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  • 1. Technologically andGenetically EnhancedFoodsAmanda SvensonAshley StockmanBrandon Spreiter
  • 2. What the consumer wants• Better-for-you kind of food.• Reduced salt, sugar, fat.• Rather than being on a diet, to eat better and healthier.• ‘Farm to fork’, where food comes from.
  • 3. How the industry “replies”• Enhancing and promoting health benefits in foods.• Healthier food, consisting today of added nutrients, like Calcium, Vitamins, and Fiber.• Foods tailored for elderly needs, such as heart and muscle healthy foods.
  • 4. Technology• Self checkouts.• Smart phone apps, for ordering, preparing and gathering knowledge about food, and for coupons and restaurant ratings.• Cooking videos on YouTube, recipes on Twitter and Facebook, pictures on Instagram and Pinterest.• Tablets in restaurants as menus as well as entertainment and method of payment.• Screen dining
  • 5. Genetically Modified CropsHas been used in crops Future Modified Cropssince the 90’s • Will be for human• Not usually for human consumption consumption • Will be modified to be• Crops used in animal more nutritious feed or processed ingredients (corn, soybean)• Usually modified to tolerate herbicides and resistant to plant diseases
  • 6. Vertical FarmsWhat is a vertical farm? Advantages • Can be used in veryThe idea of the vertical farms urban areasis defined as a building with atleast two stories with crops • Eliminates longgrowing inside. distance transportation of goods • Uses very little land • No pests or disease • Can maximize crop potential
  • 7. Nanotechnology within Food• Researchers have begun • Scientists are still unsure trying to use the of the safety of Nano- particles to alter the particles within food taste and texture of food • Canola Active Oil uses• Nanotechnology could nano-particles to inhibit be particularly useful for “the transportation of creating diet-friendly cholesterol from the foods digestive system into the bloodstream• Particles can enhance the flavor and consistency of products without adding calories, sugar, or fat.
  • 8. Proposition 37Proposition 37 is a new law pertaining to the labeling ofproducts and food containing G.M.O’s, which is currentlytrying to be passed in California. What does this mean? • All foods will have to be labeled that contain G.M.O’s • Many big name organic brands contain G.M.O’s so this could hurt their sales because many of their consumers have firm beliefs of what they consider to be organic and what they put in their bodies • Would bring more business to organic restaurants because the labeling of G.M.O’s will separate true organic food from big commercial food products
  • 9. Video• _bg&feature=related