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Spyder lynk best practices, steps to activation, specs slide share

Spyder lynk best practices, steps to activation, specs slide share






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    Spyder lynk best practices, steps to activation, specs slide share Spyder lynk best practices, steps to activation, specs slide share Presentation Transcript

    • POWERED BYBest Practices In addition to sharingdata from a evidence, we have aggregated anecdotal variety ofcampaigns, resulting in a statistical analysis on some best practices.Here is what we’ve found works.
    • The Advantages You Should Know About
    • Steps to Activation Success Ability Understanding Interest Awareness
    • Steps to ActivationACHIEVE CONSUMER: • AWARENESS by using media that has reach & creative appeal • INTEREST by offering something targeted & compelling • UNDERSTANDING by providing simple & clear instructions • ABILITY by creating low barrier to entry for participation • SUCCESS by having technology that is easy to use, ensuring a rich and rewarding experience
    • Awareness Increase consumer awareness of your 2D mobile barcode campaign by placing the tag strategically on media or packaging and giving it prominence in the overall layout. This will ensure consumers see the tag and are aware of the campaign.
    • Placement, Placement, Placement Place the SnapTag in a prominent location that gets the lion’s share of attention from consumers. =3x engagements of Placing a SnapTag in the first half of a magazine, rather than the second half, almost triples the likelihood of engagement.
    • Placement, Placement, PlacementIncluding a white borderaround the SnapTagincreases readability.White space may alsohelp make the code morenoticeable for consumers.
    • Placement, Placement, PlacementPlacing the SnapTag onthe edge, rather than inthe fold of print mediamore than doubles thelikelihood ofengagement.
    • Placement, Placement, Placement Create interest in the SnapTag campaign by placing the SnapTag prominently in the ad, such as at top of the page.
    • Prominence In addition to where you place the SnapTag, be sure that the SnapTag and call to action are large enough to be disruptive and get consumers’ attention. Consumers are busy and distracted. Help them take the action you want by providing a BIG BOLD call to action that makes it obvious what they are supposed to do.
    • Use a Call to Action Persuade consumers to take action and make the decision you desire by telling them what they need to do.Campaigns using a call toaction get an average of41% more snaps.
    • Use a Call to Action Use a call to action that is clear, concise and compelling.
    • Interest Increase consumer interest in your campaign by offering them a compelling incentive to participate.
    • Incentivize In addition to telling consumers what to do, give them a reason to do it. Participation rates are highest when you offer something your target audience is going to be highly interested in. Everyone’s a winner! In addition to the chance to win a big prize, consumers like that they are guaranteed to get something just for snapping.
    • Incentivize Get consumers excited about your brand by offering something with an aspirational quality.
    • Incentive Types & Conversations25 advertisers used Social SnapTags in Glamour’s Septemberissue and scored 50,000+ Likes for the advertisers. Advertisersoffered four different types of incentives for Liking theirbrands, and after consumers snapped the SnapTag, here arethe number that converted to Like the brand: Sweepstakes & Exclusive Coupon & Sweepstakes & Sample Offer Content Access Promo Codes Sample Offer Combo Combo
    • Incentive Types & Conversations Sweepstakes & Sample Offer Combo Conversion Rate: 85% Example: Like us on Facebook and enter to win $500 worth of Smashbox faves. The first 500 to enter will automatically receive a free Smashbox travel primer, while supplies last.
    • Incentive Types & Conversations Exclusive Content Access Conversion Rate: 84% Example: Like us on Facebook and see exclusive Rihanna content.
    • Incentive Types & Conversations Coupon & Promo Codes Conversion Rate: 70% Example: Like Us on Facebook and save $1 on Neutrogena Naturals.
    • Incentive Types & Conversations Sweepstakes & Sample Offer Combo Conversion Rate: 66% Example: Like Katy Perry on Facebook and get a Sample of Purr by Katy Perry, while supplies last.
    • Understanding Increase consumer understanding for you campaign by providing them instructions on the ways in which they can participate.
    • Use Instructions In addition, tell them how to do it by including info on how to download the SnapTag Reader App or how to snap & send.Don’t just tellconsumers whatto do, show themhow to do it.
    • Use Instructions A lock up, which goes around the code ring and provides instructions, is an effective way to communicate this information. Using instruction can drive participation up by 50 to 80%.
    • Ability Increase consumer participation in your campaign by choosing a 2D mobile barcode that is accessible by a large percentage of your target audience has the ability to participate.
    • Ability SnapTags are accessible by QR codes are only accessible 88% of users by 14% of users • Using SpyderLynk’s Snap & Send • To access QR codes, users must have a technology, users only need a camera smartphone AND have downloaded a phone with MMS capabilities to QR code reader. 40% of consumers access SnapTags have a smartphone and an estimated 35% of smartphone users have downloaded a QR code reader.Reader App Reader App QR Code QR Code Reader Reader
    • Success Ensure a successful campaign that will motivate consumers to engage with you again by providing a rewarding experience. This means proper execution of your campaign correct and choosing the right partner.
    • Execution Mobile Optimize the Entire Campaign Think through the entire user experience; from encountering and scanning the tag, to following the consumer experience routes encountered along the way, ensure that each consumer path is optimized for a mobile device.
    • Execution Test the SnapTags Consumers may engage from multiple devices, including a feature phone, Android, iPad, etc. and may participate through a variety of channels, such as the SnapTag Reader App, snap & send using a short code, or email. Testing each combination of these options will ensure a positive consumer experience.
    • Execution Consider the Lifecycle of Your SnapTag Campaign Consider where you will place SnapTags and the lifecycle of that medium in comparison to the campaign. If consumers may see the SnapTag before the program starts, or after it is completed, include a pre and post program message as part of the campaign.
    • Execution: Your Experience Choose the Right Partner Choose a provider with experience that will work with you to create an expert optimized experience. By selecting a partner that understands the 2D mobile barcodes, you ensure that your campaign will not only be a success with consumers, but that will also be easy for you to manage.
    • Execution Set Up Your Campaign to Collect Meaningful Data Consider what you want to measure up front, think about your objectives and make sure that your campaign is setup to capture the data that you will want to analyze.
    • Execution Decide How to Measure Success Upfront Scans are important, but so is engagement. Think about the metrics you will use to measure your campaign and make sure your campaign details lend themselves to achieving those metrics.
    • Why are BIG BRANDS choosing SpyderLynk? Coca-Cola Coke Zero’s success using SnapTags for Event Marketing in 2011 caused the company to expand programs to additional brands including Coke & Dasani.
    • Why are BIG BRANDS choosing SpyderLynk? Why are BIG BRANDS choosing SpyderLynk? Office Depot Experienced a 30% increase in participation when it used an in- store SnapTag sweepstakes compared to the receipt driven campaign used the year prior.
    • Why are BIG BRANDS choosing SpyderLynk? Why are BIG BRANDS choosing SpyderLynk? Bud Light Due to the success of 2010 Bud Light Playbook program, which garnered more responses than similar text messaging programs, Anheuser Busch In-Bev increased SnapTag use, implementing SnapTags in five additional Bud Light campaigns in 2011 & expanding use to other brands, such as Bud Light Lime.
    • Why are BIG BRANDS choosing SpyderLynk? Why are BIG BRANDS choosing SpyderLynk? Glamour Magazine Drove over 500K engagements and received over 100,000 Facebook Likes for their advertisers and editors using Social SnapTags.
    • Why are BIG BRANDS choosing SpyderLynk? Why are BIG BRANDS choosing SpyderLynk? Toyota Deployed SnapTags across all of its vehicle lines at auto shows, events, and print ads and is expanding their use to include dealer training materials and brochures.
    • SnapTag Specifications Size: The SnapTag needs to be at least .86” in diameter. White Space: The SnapTag needs to have white or off white space behind the tag that is 140% of the code ring, so if the tag is .86” the white space needs to be at least 1.2” in diameter. Printing: Print on surfaces that are accessible to consumers and will be photographed within 10’ of consumers. 5 times rule: The consumers can distance themselves 5 times the size of the tag. If the consumer is standing 5” away the tag needs to be 1”, if they are 50 feet away, the tag needs to be roughly 10’ in diameter