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Wireless Retailer Customer Case Study
Wireless Retailer Customer Case Study
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Wireless Retailer Customer Case Study


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  • 1. SPREDFAST RESULTS 97% social customer care response rate at a US wireless retail provider With heavy competition from bigger players, this US wireless retail provider could not afford to miss a single sales lead or lose an unhappy customer. Yet that’s exactly what was happening on social media, every day. Their small social media team (5-8 employees) just couldn’t keep up. CUSTOMER CHALLENGE SPREDFAST RESULTS Small, overwhelmed social team with no plans to add staff. A 5-8 person team averages 2,000+ social interactions per week Failing to respond to thousands of customer-care messages each day. Guess what? We have a 97% social customer care response rate! Wow, that’s an increase of 650% in 12 months! I know! Thanks, Spredfast!!! Failing to respond to sales opportunities generated on social media. Social sales leads grew 250% in 12 months BEFORE WITH SPREDFAST Optimized social efforts with Spredfast. The power to do more with less.
  • 2. SPREDFAST RESULTS Small social media team, huge opportunities missed. This US wireless retail provider’s social media team was struggling to respond to thousands of customer care messages received via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Most of the time, they were failing. And they were missing out on opportunities to respond to sales opportunities generated on social media — such as customers complaining about their competitors’ services. Using Spredfast, the client’s team was empowered to: COORDINATE Filter activity (an average of 2,000+ social interactions per week) across all social accounts for more efficient triage and response. ENGAGE Respond 1:1 to customer care issues within an average of 2.5 hours. LISTEN Use strategic listening to identify customers complaining about competition and respond. And because Spredfast is so targeted, they can just look for those comments in the areas they serve. MEASURE Analyze and compare performance to inform future programs and strategies. Learn more at | (888) 212-2216 | Copyright © 2013 Spredfast. All rights reserved.