Snackable Social Business Strategies: Creating Social Content


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Great content is the heart of social media. Learn about three key approaches to content: creation, curation, and conversation, and identify the right content mix for your brand.

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Snackable Social Business Strategies: Creating Social Content

  1. 1. Snackable Social Business Strategies by Spredfast Lesson 5 of 8 Creating Social Content | English From a 140 character tweet, to an Instagram photo, to a 1000 word blog post, great content is the heart of social media. Brands can think about content in three distinct categories - creation of new content, curation of existing content from brand or community activity, and conversations. A compelling mix of these three content categories creates a valuable experience for your network and achieves social business objectives. Create compelling social content with these individuals by shining a light on their Compelling content is the glue that holds brands’ social perspectives and builds community by introducing your networks together. Great content satisfies the desires of fans and followers to other interesting, relevant voices. your social community and supports the goals your brand And most likely, those same community members will be is looking to achieve on social. A social content strategy is more inclined to share your content in the future. not “one-size-fits-all”. Existing content used in other Converse and engage with communications channels your audience can help jump-start content Social networks were created to planning, but it shouldn’t foster more personal, connected be a copy-paste operation. relationships online. Smart brands Different types of content converse with users in the same inspire different audience way they would in a face-to-face responses and social dialogue. Starting conversations actions. Snackable, short directly from your brand is part of - Benjamin Franklin content and multimedia is this, but so is finding and joining often ideal for engagement existing conversation threads and sharing, whereas longer, taking place amongst your broader more in-depth content can raise your brand’s profile as social community. Assessing conversations your brand an industry expert and build trust for later consideration. wants to begin and assessing which existing dialogues you can enter and add value to, are core components of a Curate valuable content from other channels and users comprehensive content strategy. One-sided relationships rarely prosper, and as a brand, that means you shouldn’t exclusively share content about Define and balance the social content mix your products, services, and company. Sourcing and The framework for a brand’s social content can vary. sharing content from your broader community—fans, Define your business objectives and your audiences industry experts, news sources, and partners—ensures needs. Then, take the steps to determine the mix you are staying relevant and consistently delivering between created, curated and conversation-based value. Sharing content from others builds relationships content to satisfy both priorities. “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing” | | @spredfast