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Presentations to the Baltic PR-delegation, visting Springtime.

Presentations to the Baltic PR-delegation, visting Springtime.

Published in Education , Technology
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  • Web 2.0 is about consumers taking control over the content on internet, as opposed to web 1.0 where companies, organizations and mainstream media dominated. Web 1.0 – read. Web 2.0 – read + write New tools: sociala nätverk (linkedIn, Lunarstorm), rss (bloglines, feedburner), open source-program (linux, firefox), blogs (blogger, typepad), sökmotorer (google, technorati), recensionssajter (cint, tripadvisor), P2P (bittorrent, kazaa), C2C e-handel (blocket, ebay), prisjämförelser (pricerunner, kelkoo), podcasts, wikis, tagging (, videosajter (youtube, bubblare) Web 2.0 is about a power shift. From traditional media, companies and organizations. To individuals like you and me, driven by passion (or hate) and personal interest. The world has seen a bunch of new tools which makes it possible for amateurs to create and upload our own content, to connect and socialize with others, and to search and filter information according to our personal tastes. As more and more people make use of these tools, we are changing the media landscape. And we are establishing new rules for those who want to participate. Individuals and companies alike. These include honesty, transparence and collaboration. Time: It's a story about community and collaboration on a scale never seen before. It's about the cosmic compendium of knowledge Wikipedia and the million-channel people's network YouTube and the online metropolis MySpace. It's about the many wresting power from the few and helping one another for nothing and how that will not only change the world, but also change the way the world changes. The tool that makes this possible is the World Wide Web. P&G: “ now more than ever, consumers are owning our brands, and we not only have to understand that they are owning our brands. But we also have to embrace that idea and understand the implications of [it].” “marketers have to begin to change their thinking, in a sense they "have to begin to let go.”
  • AdAge: A pair of Maine theater geeks decide to film an experiment in which a certain mint is dropped into a bottle of a certain Lawyer Stephen Voltz and juggler Fritz Grobe created the year's most important piece of commercial content. Their viral video, 'Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment,' drew millions of viewers, boosted product sales and demonstrated how consumer-generated content is influencing marketing strategy as never before. The mint in question enjoys a 15% spike in sales. The difference today is that consumers have lots of ways of communicating those experiences, and trust each other's views above marketers' overt sales pitches. På 20 dagar fick 300 000 svenskar att gå med i en applikation på Facebook och tillsammans skänka över 400 000 kronor till Cancerfondens Rosa Bandet. I rutan med ditt rosa band uppdateras beloppet du bidragit med och antalet vänner du bjudit in för att sprida Rosa Bandets budskap
  • Church of the Customer It's a textbook case of what happens when buzz for the sake of buzz is the primary objective. Here's why: This campaign was designed to encourage a mass audience to spread messages. A better way to engage enthusiasts? A "send us your video about how much you love the Tahoe" program. Creating media takes time and effort. It might not generate a million entries, but so what. Då blir det ju också äkta konsumentdrivet – web 2.0 istället för 1,5. Svenskt exempel: Viking Line Micro Persuasion “ Even though the Chevy effort resulted ads instead about gas-guzzling SUVs, we're still talking about this campaign.  “ GM responding on FastLane Blog “ Early on we made the decision that if we were to hold this contest, in which we invite anyone to create an ad, in an open forum, that we would be summarily destroyed in the blogosphere if we censored the ads based on their viewpoint. So, we adopted a position of openness and transparency, and decided that we would welcome the debate.” Church of the Consumer About 84% have been straight product-pieces favorable to the Tahoe Of the remaining 16% of submissions, the majority are either anti-SUV (as a category) or the creator is using the ad as a platform to promote a specific cause or defame a particular group; a minority of submissions directly attack the product 4 million page views 400,000 unique visitors 22,000 ad submissions  "We're still listening and talking and the exchange has been worthwhile," she writes . Is Chevy/GM listening? Absolutely. Kudos. (Or as Hugh says, rock on.)
  • IKEA som exempel. More to love
  • Ett annat exempel, även om det exploderade i media innan de la upp egen film
  • Nyckelbloggare = journalister H&M och Indiska bjuder in till pressvisningarna, ger goodie bag Eastwei arranged a Cointreau event in Beijing about ”cointreauversial” women Eastwei provided material to blogger Jiang Peilin (2 miljoner besök) Resulting in two blog post and 170 comments discussing the topic  NK bjuder in 5-10 modebloggare till pressträff Knyt till dig bloggare Intel invite 6 e-fluencials and one mystery celebrity blogger to start a group blog Each got one laptop in exchange for sharing views on blogging during 5 weeks campaign Purpose is to get credibility among grassroots consumers  5 utvalda bloggare, blogga om italienskt mode, inför under och efter, placera kampanjbloggen på välbesökt portal Vespa USA öppen sökning efter konsumenter att blogga om sin vardag som Vespa-fans. “Piaggio USA feels blogs are an ideal way to connect with Vespa brand loyalists and encourage them to become online evangelists” – Steve Rubel, Edelman PR. “What better way to evangelize the benefits of scootering than empowering existing customers to tell prospective scooterati why Vespa rocks?”  Identifiera några NK-fans, blogga om livet som NK-kunder/10 Corso Como Specialerbjudanden Pronto, Backyard Babies Stockholm Syndrome CD – tävling om förbeställa via, vinna signerad Gibson-gitarr, framgång – 1 försäljningslistan, ovanligt många förhandsbeställningar  Specialsida på med specialerbjudande från 10 Corso Como, sprids enbart via modebloggare
  • Företagsbloggen när den är bra. Transparens. Släpper in folk bakom kulisserna. Lär känna människan, inte bara anonym corporate-fasad. Också direkt kanal för företagen. Slipper gå via media. Webb 2.0 inte bara consumer generated content - också company generated content. Bob Lutz, vice vd GM, ” goal is to engage the public regarding our products and services. The blog has become an important, unfiltered voice. Now we have a direct line of communication. The blog has become indispensable.”
  • Agria Djurförsäkringar har frågat sina kunder om råd i över 100 år. Bolaget började tidigt arbeta med veterinärer och djurtidningar för att höra vad kunderna behövde. När nätet kom byggde Agria en egen sajt just för sina kunder. Där blandade man forum, bloggar, wikier och frågeformulär – och fick en egen community. Tips från veterinärer och kunder blandas med bloggar där medarbetare skriver om sin yrkesroll och sina djurintressen. I forum byts erfarenheter och privata bilder. Och när en kund klagar om utebliven ersättning svarar ofta andra kunder direkt med ”det ingår inte i din policy om du läser sidan 3 ordentligt.” Gör kunden till din bästa vän och du får en kunddriven kundtjänst på köpet.
  • Involvera i kampanjer Svenska Spel tog i samband med Triss 20-årsjubileum i september fram hemsidan Där kan vem som helst ladda upp sin tolkning av det klassiska Triss-temat ”plötsligt händer det”. I höstens stora tävling var förstapriset för Tobias Edman, Umeå, att få sin film visad i TV4.
  • Involvera i kampanjer Svenska Spel tog i samband med Triss 20-årsjubileum i september fram hemsidan Där kan vem som helst ladda upp sin tolkning av det klassiska Triss-temat ”plötsligt händer det”. I höstens stora tävling var förstapriset för Tobias Edman, Umeå, att få sin film visad i TV4.


  • 1. Social media in a new digital media landscape Fredrik Pallin Springtime
  • 2. How does a digital media landscape affect companies and organisations?
  • 3. Web 2.0 = shift of power
  • 4. Webb 2.0 can help you
  • 5. Webb 2.0 may upset you
  • 6. What is social media?
  • 7.  
  • 8. What can a company do? Listen Activate Build Webb 2.0
  • 9. Activate Build Listen Passive Webb 2.0
  • 10. Listen Activate Build Active Webb 2.0
  • 11. Listen Activate Build Others arenas Webb 2.0
  • 12. Listen Activate Build Your own arenas Webb 2.0
  • 13. Listen Listen Activate Build Webb 2.0
  • 14. This is why you should listen
    • Find your most important friends and enemies
    • Warning on upcoming PR-crises
    • Follow up campaigns - did we get our message out?
    • Source for new ideas on campaigns
    • Business Intelligence – competitors, products, trends, copyright
    • Consumer insights – a giant unmoderated focus group
  • 15.  
  • 16. Domino Pizza
  • 17.  
  • 18. Activate Listen Activate Build Webb 2.0
  • 19. Activites - PR
    • Media list 2.0
    • Comment / discuss
    • Blogg-meetings
    • Seeding
    • Hire bloggers
  • 20.  
  • 21.
    • Personal bottle to 100 bloggers
    • Positive response
    • Purchasing and sales processes
    • Sales incread with 100% in one year
    • Wine bottle + Tesco
    • Read more:
  • 22.  
  • 23. Activate your target groups on Facebook
  • 24. Activate your target groups in their own channels
  • 25. Build Listen Activate Build Webb 2.0
  • 26. Corporate blogs
  • 27. Services
  • 28. Campaign blog
  • 29.  
  • 30. Involve consumers
    • … in campaigns…
    • … or product development
  • 31.  
  • 32. Involve consumers
  • 33. Acting on the targeted audience arenas
  • 34. What social arenas can you act on?
  • 35. Act where your audience is
  • 36.  
  • 37. Links from blogs
  • 38. Pictures on Flickr
  • 39. Facebook
  • 40. Twitter
  • 41. Youtube
  • 42.  
  • 43. The master example: Obama
  • 44. What can we learn from Obama?
  • 45. Tie your social arenas together
  • 46. Social media newsroom
  • 47. Summary
    • Internet is not a channel
    • Don’t even think of controlling your brand on the Internet
    • Create arenas on the Internet for your consumers
    • Be active, long-term and transparent
    • Dare to try!
  • 48. Summary cont..
    • Corporates need to converse with customers where they are
    • Do not believe that customers come to your site, you need to get to them
    • Create a platform to operate in several arenas, simultaniously
    • Set up the goals, objectives, strategy and responsibilities for social arenas
  • 49. Thanks for your attention
    • Fredrik Pallin
    • [email_address]
    • +46 708-114 115
  • 50. People influence people