Parks Victoria and social media<br /><ul><li>A bit about us
Plans and more plans
Setting it up
Looking for friends</li></li></ul><li>Victoria’s parks<br />
Passionate people<br />
Plans - Online strategy<br />Deliver an engaging experience through digital channels to motivate, communicate and collabor...
Key<br />HPHP online presence<br />Communications<br />Interface<br />Search<br />Discover<br />Content<br />Features/func...
 Central editing & QA
 Role based distributed authoring
 Visual design support
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Parks victoria social media strategy


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Steve Gartland (Communication Manager) presents at the Squiz Social Media Seminar on how Parks Victoria use Social Media.

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  • I stand here not as a social media guru . I am not even an active user, although I have tried. But like all comms advisors I have to prepare the organisation for where communications is heading. And I am even enthusiastic about where they are heading.Because I can see a huge change that is coming to PV and many other government organisation.And that is because we have a way to get the passion knowledge and experience of our staff and volunteers out to the users of our parks. Traditionally we have done this through ranger talks. This required 20 people to be at the park at a predetermined time to meet with the ranger. It is the traditional and invaluable model of protected area interpretation and education.We want to keep it. But social media and new web tools allows us to dramatically extend it and that is what is exciting.We are a long way from where we want to be but today I will quickly to through some of the initial steps we have taken and look at a few examples from the tentative foray we have taken in social media.First some background on PV that in my view makes us perfect social media and web players.
  • Firstly we are a geographic organisation.Manage 4 million hectares of Victoria - 17 percent of the State1,100 staff in 124 work centres across the state. Manage in the context of landscape and with Traditional Owners. Work with others – DSE, CMAs, farmers, volunteers, tourism, lease holders, scientists, hunters, recreation groups, etc.Volunteers contribute 25,000 hours a year in parks.Web mapping systems are perfect for explaining this work where it happens.
  • Secondly, I don’t want to boast but our product looks better than the average bank or finance regulator.
  • Parks victoria social media strategy

    1. 1. Parks Victoria and social media<br /><ul><li>A bit about us
    2. 2. Plans and more plans
    3. 3. Setting it up
    4. 4. Looking for friends</li></li></ul><li>Victoria’s parks<br />
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Passionate people<br />
    7. 7. Plans - Online strategy<br />Deliver an engaging experience through digital channels to motivate, communicate and collaborate with visitor.<br />Create an online community actively engaged in the planning, management and use of our parks and reserves.<br />Position PV as a leader in the use of Web 2.0 and Gov 2.0 to deliver government services and engage the community.<br />
    8. 8. Key<br />HPHP online presence<br />Communications<br />Interface<br />Search<br />Discover<br />Content<br />Features/functionality<br />Rich media<br />Map based<br />Collaboration<br />Customer support<br />User generated<br />Social networks/channels <br />& connections<br /> Back-end management & support<br />General users<br />Recreational visitors<br />Parks professionals <br />Volunteers<br />Researchers<br />Students and teachers<br />Partners <br />Release 1<br />Release 2<br />Out of scope<br />Notifications & alerts (incl SMS)<br />Keyword search<br />Motivating & inspiring visual design<br />Login/ Profile<br />News, media releases & eNewsletters<br />Map based search<br />User centred information architecture<br />Coherent online branding<br />Criteria-based search<br />Events calendar<br />Syndication (RSS) & Aggregation<br />If you like X try Y<br />Most popular products/ services<br />General, PV, Nature & Conservation <br />Related products/ services<br />Featured products/ services<br />Parks, Tours & Educational resources<br />User subscriptions / registrations<br />Park management plans<br />Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Polls & Surveys<br />Find a ... park/facilities/activities<br />Virtual tours (360 panoramas)<br />Multicultural and multilingual<br />Services, utilities & sharing tools <br />Where is x park...<br />Media galleries (Video/Audio/Photos)<br />Publications, Guides & Checklists<br />Promotion panels / banner ads<br />How do I get to x from y<br />Podcasts (Video/Audio/Text)<br />Online forms , downloads & brochures<br />Journey/Itinerary/day planning & tools<br />Interactive media/games/animations<br />Online booking and payment<br />Public consultation / Have your say<br />User testimonials<br />Submit a suggestion / problem / issue<br />Planning and consultation<br />User comments & feedback<br />Volunteer groups & communities<br />FAQ / Knowledgebase<br />Contact us via other channels<br />User ratings<br />Park professionals / other communities<br />Shared user experiences<br />Suggestions / Help engine<br />Participative environment monitoring<br />Geographic IS<br /><ul><li> Online channel steering group
    9. 9. Central editing & QA
    10. 10. Role based distributed authoring
    11. 11. Visual design support
    12. 12. Media asset production support</li></ul>Data feeds with partners<br />Mapping solution<br />Content Management System <br />Media asset library (eg. Images)<br />Web analytics<br />Single point data sources<br />Content Syndication<br />Customer Relationship Management<br />Point Of Sale / Payment Gateway<br />
    13. 13. POL-293<br />POLICY STATEMENT<br />Parks Victoria staff are able to use social media where it supports the delivery of their work responsibilities.<br />Intention:<br />Parks Victoria will use new and social media to engage with the community and support the delivery of visitor and park management services. Staff are encouraged to use social media where it supports their primary duties and does not compromise the security of Parks Victoria’s information technology systems.<br />Operating Principles:<br />Parks Victoria will maintain an online presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and other social media tools. Use of social media tools will be approved by the Manager Corporate Communications based on business need and capacity to maintain the engagement.<br />Social media use will meet legislative requirements with respect to copyright, privacy, public records retention and appropriate usage. <br />All staff using social media are to be aware of their obligations regarding the use of social media including the Public Sector Standards Commissioner’s “Guidance for the Use of Social Media in the Victorian Public Sector” and Parks Victoria’s Social Media Guideline (PRO-102).<br />Where there has been a breach of the Policy or Guideline, General Managers may, in consultation with the Manager Corporate Communications and Chief Information Officer, restrict a staff member’s access to social media at work and direct that content be removed. Breach of the Policy or Guideline by Parks Victoria Staff will be taken seriously and can result in the staff member being dismissed.<br />Related References:<br /><ul><li>Social Media Guideline (PRO-102)
    14. 14. Government 2.0 Action Plan, July 2010
    15. 15. Victorian Public Sector (VPS) Code of Conduct
    16. 16. Guidance for the Use of Social Media in the Victorian Public Sector. Public Sector Standards Commissioner. 18 August 2010
    17. 17. Parks Victoria Confidential Information Policy (POL-032)
    18. 18. Parks Victoria Computer Usage Procedure (PRO-041B) </li></li></ul><li>
    19. 19. Setting it up<br />Soft launch on<br />Supported with hootsuite and posterous. Backupify for archive.<br />Now in trial mode – talking to a small group of 1200 friends.<br />Spiralling control outward – comms and trusted rangers first.<br />
    20. 20. Looking for friends<br />We can share stuff that would never get a media release.<br />It allow us to target niche groups really well.<br />It is a good way to promote those who you may need in the future.<br />We can tell the story before the media can.<br />It is easy to touch a nerve and eventually you will need to shut people down.<br />
    21. 21. Looking for friends<br />
    22. 22. PV: It’s great to see that even Easter Bunny joined the many campers in the River Red Gum parks along the Murray Goulburn and Ovens Rivers this Easter. The parks are looking fantastic after all the rain. Thanks to the majority of campers who did the right thing and helped everyone enjoy the break. (Kate, Comms)", <br />Rod: "We had that many campers stop out the front of our place and ask where can they get in to the Murray river to camp with there dogs and we told them the Truth you can't camp with dogs In the BARMAH NATnAOIL Park so they just turned around and said oh well we will just go back home to Melbourne Well done you are Killing our local commuitys",<br />PV: You are right Rod that you can’t take dogs into the National Park but there is plenty of camping for people with dogs along the Murray River. Parks Victoria welcomes campers with dogs at many campsites across the state. (Tanya, Info Centre PV)<br />Rod:"And that reply does not answer the fact that closing the Bush is KILLING OUR COMMUNITIES. I HAVE LOST MY QUALITY OF LIFE"<br />PV: "Probably not going to sort that one out on a on a face book page Rod. Steve, Comms, PV"<br />Rod:"Problem is it looks like it will never be sorted out ever since it was turned in to a National park it is going backwards being taken over by pest plants and none of you's will do anything about it“<br />
    23. 23. PV: There is a real art to catching wild horses in a humane way. The Age newspaper ran a story on our work in the Alps recently ( and this short video shows Parks Victoria Ranger Rudi setting a horse yard in the Alpine National Park. (Sally, Comms)<br />Rod: "A bit Differente to the Machine Gun that was used on the Brumby's in the Barmah Bush"<br />PV deleted that comment.<br />Rod: "not like how they shot and killed the Barmah brumbys with a Machine Gun"<br />Rod: "Guess you will Delete it a again as you dont want the truth out there for everyone to know the truth“<br />Rod was right. Not about the truth but our decision to delete himSadly Rod is no longer a Facebook friend.<br />
    24. 24. Looking for friends<br />Next steps<br />Move out of trial mode into a Spring campaign<br />Turn on the website and make it the centre of our social media activities<br />Narrow our target audiences<br />Find more resources but also shift effort<br />Work out what is worth it<br />Get IT to buy us iPad 2s and hook them up to the work server<br />