See how Discover Financial increased customer care and loyalty


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Discover created a strong, engaged social community and proves there's a human behind the brand

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See how Discover Financial increased customer care and loyalty

  1. 1. Social Stories Laurie Blase Senior Social Media Associate Our goal is to fully listen to what the consumer is saying and provide a timely, meaningful solution.“ The Why: Social Goals To extend brand advocacy and enhance loyalty through connecting and engaging with cardmembers on social. The What: Social Strategy Discover leverages social channels to further deliver on the expectation of great customer service through around-the-clock monitoring and near real-time engagement with their social community. The How: Social Tactics • Great customer service isn’t only about resolving issues; it entails creating great experiences. Discover’s social team proactively engages with cardmembers on a personal level, proving there’s a human behind the brand. • Social never sleeps—Discover makes themselves available to chat and meet consumer needs seven days a week from 9 am ET to midnight ET via their corporate Twitter handle. • Discover creates engaging content that taps into cardmembers’ broader interests to stay top of mind as a valuable brand even when there isn’t a problem. For example, movie-loving customers enjoy the theater experience even more with a Cashback Bonus® when the purchase is made with their Discover card. • Establishing trust is at the core of strengthening customer relationships and building brand loyalty. Discover is committed to engaging with customers when a question needs answering, but they’re also committed to sharing their expertise on financial-related topics, such as the home buying process or student loans, to be the trusted partner customers need. Here’s a social story about embracing the voice of the customer to provide superior customer care from Discover, a direct banking and payment services company. A story from: “A Day in the Life of a Community Manager” blog post With the expertise of Discover’s (rock star) customer service team on my side, I am able to focus more of my time and attention on building our social community and fostering individual relationships with customers. “