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Is a social media command center right for you? In this presentation Spredfast's Austin Lytle takes you through how social media command centers are forging principles that you can take back and utilize for your next event.

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  • Social:IRL Kansas Slides

    1. 1. Do I really need a social mediacommand center?Austin LytleSocial Business
    2. 2. Do I really need a spaceship?
    3. 3. What To Expect I. What is a social “Command Center”? I. Preparation for an event I. Action items during and event I. Following up with the best of them II. QA#socialirl
    4. 4. Command For Events Seriously Social Command For Sales Message Control Command #socialirl
    5. 5. Preparing To Go Key Performance Indicators Organize Reach Team/roles Engagement rates What to listen for Activity Hardware Business Objectives Types of engagement Software Influencer/attendee information Relevant influencers Find attendees Build buzz#socialirl
    6. 6. Example: Super Bowl XLVI Large, organized command center Handle Visitor Needs Super Connected Grew Reach to 48K 1 Million daily impressions Highly visible 1748 Videos 4500 Kiosk interactions Response every 2 minutes
    7. 7. Action Items While Underway Scheduled Content Event plans Contests Keynote quotes Unscheduled Content Room changes News Quotes from speakers Listen #/Keyword Check In Situations Engage RT’s, mentions, shout-outs Images Join the conversation#socialirl
    8. 8. Spredfast at Social:IRL Our Goals • Increase reach • Engagement • Brand Awareness Activity Listening • #Socialirl • Search Running reports#socialirl
    9. 9. Follow Up Like A Champ Follow Up Reports and Deeper Analytics Event Recap KPI’s Follow up Richness of Continue to reach monitor#socialirl
    10. 10. Spredfast at WOMMA 5 person team Objectives • Brand Awareness • Lead Generation • Industry Insights The plan • Contests • Listen to engage • Aggressive follow up Results • 110+ Qualified leads#socialirl
    11. 11. Serious Business 1.8 Million Conferences* 205 Million Attendees* $263 Billion Industry* Serious, on a Smaller Scale Serious Results Increased reach Not every event requires Increased traffic massive infrastructure Increased engagement Every event deserves Increased brand some principles awareness#socialirl Increased lead generation •
    12. 12. Let’s Connect Think about what objectives you want out of your next event SXSWi in Austin QA @spredfast Additional Resources command-center-scores-winning-t command-center-scores-winning-t @Austinlytle |
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