Marketing Your Brand on Google+


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Marketing Your Brand on Google+

  1. 1. Marketing Your Brand on Google+Expand Your Reach Like Never Before#SFGplus
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Jamie Herther Shoma Thomas Desair Brown Global Social Sales Product Marketing Reader Advocacy Editor Google+ Spredfast USA Today @shoma617 @desairbrown#SFGplus
  3. 3. Google+: The Strategic Vision#SFGplus
  4. 4. A global community, with growing engagement 500M 400M 250M 500M 135M 170M 235M Google+ Users 30 day stream Taking social actions actives across Google 90M 40M 10M 0 June July October January 2012 April June September December Google Confidential and Proprietary 4#SFGplus
  5. 5. Identity Relationships Sharing and Recommendations#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 5
  6. 6. Google+ aims to make all of your Google experiences better Search Video Mobile Display Offers Local +People +Relationships +Sharing +Recommendations Google Confidential and Proprietary 6#SFGplus
  7. 7. How is Google+ creating value for businesses?Better Deeper Marketing MeasurableDiscovery engagement performance impact across the web Google Confidential and Proprietary 7#SFGplus
  8. 8. BetterDiscovery Socially inspired brand awareness Google Confidential and Proprietary 8#SFGplus
  9. 9. Better DiscoveryGoogle+ enables brand discoverability Surfacing your Google+ Page Users can click through to your Page, right from the search results page Real-time content If you post frequently on Google+, users may see your most recent post right in search Google+ Posts in Search Your followers may see content you’ve posted on your Page when it’s relevant to their search terms Google Confidential and Proprietary 9#SFGplus
  10. 10. Better Discovery Google Confidential and Proprietary 10#SFGplus
  11. 11. Surfacing Google+ posts on the go, exactly when you need it#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 11
  12. 12. Surfacing Google+ posts on the go, exactly when you need it#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 12
  13. 13. Surfacing Google+ posts on the go, exactly when you need it#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 13
  14. 14. Better DiscoverySharing videos in Google+, drives social discovery in YouTube Google Confidential and Proprietary 14#SFGplus
  15. 15. Deeperengagement A new breed of brand engagement Google Confidential and Proprietary 15#SFGplus
  16. 16. National Geographic engages its followers with photographers, explorers & Hangouts on Google+ Goal • Create a global community of followers passionate about the environment, geography and exploration • Utilize the Google+ platform to share inspiring photography by journalists and members Execution • Post frequently to their +Page, including visually stimulating photos and videos • Enabled Social Extensions • Hosted a seven continent HOA to celebrate their 125th anniversary • Created a National Geographic Exploration Community Results • High user engagement as seen through +1’s, comments and shares of posts • Higher CTR, lower CPC & CPA when displaying social connections in search ads* “We’re not broadcasting at our followers, but bringing them along for the ride. That intimacy is definitely something we love about Google+” • 2.2M +page followers, 33K community members - Mark Bauman, Senior Vice President, National Geographic • 22K hangout views, 10K +1’s and 250+ press mentions for the anniversary HOA#SFGplus *for National Geographic’s online store and magazine AdWords campaigns Google Confidential and Proprietary 16
  17. 17. Deeper Engagement#SFGplus -- Mocked example -- Google Confidential and Proprietary 18
  18. 18. Deeper Engagement Google+ Communities: connecting people around passions Brands and people come together and have rich conversations around shared interests#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 19
  19. 19. Marketing performance across the web Ads are getting more relevant, and performing better#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 20
  20. 20. Across The Web Recommendations in search are driving increased ad performance avg. search ad CTR uplift from social annotations#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 21
  21. 21. Across The Web Better yet, in the Automotive sector, shoppers exposed to these recommendations are more likely to convert on-site 91% lift in conversion rate for non- brand auto terms when social annotations are present on ads#SFGplus Source: Google/Compete Google+ & Auto Industry Study, October 2012. Google Confidential and Proprietary 22
  22. 22. Measurable impact See the impact of social on your business objectives#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 23
  23. 23. Measurable Impact Social Reports in Google Analytics: Tie real dollar amounts to your social marketing 20,358 ($113,037.50) Conversions 11,003 ($48,762.25) Assisted Social Conversions 2,375 ($8,687.00) Last Interaction Social Conversions#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 24
  24. 24. Social Measurability G+ Ripples illustrate earned media, surface brand advocates#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 25
  25. 25. Making the most of Google+Be Create more Drive Measurediscovered personal performance the impact across the engagement web• Establish brand • Review CTR identity with your • Use Hangouts on impact of Social • Enable social +page Air to broadcast a extensions to drive Annotations in conversation search ad AdWords• Add the Google+ performance badge to your site • Create a Hangout • 5-10% lift in CTR • Experiment with App to make your when social• Post rich content annotations appear in social reports in brand experiences ads Google Analytics on a regular basis more social#SFGplus Google Confidential and Proprietary 26
  26. 26. Google+: The Practical Application#SFGplus
  27. 27. Who’s on Google+?Educated Professionals Students Early Adopters Socially savvy 75% of the Top 100 Brands Every industry B2C, B2B, and Nonprofits Global to Local#SFGplus
  28. 28. Who’s Setting the Bar? Who’s Doing It Well? Why Are They Engaging? What Tactics Are They Using? Where Are They Sending People?#SFGplus
  29. 29. Pier 1 Imports: Promoting Sales on Google+ Highly Visual Presence Driving Traffic to Website Driving Traffic In Stores#SFGplus
  30. 30. Vanguard: Educating Consumers on Google+ Know Their Audience Have Fun, But on Topic Market Insights Promoting Products & Services#SFGplus
  31. 31. Accenture: Demonstrating Thought Leadership on Google+ Focused on B2B Content Driving Traffic to Blog Driving Traffic to Website#SFGplus
  32. 32. Toyota: Strengthening Brand Loyalty on Google+ Highlighting New Products International Audience Showcasing Innovation#SFGplus
  33. 33. The Real Deal#SFGplus
  34. 34. Engagin’ Aint Easy#SFGplus
  35. 35. Efficient Publishing Target CirclesLink Shortener Link PreviewCampaign Tags Instant PublishingApproval Paths Schedule Multiple Posts #SFGplus
  36. 36. Authentic EngagementUnlimited Streams Social Profiles Search Streams Influencer Tracking Full Interaction History Threaded Conversation View#SFGplus
  37. 37. Actionable Insights Post/Campaign Performance Flexible Reporting Periods Comparative Audience Insights Google Analytics Network Impact#SFGplus
  38. 38. Recap  Opportunities that Google+ presents to brands  Examples of people who have created compelling Google+ Pages  Creating quality engagement across so many channels can be challenging, but technology makes it possible  Success Story#SFGplus
  39. 39. Why USA TODAY Invested In Google+ • To Reach and Engage a New Audience • Build Readership, Relationships and Loyalty • Drive Traffic to Site • Promote Engagement with Reporters, Experts • Try out Unique Features • Seamless integration • Satisfy our Curiosity#SFGplus
  40. 40. Yesterday Today • Page started November 2011 • 574,000 Have USA TODAY in a Circle • Social Media Editor • Social Team#SFGplus
  41. 41. Google+ Helps Us Achieve • Up to 20,000 page views a month • Engagement where our graphics, tech and money content and breaking news are concerned • Exposure, authorship and more engagement opportunities for staff and their content • Hangouts – a new way to engage • YouTube integration – embedded videos#SFGplus
  42. 42. Challenges to Get Here  Figuring out the best content to share  Limited admin access  Finding best times to post/engage  Staying on top of trends  Discovering how to use features/functionality#SFGplus
  43. 43. Secrets to Our Success  Post multiple times per day  Use images  Cover a variety of topics  Experiment!#SFGplus
  44. 44. Tips and Takeaways  Experiment with what makes Google+ different… (i.e. Circles, Hangouts and Communities)  …And what makes it the same (i.e. Hashtags, cover photos)  Link content and content creators  Post regularly  Connect with users  Track your metrics#SFGplus
  45. 45. Today’s Presenters Jamie Herther Shoma Thomas Desair Brown Global Social Sales Product Marketing Reader Advocacy Editor Google+ Spredfast USA Today @shoma617 @desairbrown#SFGplus
  46. 46. More Google+ Resources Solution Overview Google+ Pages Webinar Slides Spredfast USA Today Google+ ast-google-solution-overview #SFGplus