Snackable Social Business Strategies by Spredfast

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Paid/Owned/Earned | Chemistry
Brands have many ways to r...
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Snackable Social Business Strategies: Paid/Owned/Earned


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The integration of paid, owned, and earned media on social channels can increase reach and awareness for your brand. Learn how to surface great content for promotion and use paid promotion to raise awareness and drive action.

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Snackable Social Business Strategies: Paid/Owned/Earned

  1. 1. Snackable Social Business Strategies by Spredfast Lesson 8 of 8 Paid/Owned/Earned | Chemistry Brands have many ways to reach customers through social communication. Owned content can be published on social channels and earned media is born from the engagement of network members with this content and through conversations they begin with your brand. And like other communication channels, paid efforts can be integrated into this mix to bolster both. The result is a higher level of reach and awareness and the integration of paid social efforts allows all three media types to unify for greater impact. to attract, these paid options can aid in building a social Determine which owned and earned content are community comprised of highly relevant individuals. candidates for paid Some of your owned and earned media is capable Leverage paid social ads to raise awareness and drive of having a much larger, more impactful shelf life action beyond the time of initial posting. Status updates and Whether your brand’s social program is in an early growth social campaign content may be interesting for days or or established maturation phase, paid advertisements weeks. Comments and feedback from your community on social networks are introducing engaging and costmay be worthy of sharing at a later time or with a effective options to drive meaningful action. As opposed to broader set of Fans or Followers. And the mountains many other digital ads, those on of branded content used on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn other communication channels present unprecedented may also be relevant to your network when repurposed for options to target users based on granular interests and social channels. Mapping and - Aristotle assessing which of these media activity. Business goals such as types is worthy of receiving driving event registration, sale paid amplification helps build a of products, or collecting user scalable framework from which your brand can integrate information through value-based content for download and pay to extend reach and conversion of valuable can be more personalized than ever before. social activity. Prioritize owned content to promote social posts Embrace paid social options to grow your opt-in Owned social content has a finite lifetime and can be easily missed in a user’s newsfeed based on volume of other network activity and time of day. Promoted social content extends For brands, social networks have become a critical the option for brands to better control the fate of who channel for customers, prospects, and brand advocates to opt-in to communication. The size of these networks sees any given social post. Guided by audience targeting, is important, but the composition is even more critical. promoting social posts ensures that the ideal audience is Paid options such as Sponsored Stories on Facebook exposed to your brand’s compelling content. Identifying timely posts to “juice”, or past posts that attracted high or Promoted Accounts on Twitter now give brands levels of engagement, can uncover promotion candidates the power to attract and target the most interesting, and enable your brand to extend its reach and relevance brand relevant users. By specifying the demographics, across social media. interests, and activities of audiences your brand wants “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” | | @spredfast