Viral Traffic Optimizer 2.0 - Powerful WP Social Media Plug-in

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Viral Traffic Optimizer 2.0 – Powerful WP Social MediaPlug-in The Viral Traffic Optimizer is the latest of the ingenious internetmarketing and social media products that has especially beendesigned to help flood your website with just what a web-site ownerwould want and that is massive amounts of highly targeted traffic.In case you are not sure of the importance of Viral Traffic then foryour information, Viral traffic is the ultimate of traffic sources. Forthose who are aware and who have been associated with socialmedia for some amount of time would most probably be alreadyaware that viral traffic is principally the holy grail of all trafficsources!
  • 3. The main reason behind why so many businesses and individualsseek viral traffic optimization is due to the cost effectiveness that isguaranteed with this method.If you look at the whole concept holistically the only cost that youincur is the time invested to actually craft the original messagewhich invariably leads to your marketing message spreading virally.In short how this works is a social media user who has visited yoursite basically goes ahead and shares the link on their page or refersthe same to their friend who in turn then goes on to share the linkwith his / her network of friends.
  • 4. Clearly you must’ve guessed by now that if this is the logic that theViral Traffic Optimizer uses then it is quite predictable that sharinginformation that you want to be shared especially via socialnetworking sites like Facebook, twitter etc can help in quicklyspreading the message.This medium also helps in gaining a massive internet exposure tohighly targeted audiences. Also since this is primarily sharedbetween family, friends or acquaintances, it is more plausible andhence gives your message the additional credibility via socialinfluence.  
  • 5. Here’s whats you get along with the Viral TrafficOptimizer 2.0:• Sidebar Machine – floating ‘share-it’ sidebar that helps the visitorto share content they find interesting via social networking siteslike Twitter and Facebook etc• In-content Machine – That is similar to the sidebar machine butthis time the sharing options available will be a part of your content• Bubble Widget• Header toolbar
  • 6. • Footer Machine• Timed pop-down Machine that invariably guides you to thepreference site you are keen on taking the customer too.• Exit pop-up machine – How this works is that when a user tries toexit your website page, you with the help of the VTO can redirectthem to your affiliate link or website you prefer them to visit.• Bottom sidebar machine 
  • 7. The above listed features are sufficient for any web-site owner towant to pick up this product, however the list doesn’t end here ,there are also a few other secrets or patented ‘Machines’ that arebuilt in which can increase your web-site traffic two fold.If you are an internet marketer, then it’s time you really need tostart utilizing the Viral Traffic Optimizer or other similar type oftraffic machines on your site ASAP as if not you face the risk oflosing potential customers/commissions and traffic that could’veboosted your profit.       
  • 8. So is the Viral Traffic Optimizer worth It?  Viral traffic in recent times is the most cost effective method that isbeing adopted to generate traffic to a webpage. The primaryconcern or issue that most marketers face though is how to get theirmessages to begin spreading virally.This is exactly where the Viral Traffic Optimizer comes into thepicture as this system indeed does optimize viral traffic.Dan Brock and Tim Atkinson are the masterminds behind the ViralTraffic Optimizer product, both of whom are renowned in this fieldas well as highly respected in the social media circle of onlinemarketing.
  • 9. These two masterminds actually do know what they are doing, andhave also seen great success in the past few years with theimplementation of their knowledge that has helped in effectiveresponse to their product.  “Viral traffic” in short if what propagates more traffic to your site,aka getting the most out of predictable traffic that ensures that youexponentially get more traffic.Hence once your traffic goes viral, rest assured that you will not beable to slow it down irrespective of whether you suddenly have achange of mind about it..
  • 10. If for some reason your preference is inclined towards limited trafficto your site then probably the Viral Traffic Optimizer may besomething that you need to steer clear of.That being said if you are keen on having higher traffic that the Viraltraffic Optimizer is just the solution you are looking for.    Open the link in the description if you wantto visit the „Viral Traffic Optimier 2.0“official website!