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Video conferencing 101 (1) Video conferencing 101 (1) Presentation Transcript

  • Video Conferencing 101: Connecting the Dots for a Global Classroom
  • You’ve unpacked your equipment… All of the cables are plugged in… So, now what?
  • Maybe you’re feeling: and evenconcerned nervous a bit excited? worried overwhelmed What do I do next? What’s involved with executing a video conference with my own topic? Will I know those with whom I connect? How much planning and prep is required? Let’s get these students and teachers connected!
  • What can I do to get started, then?Begin with a webcast or a prepared conference. Just tune in and watch or call in and participate. As you get more comfortable, try a video conference with one other group.You can call directly into their equipment, or they can call you.
  • Can I involve multiple classrooms in my conference?Absolutely!•As your comfort level increases, youcan invite multiple groups to join yourconference.•You will need to contact Sister Geralynto arrange bridging for multipleparticipants.
  • The possibilities The possibilities are truly endless…
  • Types of ConnectionOpportunities
  • Connect with Experts •Meet with an author Physicist at •Discuss principles of Science with a scientist UPenn— How is a cloud like a •Study the stars with NASA volcano? What If? Published author discussed story endings
  • Virtual Field Trips •Visit a museum to learn about an exhibit •Learn about animals at the zoo
  • Working Together•Review a book assigned to the class•Share a virtual storybook Shared a project with•Collaborate on a project based unit of study Diocese about famous dates in October Discussed a shared book with classroom in Texas
  • Teaching the Teachers•Share a lesson plan within the Diocese•Give specifics of a project that worked for you•Sharing + learning = SUCCESS!
  • We have the ideas… Now how do we make them work?
  • Time toGet Connected
  • Sharing with Collaborative Learning1. Choose a lesson/unit to share.2. Reach out and connect with other schools.3. Check the Time Zone of your conference.4. Set up the plan by communicating with participating teacher.5. Perform a test call to check connectivity. 1. Do this a day or two in advance. 2. Will ensure a successful, smooth-running conference.6. Review conference etiquette with students.7. Go with the flow! 1. Sometimes, no matter how much you plan, technology does not always cooperate.
  • Conferencing with an Outside Organization1. Choose a lesson or unit to enhance with a videoconference opportunity.2. Research available conferences through: MAGPI,CILC, Google, or social media contacts.3. Always check the time zone and cost whenplanning.4. Register for the conference and check for anypreparations that need to be completed by the classbefore the conference.5. Follow host guidelines for pre-conferencetesting.6. Have your students ready for the conference 15minutes before the scheduled conference.7. Discuss Video Conferencing etiquette.
  • Download the new MAGPI Fall Program. You can search for opportunities that are offered FREE for teachers and students!
  • Grow with ConferencingIn the very beginning, STMM visited the different Polycomsites listed in the Conferencing Phone Book to connect toChina, Chicago, Japan,Sister Geralyn was kind enough to test the equipmentwith us with a few “play” sessions.A simple project about important events for days duringthe month of October with 5th grade was shared withSister and many members of the Diocesan staff.
  • Alternatives to Video ConferencingDon’t forget about Skype, easy way to connect to oneother person. STMM has used it to: -connect to authors, -visit our priest at his new home for a tour, -the principal in her office, -a sick student home recovering from surgery.Also Webcasts are available through Scholastic, DiscoveryEd, Skype in Education and other educational sites.
  • We Challenge You: Video Conference with Us! Video Conferencing Opportunities with St. Margaret Mary We will continue to update this list. Please learn with us!Time Period Grades Topic Information Presentation of projects, shared learning 6,7,8 Ancient Greece Sharing of what STMM does for 100 daysJanuary/Feb 1 100 Day Project and learning what your project may be Learning about different types of 7,8 Financial Literacy government economies and how they affect how people liveOct-Nov 4 Shiloh Discussion of the book Digital storybook, guiding you throughOct-Nov 1-8 Storybird creating a digital storybook with your classMarch-April 8 To Kill a Mockingbird Discussion of the book Please contact if you are interested in joining one of these conferences!