Social Media Masters Summit - Measuring and Building Brand Engagement


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Presentation given by Spredfast' Jordan Slabaugh at the 2012 Chicago Social Media Masters Summit covering the 2012 Social Engagement Benchmark results and how to use these for a framework for measuring brand engagement.

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  • >100 million impressions over a month
  • Social Media Masters Summit - Measuring and Building Brand Engagement

    1. 1. Improving Social Brand Engagement Jordan Slabaugh Director of Social Media Spredfast@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    2. 2. About SpredfastSaaS software companyFounded 2009HQ in Austin, TX100 employees250+ customersSocial media managementsystem for enterprises and theagencies that support them@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    3. 3. The Common Thread?• By EOY more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies will "actively engage" customers with Facebook marketing - up 20% from 4th Q 2011 (Gartner)• 17% of customers have used social in past year to get customer service response (American express 2012 customer barometer)• Customers who engage with companies over social spend 20 to 40% more money with this customers than other customers (Balin and Company report)@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    4. 4. Engagement: The Name of the Social Game@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    5. 5. Engagement: Internal vs External People Connections active across social for your (social “opt-ins”) company Interactions Groups from social community, social active across social customers Messages published Potential reach from your company from social messages@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    6. 6. Quiz Time1. How many people are active on social for your company?2. How many distinct groups (department, geographies, brands) are included?3. Over the past week, how many messages has your company published in social?4. How many connections does your company have across social channels?5. How many interactions does your brand receive weekly from social connections?6. How many people are you “reaching” through social weekly?@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    7. 7. Internal: PeopleHow many people across the company are you enabling to spread messaging and interactions across the social web?@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    8. 8. Engaging People Internally• Social is a Individuals business-wide effort. Subject Matter Experts• Think outside Regional of the Social Media and Community Managers. Corporate/Social@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    9. 9. Engaging People Internally Aramark: Whole Foods:engaging employees where they work Hub and metro-spoke model@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    10. 10. Internal: Groups How are you incorporating more aspects of the business and areas of expertise in social programs?@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    11. 11. Engaging Different Groups Segmenting communication across the brands, products and specific conversations that matter to customers@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    12. 12. Internal: Messages & ContentHow often is your company publishing content and responding to relevant social conversations? Daily= 55, Weekly= 383@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    13. 13. Internal Content and MessagingUser Input/Ideas Incentives Exclusive Content@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    14. 14. External: Network Size How many social users are a part of your “opt-in” social networks and presences?@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    15. 15. External Network Size The larger network size, the more “opt-in” members a brand has to share messages, inspire action and eventually convert or cultivate into brand advocates.@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    16. 16. External: Social Interactions How often are your social community members actually interacting with you, your content or your company? Daily= 22,222, Weekly= 155,555@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    17. 17. External Social InteractionsInspiring Shares & WOM Helping with Issues Acknowledge & Delight @ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    18. 18. External: Social Reach How many potential impressions are you achieving through social publishing and interactions?@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    19. 19. External Social Reach Network Size + Audience Engagement@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    20. 20. How do you stack up?@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    21. 21. 6 Key Opportunities to Take Advantage of Today1. Delivering more, quality content.2. Uncover contextual learnings.3. Understand social network utility.4. Segment groups and users to focus efforts.5. Coordinate across teams.6. Don’t forget the opportunity to convert.@ Speaker Twitter Company Logo
    22. 22. Thank you! Jordan Slabaugh Director of Social Media Spredfast @JordanV | @Spredfast Speaker Twitter Company Logo