Squiz IUC 2010 - Selwyn District Council - Putting it in Your Hands


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Squiz International User Conference 2010

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Squiz IUC 2010 - Selwyn District Council - Putting it in Your Hands

  1. 1. PUTTING IT IN YOUR HANDS Distributed Content Authorship at Selwyn District Council
  2. 2. WHAT IS DISTRIBUTED CONTENT AUTHORSHIP (DCA)?  Typical Web Update yp p  DCA Web Update p
  3. 3. WHY WOULD YOU WANNA DO THAT?!!  Give THEM the ability to directly edit?  Are you mad?! y
  4. 4. PROS AND CONS OF DCA  Smaller web team  Loss of cohesion in  Less time spent on the style/feel of the site website ebsite  Usabilit decline Usability  Puts the ownership in  Errors in data their hands  Have to train the users  Editor understands the data
  5. 5. SELWYN’S PREVIOUS SITUATION  One person managed all data on the website p g  Delays in getting data updated  Edited data sometimes changed the intent SELWYN’S LIMITATIONS  No budget f N b d t for a full ti f ll time webmaster b t  No web management experience in the team
  6. 6. WHAT WE DID  Developed a Style Guide to standardise visual p y style  Created an approvals process for all updates  Trained selected staff from key areas
  7. 7. STYLE GUIDE  Non-optional p  Good hyperlinking, page length, naming of files, etc.  Advice on wording and using Flesch reading ease scoring (50+ required)
  8. 8. FLESCH READING EASE … EXAMPLES   Hard 1…………………………………………………………….100 Easy
  9. 9. APPROVALS PROCESS  Created a number of workflows and user groups  Review Group approves for p pp style  Team Leaders approve for pp content  Flexible for individual departmental needs
  10. 10. STAFF TRAINING  Two sites – one manager for each g sent to Squiz trainings  One-on-one training with Content g Editors  Ongoing requests for additional g g q training needs  Training workbooks, materials and examples created in-house
  12. 12. REVIEW GROUP CONFUSION  Initial size of Review Group = 12 p  Many too busy to ever get involved  A few always reviewing quickly  Inability to determine what still needed reviewing
  13. 13. SOLUTIONS:  Group reduced to 3 key users p y  Search folder created for all items “in workflow”  Limitation: Not defined by step  Email rules and folders set up
  14. 14. INFREQUENT USE = FORGETFUL USERS  Team Leaders of infrequently updated areas forget q y p g what to do  ‘Cheat sheet’ created and provided  W kfl Workflow emails simplified il i lifi d  Editors of infrequently updated areas forget how  Webmaster edits.
  15. 15. DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTAL NEEDS BUILDING DEPARTMENT  Material for Building Dept is approved through team g p pp g meetings before allowed to update  No need for a Team Leader approval SOLUTION:  Removed the Team Leader portion of Workflow
  16. 16. DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTAL NEEDS SOME USERS OVERBURDENED  Large teams of Planning and Assets both chose to g g have one editor  Both regular updates and often complex d ft l data SOLUTION:  More training for these Editors, including Asset i l di A t Listing Pages and Custom Forms
  17. 17. DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTAL NEEDS EMERGENCY RESPONSE  No time for complicated approvals p p pp process  Team Leader not always available  Critical to get public information up NOW SOLUTION:  Edits by ICT, approvals by website System y Administrators (often same person)
  18. 18. RECENT LESSONS FOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE  The recent Canterbury Earthquake was beyond any y q y y response we’d ever previously made.  Usual emergency response staff overwhelmed with other d ti – no ti th duties time for web updates. f b d t  Response:  Writers became donated staff from a PR firm – no Matrix experience. Provided Word files.  Two editors both simultaneously getting copies of changes to make. make  Editors discussed who would take responsibility on which days.  R Removed workflow entirely – li edit. d kfl i l live di
  19. 19. Four Photos from our Quake… The fish tank in our foyer is no more
  20. 20. A typical office view the morning after
  21. 21. Fault line – note the horizontal movement of the hedge and irrigator wheel-marks
  22. 22. Highfield Road was once flat and straight. Now a 3m horizontal kink, and a 2m vertical drop.
  23. 23. SHOULD YOU INCORPORATE DCA?  Consider staffing needs and experience g p  Can you handle in-house training, or afford Squiz- provided training, for editors?  Will management back a Style Guide?  Easy Edit suite and Squiz CMS might help  Mi it up – not all areas Mix p have to have DCA