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Spruce up Your Social with Content
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Spruce up Your Social with Content


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In this presentation dive into best practices and real world examples of creating and utilizing content in social media with ideas from Ellen Westcott of Spredfast, Jason Falls of Social Media …

In this presentation dive into best practices and real world examples of creating and utilizing content in social media with ideas from Ellen Westcott of Spredfast, Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer and Kristen Sussman of Social Distillery.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • The campaign was created with the goal of achieving increased sales and market share through word-of-mouth marketing. We presented multiple strategic concepts (that have now been implemented), incorporating press releases, banner ads, remarketing, blogger outreach, social media communications (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), and social media advertising (Facebook & LinkedIn). We designed the contest to award both the person who was nominated for the intervention and the nominator, to motivate involvement. We made the contest interactive, where someone could nominate their friend, husband, boss, etc. through filling out a web form which created an e-mail alert for the person nominated. The web form collected e-mail information and built the consumer database for e-mail marketing. The e-mails sent to nominees were tailored to the individual nominated. Facebook Page tabs were designed to promote the contest.
  • When you look to #SocialSpruce your social media efforts this spring, consider new ways that you can more effectively and relevantly reach your influencers and advocates. I just love this info graphic I came across on SlideShare. For
  • After the Timeline rolled out there were some differing opinions as to whether the new Timeline for Brands actually inhibited more engagement. It is my belief that having a more visual story like display of content does indeed create the opportunity for increased engagement. But two things to note here, include 1) you need to be agile enough to make a decision as to whether you want to adopt a new channel or adopt the new Timeline look in this instance, and if you can maintain this agility, you’ll be able to reap the benefits as they are happening. Rememebr, that social media is real-time and I’m sure that I don’t need to point out that this industry is fat-moving and always changing. 2) So second I want to mention make sure that you have a team in place to make educated decisions regarding your social media presence. And make sure that they are truly empowered. I’ll repeat that, truly empowered. Too often I speak to executives and management who just don’t understand the value of social and tehrefore do not empower their staff to reap the benefits and it’s a real shame to see.
  • Beyond sharing content with relevant friends, family, and business colleagues, you’ll want to create a location that your team can stay up-to-date with companywide happenings. Working with a local deals
  • Take the time to perform a conversation analysis. In this example we performed market research to determine consumer response to a new product launch, a popular U.S. fast food restaurant’s introduction of a new menu item
  • Transcript

    • 1. Creating and Using GreatSocial ContentSpruce up Your Social Webinar Series
    • 2. Today’s Presenters Jason Falls CEO Social Media Explorer @JasonFalls Ellen Westcott Social Business Strategist Spredfast @EllenBWestcott Kristen Sussman President Social Distillery @KrisSuss#SocialSpruce
    • 3. Best Practices in Creating andUtilizing Social Content
    • 4. What is content? • Website • Blog • Tweets, Posts, Blahs Content • Newsletters • Consumer-Centric • Advertisements • Business-Aware • Direct Mail • Annual Reports#SocialSpruce
    • 5. Building a content blueprint • Who are they? Audience • What do they like? • What can you provide? Content • What will engage your audience? • Where is your audience? Channel • What qualities effect how you communicate? • Are you trying to inform? Purpose • Are you trying to entertain? • What action do you want them to Point take?#SocialSpruce
    • 6. The blueprint • You know their make up Audience • You know what they would find useful Content • You know where they can be found Channel • You know generally your aim with Purpose content • You know your calls to action Point#SocialSpruce
    • 7. Customer retention Customer (Audience) Email Facebook Twitter IssuesPromote Events, Features Attendance, Conversions Product Feedback Comments, Ideas, Insights Customer Service/Engagement handled, ReTweets, Customers engaged Blog Direct Use & Excuse Posts, Comments, Click-Thrus, Sales Surprise & Delight Track use of coupons/items, Feedback (Upsell)#SocialSpruce
    • 8. How do you measure?#SocialSpruce
    • 9. How do you measure? • Audience • Public • Purpose • Present Product or Service • Call-To-Action • Buy/Download/Subscribe Website#SocialSpruce
    • 10. How do you measure? • Audience • Qualified Public • Purpose • Establish Authority Organic Push Rank Well in SERPs • Call-To-Action • Subscribe/Join/Buy/Downl oad/Share/Link Blog#SocialSpruce
    • 11. How do you measure? • Audience • Purchase-Ready Qualified Leads • Purpose • Drive Sales Drive Leads Build Awareness* • Call-To-Action • Buy/Call Online Media/PPC Advertising#SocialSpruce
    • 12. How do you measure? • Audience • Interested Public • Engage/Humanize • Purpose Organic Push Customer Retention • Call-To-Action • Respond/Comment Buy/Call Provide Feedback Participate for Rewards Facebook#SocialSpruce
    • 13. A resource …
    • 14. The Key To It All! • Set Goals • Translate To CTAs • Measure That • Trend/Track other PIs • But don’t get distracted#SocialSpruce
    • 15. Identifying Content Trendsand Measuring Performance
    • 16. “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.”#SocialSpruce
    • 17. Brand story as the baseline#SocialSpruce
    • 18. Owning your space#SocialSpruce
    • 19. Mapping metrics to goals 1. Brand Awareness 2. Reputation Management 3. Improved Customer Service 1. Driving Sales & Leads 1. Building/Nurturing Advocacy#SocialSpruce
    • 20. What content is working? Likes Replies Views Likes Views Comments Retweets Comments Comments Comments Shares Mentions Favorites Clicks Link love Clicks Favorites Clicks Clicks#SocialSpruce
    • 21. Different types of content#SocialSpruce
    • 22. Different types of rich media#SocialSpruce
    • 23. Owned vs. third-party#SocialSpruce
    • 24. An optimized content calendar#SocialSpruce
    • 25. “There’s no amount of technology that can make bad content good, but technology can make good content great.” - Kristin Frank, SVP Digital at MTV and VH1#SocialSpruce
    • 26. Insights from the field
    • 27. …Insights from the field:6 Requirements for achieving Social Success 1. Reach & Relevancy 4. Embrace Change 2. Creative Story-telling 5. Create a Plan 3. Tactical Implementation 6. Learned Insights#SocialSpruce
    • 28. #1 Reach & Relevancy • Create content that resonates with your community • Know your community & who/what is relevant to them • Use proactive & reactive engagement to increase reach#SocialSpruce
    • 29. #2 Creative Story-telling• Use creativity to tell your company or product story• Maximize your marketing impact through various online touch points• Enable extended impact by repurposing useful content collected during the campaign#SocialSpruce
    • 30. #3 Tactical Implementation • Once you’ve created great content, share & repurpose it in as many relevant locations as possible • Keep social channels consistent with companywide communications & overall business objectives#SocialSpruce
    • 31. #4 Embrace ChangePinterest is now the Pinterest drives3RD MOST POPULAR MORE REFERRAL social network TRAFFIC In the U.S. behind than Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter. YouTube combined.#SocialSpruce
    • 32. #5 Create A Plan • An editorial calendar ensures appropriate publishing cadence • A shared calendar enables consistent messaging, with more impactful promotions#SocialSpruce
    • 33. #6 Learned Insights • Use collected data to enable new insights • Turn insights into shareable content#SocialSpruce
    • 34. Thanks!Jason Falls Ellen Westcott Kristen@JasonFalls @ellenbwestcott Sussman @KrisSuss
    • 35. Contact from today’s presentation can befound at Thanks for joining us!