The Social Business Textbook


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Preview the 45-page Social Business Textbook to learn the eight major social business concepts covered in this in depth primer for social communications professionals. Preview the models and brand examples used to illustrate essential social business concepts and practices. Download the full Textbook at

The Social Business Textbook

  1. 1. The Social Business Textbook: Required Reading for Social Communications Professionals VOLUME 1 • SPREDFAST • FIRST EDITIONSocial business has emerged and accelerated intoa bona fide business practice at an incredible pace. Bytheir very nature, social media and thus social businessare constantly evolving and social practitioners mustsprint to keep up. And social is growing; brands now rely INTERNAL EXTERNAL BRAND ENGAGEMENT BRAND ENGAGEMENTon an average 29 employees to manage over 20,000daily interactions across 50 social accounts. 51 SOCIAL ACCOUNTS 1.8M TOTAL NETWORK SIZE 29 BRAND USERS 47M SOCIAL REACHWhile social media practitioners must continue to 1,641 ACTIVITIES/MONTH 666,667 INTERACTIONS/MONTHexpect and adapt to change, it is important to take noteof the lessons we have already learned and to bring 410 ACTIVITIES/WEEK 166,667 INTERACTIONS/WEEKnew members of growing social teams up to speed. Foran in-depth review of eight major social business concepts, complete with thorough explanations, textbookexamples, and thought-provoking questions that assess social media aptitude. Download the 45-page e-book:“Social Business Textbook: Required Reading for Social Communications Professionals.” The Social Business Textbook is filled with models to visualize CONCEPTS & social business concepts and brand examples to show each EXAMPLES concept in action. D E MO G R A PHIC S, I NT ER ES HI SOCIAL U TS , Paid SER ST OR NE AMPLIFICATION PR TW IC A C OR L IN ON OF KI TER N FO ILE VE Earned AC TI O RMAT S R S AT PEOPLE SOCIAL ION N S, R E L E VA N T IO N HIS BRAND AWARENESS GOALS LISTENING NG T N OT DISCOVER + INTENT OR CAPTURE S ES RI TO IE Owned O NI R E A L TI M E M CS PROPERTIES PERMISSIONS PI TO N TIO HAS ER SA H TAG S, K E Y W O R D S, C ONV BRAND EXPERIENCE The Social Business Textbook | @spredfast |
  2. 2. CORE The eight chapter Social Business Textbook covers essential subjects for social success, from social listening History to CURRICULUM the Chemistry of combining paid, owned, and earned media. History English Social Listening: Learn how concerted listening Creating Social Content: Learn how to create efforts focused on the people, conversations, and curate great content for social distribution and relevant activity about your brand can and how to converse with customers in yield valuable insights to understand past ways that create value for your network and events, inform current decisions, and improve achieve social business objectives. future outcomes. Government Social Studies Social Organization and Governance: Learn Segmentation & Targeting Social Audiences: how to combat brand anarchy by defining Learn how to segment audiences based on internal structure and ensuring the right rules demographic and technographic data provided and guidance are in place to protect both by social networks and how to target tailored the brand itself and the people behind the messages to individual segments. social activity. Music Student Council Orchestration: Learn how to orchestrate Social Engagement & Community: Learn multiple people having multiple conversations how to create meaningful experiences on across multiple accounts on behalf of your brand social channels that engage your audiences, by implementing work-flows, approval paths, inspire action, and build brand awareness and coordinated content distribution. and loyalty. Math Chemistry Measurement: Learn how to embrace social Paid/Owned/Earned: Learn how to combine media measurement to perform a goal-oriented owned assets with earned audience interactions analysis of your social program performance. and paid advertising options to optimize social business efforts. The Social Business TextbookReady to ace social business? REQUIRED READING FOR SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSIONALSDownload the 45-page Social Business Textbook foran in-depth review of key concepts, strategies forsuccess, and planning action items to get started! Volume 1 First Edition The Social Business Textbook | @spredfast |