Measuring the Impact of Social Engagement- Social Prep School Series

Measuring the Impact of Social Engagement- Social Prep School Series



Engagement comes in all forms and facets. In this session, learn what and how brands should be measuring social engagement to show impact. ...

Engagement comes in all forms and facets. In this session, learn what and how brands should be measuring social engagement to show impact.

Hear from AT&T and Spredfast on what types of interactions matter, how to measure them and how these can be used to illustrate impact and results across your social programs.



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  • Tweet us questions using #SocialPrephashtag or sending in questions to the chat boxSlides will be on Slideshare after the presentation and you’ll receive an email with an on-demand version and new tipsheet.
  • -Number from Alitmeter on a recent reportStill a lot of companies struggling with the concept of showing success on social-Social ROI is not the holy grail, definitely attainable
  • -Companies just a few years ago didn’t have social. Digital marketing was measured by website traffic and SEOWhen company pages began, we were in the infancy of measuring. Companies we’re doing good to have a page setup. They would look at metrics like how many followers they had because it was really the only metric there was. And the growth was completely organic.We’re now in the social ROI stage. I think next year is when companies will really start tying their social to measurable business goals and fully integrating social into the business. We now know that we are able to show success on social if you determine your goals ahead of time.
  • Need to tie social to actual business goals you already have. If you’re a marketer, these are probably already goals you have in your companyEach of these goals have separate but similar KPIs tied to them to show success. Figure out ahead of time what you’re tying to accomplish with social. You may have all 4 of these goals which is a good thing.Once you’ve figured out what your goals are, and the metrics associated with them, you can start to show success and ROI in social.
  • So this is a marketing funnel I’m sure most of us have seen before. But this funnel can relate to social media as well.When you think about social media, you have to consider all different parts of the funnel, because they’re all important.At the top are your impressions and reach. It’s important to build your community and also pay to promote content on social channels. This increases the eyeballs on your content which makes the top of the funnel larger and can lead to more conversion. This is where your brand awareness goal falls.Next you think about people who are engaging with and sharing your content. These are people that may be interested, but haven’t necessarily converted yet. This is the community goal from the previous slide.Finally we have actual conversions. This can mean different things for different companies. Maybe you’re a B2C company and consider conversion when someone buys something from your website. For a B2B company, this could mean someone filling out a form to receive a whitepaper, or attend a webinar.
  • So let’s look at some of the metrics tied with some of these different goals and parts of the funnel.At the top of the funnel, with the brand awareness goal you can measure things like how many social followers you have, what your total reach and impressions are, including across networks and ads, visits and views of your website, and share of voice.Next in your engagement part of the funnel, or your community goal you can look at engagement metrics like comments, likes, shares, mentions, and building brand advocates.Finally in your conversion or lead generation you can track things like if you capture their lead info, a closed opportunity for a B2B company, or a sale for a B2C company.
  • So I want to dive a little more into lead generation. Our last two webinars were on brand awareness and community, so check those out if you want a little more. I think that measuring lead generation is something a lot of companies still struggle with.To support my goal of lead generation, I worked to grow our FB and Twitter channels paid and organically. This gave us a larger top of funnel which could lead to more conversion. I’ve been doing social lead generation for about 8 months now. We’ve seen 3% of our net new leads come from social media. This may not sound like a lot, but when you consider it’s from 10s of thousands of leads, and I received these net new leads in our database by posting to social sites, it makes a difference.Another thing to note is that 70% of these social leads were from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great channel if you’re B2B, so if you’re not already taking advantage of that you should be.
  • Now that you’ve seen what the journey might look like for a lead or prospect, let’s look at what it looks like on the backend. It is so important to set up your business systems that already exist It’s important to figure out what the final goal looks like in your company, and work backwards. For us, that’s a closed won opportunity in SFDC. Because we’ve set our systems up, I’m able to tie a tweet to a closed won opportunity in SFDC.Spredfast GA  Marketo  SFDC
  • So in order to accomplish all of the goals we’ve discussed today, you need to think about how you can include paid owned, and earned media. You need a mix of all 3 of these to really see good results. Once again think about social like you do other parts of your company. You are already using paid, owned and earned in your digital and avertising, make sure you incorporate it into social as well.This image helps bring home the concept of converged media a little better. This is from a report that Altimeter analyst Rebecca Lieb and Jeremiah Owyang reported on and Rebecca actually spoke about this at our customer summit this year.
  • - Finally a quote to leave you with about the importance of paid, owned, and earned media.

Measuring the Impact of Social Engagement- Social Prep School Series Measuring the Impact of Social Engagement- Social Prep School Series Presentation Transcript

  • Measuring Social EngagementImpactSocial Prep School Series#SocialPrep
  • Today’s PresentersJennifer McNabb Colin BurnsSocial Marketing Senior Manager, DigitalManager and Social MediaSpredfast AT&T@Jmc409 @TheCBurns@Spredfast @ATT
  • Social ROI: Is it The Holy Grail? 75% of companies still lack a holistic measurement strategy - Social Media ROI Cookbook, Altimeter#SocialPrep
  • Evolution of Social Measurement Social Social ROI Audience  Brand Awareness  Community No Social  Lead Generation  Setup Social  Customer Care Accounts  Track Followers  Website  Organic Growth  SEO & SEM  No Social Presence#SocialPrep
  • Connecting Social to Business Outcomes Start with Business Goals Brand Communit Awarenes y s Lead Customer Generatio Care n #SocialPrep
  • Social Marketing Funnel#SocialPrep
  • Ways to Measure Success Engagement • Social Followers • Capture lead info • Total Reach • Closed opportunity • Comments • Website • B2C sale • Likes • Share of voice • Shares, RT • Mentions Impressions Conversions#SocialPrep
  • Example: Social Lead Generation Network growth Brand • 169% growth on Twitter Community Awareness • 265% growth on Facebook • Paid & Organic Lead Customer Generation Care 3% of our total leads in the last 8 months were from social were from LinkedIn • 70%#SocialPrep
  • Social Lead Generation: How It Works Update - Post Landing Page Sales Opportuntity Marketing Lead#SocialPrep
  • Journey of a Single Social LeadSpredfast GooglePublishing Analytics Marketo SFD C #SocialPrep
  • Three Types of Media Drive ROI#SocialPrep Source: “The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Must Combine Paid, Owned, and Earned Media” Altimeter
  • The goal is simply to find the “right” media, be it paid, owned or earned, along this highly dynamic customer journey. Brands are challenged to intercept this elusive customer and cut through the media clutter. - The Converged Media Imperative, Altimeter Group#SocialPrep
  • 7 Social Promotion Rules to Live By Define a strategy Include a call to action Use power words to keep it interesting Keep it retweetable Tag early, tag often (people, companies, events) Always include a link or multimedia Embrace the channel#SocialPrep
  • Using Data to Drive Strategy Colin Burns, Sr. Manager of Digital & Social Media AT&T#SocialPrep
  • The AT&T Social Universe AT&T Social Media Channels LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google + YouTube Newsroom Advocates Instagram foursquare Organizing and sharing Share just the Advocacy, Gamification, Connect people, interests right things with Video content Ambassadorshi Social Short, real time Your life in reward seekers, Their places and visually. just the right search engine p, Gamification of networking for news streaming n/a photos, better, real world, Purpose things thru Curated, theme- audience. with high share Reinforcement social good. professionals feed. faster. pierce thru storytelling. based Googles social thru. of Belief, social veil aspirations. Life layer. Reward cycle driven. Create and Disperse maintain a information conversational Inspire IWYD in Lead the about AT&T Social Aquiring talent, relationship a highly visual innovation Owned branded Creative Our Purpose products, syndication and Awarness for Incentivize thought with our way through conversation content Disseminator of content outlet. on Their services, news positive key AT&T CSR repeat visits, leadership, lead customers.Tell aspirational around our distribution, AT&T news. Later: Inspire Channel and amplification of initiatives. drive traffic. generation. the AT&T brand lifecycle driven products and video hoster. IWYD via UGC relationships in brand. story in an content. services. a timely inherently fashion. shareable way. Ultimate Earned Check-In, Deal Apply Share RT/Favorite Repin Click Thru Embed Story Creation Donation Like/Comment Metric Impressions Redemption 18-34 M/F, Their Working 54% Females Females Media educated, n/a Everyone n/a tbd tbd Audience Professionals 46% Males Average Age 29 Personnel affluent Voice Be Human. Be Inspiring. Be Helpful. Be Timely. Encourage Participation. Celebrate Rethink Possible. Tone "Its What You Do With What We Do." All content must be inherently shareable 3rd party 3rd party content, our Products, content, our 3rd party Marketing products/servic Marketing services, CSR, products/servic Devices, content, our partner content, Products, es, CSR, news, partner content, news, es, CSR, news, Support, products/servic lifestyle device Services, community, lifestyle device Employee marketing community, Community, Sponsorships, Appropriate es, CSR, news, images, Governance, topical, value images, communication partner content, topical, value Network, store news,AT&T Content community, inspirational CSR, Investor proposition, CSR inspirational s, B2B, community, proposition, Commercials, local events, Types topical, value content that Relations, promotion, content that recruiting topical, value promotion, Contests, U- wifi mapping. proposition, leads back to Shareholders, local. Needs to leads back to proposition, local. Needs verse, Special promotion, products and Industry News. be framed products and promotion, stronger Campaigns. local. services. within the services. local. tech/innovation users likes and angle. interests.#SocialPrep
  • Defined “Ultimate Metric” Facebook: Share Twitter: ReTweet Google+: +1 Pinterest: Repin Instagram: Heart#SocialPrep
  • Using Spredfast Data Problem: We’re a PR organization and we like to write a lot. Test: An increase in Facebook copy decreases engagement (and ultimately Reach) • Analyzed 45 “Coupon and Offer” posts • Status lengths ranged from 417 characters to 82.#SocialPrep
  • Comments per Character 1.80 168 characters 1.60 1.40 % of 420 characters used 1.20 231 characters 1.00 Char Usage of 420 0.80 Comments Per Character 0.60 0.40 0.20 0.00 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 Individual Post#SocialPrep
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  • Clicks per Character 1.20 1.00 % Character Use of 420 0.80 0.60 175 characters Char Usage of 420 CPC 0-28 0.40 129 characters 0.20 0.00 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 Individual Post#SocialPrep
  • Reach per Character 3000 2500 2000 Reach 1500 Status Length Impressions Per Character 1000 159 characters 500 202 characters 0 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 Individual Post#SocialPrep
  • Juicing Social Content Goal: Increase discoverability of our content and positive third-party content through: • Search Engine Marketing • YouTube Search • Facebook Ads • Twitter Promoted Tweets • Syndicated content#SocialPrep
  • Paid: Driving to PR#SocialPrep
  • The Metrics View AT&T Social Media Channels Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google + YouTube Newsroom Advocates Instagram Earned Ultimate Metric Share Retweet Repin Click Thru/+1 Embed Page Views Heart Impressions Content Share Metrics Content Likes RT Impressions Repin Audience Clicks to Owned Views Views Followers Ratio Photos Reach Clicks to Owned Clicks to Owned CTR to Owned Subscribers Top articles Reach of Shares uploaded Hearts per Fans CTR to Owned Brand Followers Clicks to Earned Top Videos Link back Total Shares photo Engagement off Clicks to Owned Clicks to Earned Board Followers CTR to Earned Top Photos Shares Growth rate of CTR to Owned CTR to Earned Top Pins Plus 1s user base Pieces of Content Followers Followers Published Engagement Rate Favorites Top Posts Clicks to Earned Top Tweets Comments on Brand Mentions Posts Reactive Wall Posts Sentiment Measurement Positive Engagement Top Posts (RT, Like, Favorite)#SocialPrep
  • Thanks!Jennifer McNabb Colin BurnsSocial Marketing Senior Manager, DigitalManager and Social MediaSpredfast AT&T@Jmc409 @TheCBurns@Spredfast @ATT
  • Contact us @Spredfast Slides from today’s presentation can be found at Thanks for joining us!#SocialPrep