Salaries ○ company's revenues, profits ● No supervisor-supervisee; no cabins culture
  15. 15. OUR CULTURE -- WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT! ● Work-life balance ○ Delhi office -- centrally located in Connaught Place ○ Dharamshala office -- walk to office amidst fresh mountain-air ○ Goa office -- walk to office amidst fresh beach-air :) ○ Gurgaon office -- prime location in India’s fastest growing city
  16. 16. OUR CULTURE -- WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT! ● Entrepreneurial environment; take risks; ○ failure is okay ○ not trying hard-enough is *not* okay ○ not owning up responsibility is *not* okay ● Profit sharing : be part of the profits of the company year on year ● Employee ownership : an opportunity to participate in the ownership of the subsidiary in Delhi
  17. 17. OUR CULTURE -- WHAT WILL BE EXPECTED OF YOU! ● Responsibility ○ towards clients, their projects ○ towards your colleagues and team-members ● Authenticity ○ Keep your promises ○ Be honest, even when it is uncomfortable -- with team-members and with clients
  18. 18. OUR CULTURE -- WHAT WILL BE EXPECTED OF YOU! ● Learning ○ A constant endeavour to learn ○ Build new skills, new areas of expertise, new competencies ○ Get out of your comfort zone ● Respect ○ Dissent and disagree, but without arrogance ○ We're all as smart as you are -- in different ways
  19. 19. OUR CULTURE -- WHAT WILL BE EXPECTED OF YOU! ● Sharing ○ Share your knowledge, experience with colleagues and community; and with clients ○ Share the power inherited in your role -- delegate ● Excellence -- we're striving hard to lift our standards & delight our customers
  20. 20. OPEN POSITIONS Group Leader -- Drupal ● Location : New Delhi ● 7-10 yrs tech industry experience; experience in leading multiple Agile/SCRUM teams simultaneously; entrepreneurial ● Ability to manage, mentor and coach managers; ability to dive into projects to micro-manage, to manage crisis ● Experience in solution selling, client negotiation, presentations ● Will be responsible for P&L of Rs.10-12 Cr Drupal teams ● Must come in with a long-term view; equity/shares in the company on offer
  21. 21. OPEN POSITIONS Scrum Master / Project Manager -- Drupal projects ● Location : New Delhi, Gurgaon, Goa ● 5-10 years in technology -- development + management ● Drupal experience preferred; leadership in PHP projects necessary ● Must have been part of, or led, Agile/SCRUM project teams ● Experience in Product Development preferred ● Must have experience in managing clients and projects internationally; thus excellent English communication
  22. 22. OPEN POSITIONS Senior Developer -- Javascript / Node / Angular ● Location : New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore ● Join an emerging team of experts working on Javascript frameworks; help build the JS practice ● Experience with Node, Backbone, Angular ● Good English communication skills necessary
  23. 23. Contact us Thank You Interested in joining or knowing more about us? Feel free to reach out to us through any of these channels. Happy to help! NEW DELHI NEW YORK GURGAON GOA DHARAMSHALA Headquarter: 8A - Vandana Building, 11 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi - 110001 INDIA