The Spredfast Social Engagement                                            Index Benchmark Report                         ...
Engagement and InteractionsOn average, brands are receiving 1,985,000 interactions across all social channels             ...
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The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark Report


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Gain an at-a-glance view of our latest 30-page report detailing the state of corporate social programs. Download the full report at

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The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark Report

  1. 1. The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark Report The use of social media channels to drive business results continues to expand across companies. Brands are using social networks to connect with customers and prospects, engage with their audiences, and develop these relationships to acquire and convert in meaningful ways. The Social Engagement Index Benchmark Report looks at data from 154 companies that use Spredfast to engage internal resources (users and social accounts across multiple business groups) to build external engagement (network growth, audience interaction and social reach.) The result is a by-the-numbers look at the state of corporate social programs.The Social Engagement Index SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT INDEXBased on seven key social metrics, the 154 Spredfast customers sampled were 12categorized into three distinct segments with similar levels of internal and externalengagement: Activating, Expanding, and Proliferating. 10 ORGANIZATION ACTIVATING 8 EXPANDING PROLIFERATINGThe report details key findings on social structure and organization, publishing and 6activity, engagement and interaction, and reach and network size. Social segment 4averages are provided throughout to illustrate the distinct levels of engagement 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10across corporate social programs today. AUDIENCEStructure and OrganizationCompanies are activating an average of 11 groups across geographies, business USERS 29units and functions to expand social programs. Across these groups, an averageof 29 employees are managing an average of 51 social accounts on behalf of 53 MEAN Mean charted; Median =13their company from a centralized social media management system. (Range 4-317) ACTIVATING 29 EXPANDING 16 16Opportunity: Segment Groups and Users to Focus Efforts. PROLIFERATINGSocial Media is no longer the job of one person or team, activate the right Base: Total n=154internal individuals and teams to create valuable content for your socialnetwork.Publishing and Activity ACTIVITY BY CHANNELCompanies are publishing an average of 4,924 messages each quarter with some companiespublishing over 150,000 times per quarter. Companies are publishing three times as often on Twitter < 2% 24% 93 1484as on Facebook.Opportunity: Deliver More Quality Content.Take advantage of enhanced targeting capabilities to tailor massaging and deliver increasingly < 1% 47 74% 4508engaging, relevant content. The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark | @Spredfast |
  2. 2. Engagement and InteractionsOn average, brands are receiving 1,985,000 interactions across all social channels AVERAGE ENGAGEMENT BY ACTIVITYeach quarter. These interactions – Comments, Retweets, Likes, Clicks, etc. – 549prove message resonance and relationship intent with a brand. Engagement on FACEBOOKFacebook is nearly 10 times higher than engagement on Twitter. TWITTER 60 YOUTUBEOpportunity: Convert. LINKEDIN 12 4.1Clicks are the single largest form of engagement. Lead your social network tofurther information, calls to action, and points of sale.Reach and Network Size NETWORK SIZE BY CHANNELThe average social company has a network numbering 1.8 million people across Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The total number of potential people reached is even higher, < 2%as social activity by both the brand and its network results in over half a million social 24% 7K 183Kimpressions daily.Opportunity: Understand Social Network Utility.The average company is active on three social channels. Identify your audience on each 74% < 1% 1.6M 47channel and the types of content that resonate with them there. Social Engagement Summary The Social Engagement Index Report outlines the current state of internal and external engagement across social brands. Key takeaways highlighted in the report include: Technology is Playing a Leading Role SMMS Technology is allowing companies to manage social activity from a single, centralized location. It’s providing companies with the ability to organize social programs from the corporate level down to individual geographies and business units, while maintaining security and the ability to measure overall social performance. A Focus on Internal Orchestration Companies are working to coordinate social efforts—70% of activity is still published outside of a centralized location. The opportunity for greater oversight and coordination is only outweighed by the risk to brand reputation that exists with multiple, unchecked social presences. Implications from the Social Networks Social network API integration and development is constantly opening new doors for more strategic technology use, increasing companies’ ability to publish, activate new internal resources, and engage with their audiences in even more strategic, targeted ways. To dive deeper into the state of corporate social media programs and understand how brands are engaging internal resources to drive engagement with their audience via social, download the full report at The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark | @Spredfast |