Snackable Social Business Strategies: Social Engagement and Community


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Social media gives brands the opportunity to connect with—not just broadcast to—their audiences. Learn how to understand the needs of your audience, plan content and engage in real time, and create share-worthy experiences.

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Snackable Social Business Strategies: Social Engagement and Community

  1. 1. Snackable Social Business Strategies by Spredfast Lesson 4 of 8 Social Engagement & Community | Student Council Social media is rooted in the promise of connecting and engaging on a personal level. This engagement happens between friends, colleagues, and family, and increasingly, between consumers and brands. The opportunities for brands to connect with—not just broadcast to—their audiences are rich. This newfound ability to interact on a one-to-one level with consumers and to inspire broader participation is opening new doors. Happier customers, more informed target audiences, and a new group of brand advocates are on the other side. but so are small interactions and experiences that build Understand the interests and needs of your social over time. Bite-size activity and posts (pictures, snackable community multimedia and brief updates) are easier to share and more Before you engage as a brand, it is critical to understand easily consumed—making it easier to stay top of mind. your audience and their motivation for connecting with It also provides your network your brand on social channels. with ongoing, lightweight Do they want insider opportunities to connect and information? Customer engage with the brand. support? Deals? Harness existing knowledge about Create share-worthy your customers’ interests, experiences needs, and relationship to A key benefit of social engagement your brand and incorporate is that it creates one-one-many social insights such as - Cicero interactions. Sharing content that available demographic appeals to the emotions of your details, common engagement audience (happy, serious, funny, patterns, and other common thought-provoking, etc.) and evokes a response (such as a interests expressed in the social graph. Shape your like, retweet, comment, or share) results in the proliferation communication approach based on these insights so that of your message to that individual’s own social network. your message will resonate with your community. Since people tend to connect with others like themselves, tapping into the social networks of your existing fans and Enable real-time engagement through pre-planning followers is a great way to reach others that are likely to Responding, interacting and conversing in real-time are appreciate your content. powerful opportunities for brands to create awareness, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately build Respond to handraisers—the good, bad, and ugly lasting relationships. Proactively planning and scheduling When people take time to mention your brand, directly interesting brand activity and campaigns ensures a steady or indirectly, take the time to reach out and respond. This drumbeat of brand communication and leaves social teams provides proof that you are listening and are invested with more bandwidth and capabilities to monitor, interact, in their social experience. Acknowledging and offering and join existing conversations—rather than struggling to plan, do, and engage all in the same moment. assistance to complaints made on social can often turn a vocal brand detractor into an equally vocal brand promoter. But this isn’t just about responding to complaints or care Inspire lightweight interactions requests—simply acknowledging praise, or offering small, Similar to in-person relationships, not every social unexpected moments of delight can go a long way towards communication needs to be overwrought. Blog posts, building affinity and preference hearty content assets and big campaigns are compelling, “We were born to unite with our fellow men, and to join in community with the human race” | | @spredfast