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8 Proven Strategies for Social Business Success


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Based on the Spredfast Social Business Textbook, this presentation covers the 8 "subjects" social communicators need to ace to achieve social business success.

Based on the Spredfast Social Business Textbook, this presentation covers the 8 "subjects" social communicators need to ace to achieve social business success.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. 8 Proven Strategies for SocialBusiness Success#SFtextbook
    • 2. The Social Business Imperative#SFtextbook
    • 3. A Matter of Trust
    • 4. The 8 Challenges1. Listening2. Organization &Governance3. Social TeamOrchestration4. Measurement1. Creating Content2. Segmentation &Targeting3. Engagement andCommunity Building4. Paid/Owned/Earned#SFtextbook
    • 5. Brand Challenge:monitoring conversationstaking place across socialnetworks relevant to yourbrand#SFtextbook
    • 6. Social Listening Mandates1. Identifying pertinentconversations2. Cataloging conversationsfor future reference3. Adding and trackingdetails about socialcustomersCatalog the names, topics,and users relevant to yourbrandEstablish a system to keephistorical conversation historiesaccessibleDocument important types ofuser information and determinehow to capture and shareacross your team#SFtextbook
    • 7. Social Listening in ActionAnswer CustomerInquiriesInfluencepurchasing decisionAddress negativeexperiences#SFtextbook
    • 8. Brand Challenge:Establishing rules,guidelines, andprocedures to uphold andprotect brand activity insocial media#SFtextbook
    • 9. Social Governance Mandates1. Define business goals ofsocial and team implications2. Identify companycontributors3. Provide guidance andaccessDetermine which goals yoursocial program should achieveand which departments shouldparticipateMap out the ideal mix ofindividual social contributorsAssess and determine whatlevel(s) of account access andstrategic guidance are needed#SFtextbook
    • 10. Business impactfocused socialSocial organizationby locationSocial Governance in ActionTeam & departmentorganization#SFtextbook
    • 11. Brand Challenge:coordinatingbrand activity, contributors,and interaction on socialmedia channels#SFtextbook
    • 12. Social Orchestration Mandates1. Establishing guidelinespaths for publishing2. Determining necessaryworkflows and assignments3. Moderating conversationAudit and outline types ofcontent, contributors andapprovals for activityMap regular social activity tothe people responsible andongoing assignment needsOutline plan for prioritizing andescalating conversationresponses#SFtextbook
    • 13. Responding fromright contributorsOrchestrating fromcorporate to localSocial Orchestration in Action#SFtextbook
    • 14. Brand Challenge:collecting and measuringsocial metrics to assessbusiness impact of socialmedia programs#SFtextbook
    • 15. Social Measurement Mandates1. Tracking opt-in audience[network size]2. Measuring interactionsand engagement3. Defining and trackingconversionsIdentify your active networksand benchmark growth withregular cadence to assessDetermine the most common,and important, types of socialinteractions and plan to trackList out conversion activity goalsand how these can be trackedthrough analytics systems#SFtextbook
    • 16. Social Measurement in Action3,006Facebook: Shares74Instagram: Hearts24Twitter:Retweets#SFtextbook
    • 17. Brand Challenge:Creating and curatingcontent, or participating inconversation to fuel socialprogram activity andengagement#SFtextbook
    • 18. Social Content Mandates1. Creating relevant,valuable content2. Curating third-partycontent3. Participating in engagingconversationsAudit content your team shouldcreate on an ongoing basis anddevelop an editorial calendarIdentify relevant informationsources – news outlets, blogs,users, partners – and decidebest ways to curate and shareBrainstorm relevant andstrategic conversations where yourbrand can participate – self-startedand existing#SFtextbook
    • 19. Social Content in ActionCustom, engagingcontentCuratingcontentFuelingconversation#SFtextbook
    • 20. Brand Challenge:defining groups ofsimilar audience membersand directing specificactivity and/orconversations directlytowards these groups#SFtextbook
    • 21. Social Targeting Mandates1. Uncovering targetaudience clusters2. Targeting specificmessages to specificgroups3. Optimizing messagingused in targetingUtilize social metrics to identifyspecific audience groups withinsocial networksBuild “social profiles” and usethese to target messageswhen appropriateAssess how particular audiencesengage and optimize content toenhance likeability or sharability#SFtextbook
    • 22. Social Targeting in ActionLanguageLocation#SFtextbook
    • 23. Brand Challenge:creating and inspiringinteraction betweenyour brand and itssocial networks#SFtextbook
    • 24. 1. Understanding needsand wants of audience2. Planning ahead to leavetime for real-time engagement3. Ensuring reciprocity andresponseReview behaviors, activities andinteractions taken by your socialaudiencesAssign activity to editorial calendaraligned with audience preferencesand timely campaignsDetermine different opportunities toshare, react, and engage and set goalsfor eachSocial Engagement Mandates#SFtextbook
    • 25. Social Engagement In ActionGuidancethrough visualsCommunityconversationsAudience activityintegration#SFtextbook
    • 26. Brand Challenge:combining owned mediachannels with earnedaudience interactions andpaid advertising toincrease the impact ofsocial marketing#SFtextbook
    • 27. 1. Understanding bestowned and earned media touse across social2. Fueling socialengagement with paidoptions3. Converging Paid/ Owned/Earned for amplified resultsDetermine the top engaging brandcontent and organic publicinteractions than can be leveragedMatch your social goals withcorresponding paid advertising buys(network growth, interaction,conversion)Evaluate owned, earned and paidsocial options and map bestcombinations to drive desiredbusiness outcomePaid/Owned/Earned Mandates#SFtextbook
    • 28. P + O + EPaid/Owned/Earned in ActionPaid Ads withdirect CTAEarned mediainteractionsCompellingowned content#SFtextbook
    • 29. The Social Media Textbook45-Page GuideRequired reading for socialcommunications professionals#SFtextbook
    • 30. Stay in TouchWeb: www.spredfast.comEmail: info@spredfast.comTwitter:@Spredfast#SFtextbook