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Spredfast Kenshoo Solution Overview
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Spredfast Kenshoo Solution Overview


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  • 1. SOLUTION OVERVIEW Maximize Conversions by Bringing Owned Insights to Paid Promotions Make the most of your ad spend with insights from Spredfast. Most web-savvy brands understand the need for synergy between their paid, owned, and earned media efforts. However, within their digital-marketing departments, the social media teams often work in one silo, while the paid-media teams are in another. Without visibility and coordination among these teams, brands miss out on the performance insights that can help them optimize their paid-media spend and yield better results overall. HIGHER VISIBILITY AND COORDINATION BETWEEN PAID AND OWNED MEDIA For organizations that use Spredfast and Kenshoo technologies, the silo era is over. We’ve integrated Kenshoo technology into the Spredfast SMMS platform, making it easy for joint customers to share insights and collaborate in real time — so you can make your cross-channel marketing initiatives more successful than ever. MORE EFFECTIVE AD SPENDING Spredfast | Kenshoo Integration at a Glance HIGHER CONVERSIONS VIA INFORMED DECISIONS SPREDFAST & KENSHOO HELP BRANDS BRING IT ALL TOGETHER FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS. MEASURE OWNED PERFORMANCE Get a holistic view of your owned content’s performance. Use comparative analytics to pinpoint effective posts that attracts and engage your target audience. Then use these insights to make your paid campaigns more successful. MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS Use owned performance insights to create paid promotions from high-performing posts. With automatic Kenshoo link tagging on posts published through Spredfast, you get greater insight and your digital-marketing and social teams can collaborate more effectively. IMPROVE PAID PERFORMANCE Compare conversions and sales from owned and paid content. Use those insights to improve future campaigns, boost conversion rates, and optimize the balance of paid and owned content for your business. This approach allows you to effectively leverage your owned content while maximizing the impact of your paid media. Let’s Get Started Spredfast helps many of the world’s greatest brands build their social presence. Kenshoo delivers best-in-class solutions for creating ads on social and across the web. With Kenshoo and Spredfast SMMS, you can gain new levels of visibility and coordination between owned and paid media — and achieve maximum results. Ready to bridge the gap between paid and owned media? Contact to get started today. 200 W. Cesar Chavez St | Austin, TX 78701 | (888) 212-2216 | Copyright © 2013 Spredfast. All rights reserved.