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SDI Sales Presentation

  1. 1. A Brief History…• 1985 – Founded in Clinton Township, MI• 1996 - Headquarters built in Almont, MI• 2000 – Headquarters expanded to 44,500 sq.ft.• 2006 – Merged with A1 Quality Spring to expand prototype capability• 2009 – Second 31,000 sq.ft. facility added in Harlingen, TX to serve growing Mexican & Southern US auto markets
  2. 2. Locations Almont, MI – 44,500 sq.ft. in Metropolitan DetroitHarlingen, TX – 31,000 sq.ft. in Rio Grande Valley, near border to Mexico
  3. 3. At A Glance…• Manufacturer of custom springs for almost any application• Counterbalance (aka Power or Clock), Compression, Extension and Torsion springs• Over 100 years of combined spring- making experience under one roof• 45 employees
  4. 4. Counterbalance Springs• Spring Dynamics’ core competency• AKA – Power Springs, Clock Springs, Spiral Torsion Springs• Unique custom coilers of Spring Dynamics’ design offer a competitive advantage in counterbalance spring production• 0.033" – 0.170” Thick : 0.109" - 0.750" Wide current production material range
  5. 5. Coil Springs• Utilizing the latest in CNC coiling technology• 0.016” – 0.157” diameter current production material range• A wide variety of material and finish types are available
  6. 6. Products & Applications• Counterbalance Springs• Seat Recliners• Seat Folding Mechanisms• Window Regulators• Cable Take-up• Hood Assists• Belt Tensioners• Many more
  7. 7. Products & Applications• Compression & Extension Springs• Latch Mechanisms• Hinge Mechanisms• Handle Returns• Locking Mechanisms• Cam Returns• Many more
  8. 8. Products & Applications• Torsion Springs• Hinge Mechanisms• Belt Tensioners• Clutch Mechanisms• Handle Mechanisms• Many more
  9. 9. Vehicle Platforms Chrysler GM JK ND GMT200 GMX211 KA PM GMT201 GMX222 KJ RS/RT GMT250 GMX245 LX ST GMT319 GMX272 MK XK GMT360 GMX365 Diamler GMT510 GMX367BR251 X164 GMT560 GMX381 Ford GMT800 GMX511D219 P221 GMT900 LambdaD472 P356 GMX020 EN U Van Honda FN U387 PilotP131 Hyundai Toyota CM007L 580L Nissan200L 635N TK WQW397L UL WZW Volkswagen RM VW
  10. 10. Manufacturing Technology• Spring Dynamics’ own custom counterbalance spring machines• Itaya AX and MX CNC spring winders• Shinko 830 and 812 CNC spring winders• Herdon & Simco compression spring winders• We are constantly evaluating new capital investment opportunities
  11. 11. Engineering Support• Design assistance and development available• Spring Manufacturers Institute Advanced Spring Design software• The ability to support most industry standard math data files
  12. 12. Prototype Capability• Nearly ANY type of spring or wire-form• Any quantity; from one piece up to thousands• Turnaround time as little as 24hrs.• Other products available in addition to springs and wire- forms• Over 25 years of prototyping experience in-house
  13. 13. On-Site Tool Room• All CNC and Counterbalance tooling fabricated in-house• Counterbalance machines completely designed and built in-house by experienced tool-makers and machinists
  14. 14. Sales by OEM
  15. 15. Sales by Product Line
  16. 16. Lean in Almont, MI Incoming MaterialLean Manufacturing Material Flow ManufacturingPackaging / Shipping
  17. 17. Lean in Harlingen, TX Lean Manufacturing Material Flow Packaging / ShippingIncoming Material Manufacturing
  18. 18. Quality PolicySpring Dynamics strives to provide products toour customers that consistently meet theirrequirements and expectations. We arededicated to pursuing methods which optimizeefficiency and profitability, as well as maintainingthe highest standards of quality. This isaccomplished through the thoroughunderstanding of our customer requirements,effective training, competent employees,communication, leadership and continuousimprovement of our products, processes and“Quality Management System.”
  19. 19. ISO/TS 16949:2002 Registered
  20. 20. Mission StatementOur mission is to be the leading manufacturer in the North American spring industry. We will achieve this through persistent sales efforts as well as the utilization of available technology and resources to provide solutions that meet or exceed the needs of our existing and prospective customers.