See how HomeAway streamlined their global social media program


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As an online company, social media is a natural extension of HomeAway’s marketing efforts, but with 13+ brands and multiple social networks, they needed a solution that could streamline their efforts and provide them with social monitoring and reporting tools. With the right mix of tools, strategies and tactics, HomeAway saw impressive results: 56% growth in Facebook followers, 1200% increase in Twitter retweets and mentions, and increased engagement across all channels—achieved with one streamlined social platform.

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See how HomeAway streamlined their global social media program

  1. 1. CHALLENGE: HomeAway’s key challenges when entering the social media space were surrounding management of a large-scale, global program. Some of the items HomeAway needed to solve for were how to: manage social content publishing of 13+ brands on multiple social networks, manage the user workflow for employees creating content, efficiently monitor the social sphere for mentions of its brands and industry and easily measure the effectiveness of its efforts. SOLUTION: As an online company, using social channels to help increase industry and brand awareness was a natural extension of the marketing team’s existing efforts. In 2008, the social media team began by engaging on networks including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, and also implemented Spredfast to help them manage and measure all of their social media activities and interactions across all channels from one dashboard. Prior to Spredfast, the team utilized other social CRM products to schedule content and monitor interactions or they worked directly on the social network websites to post content and engage with users. Since the implementation of Spredfast, HomeAway has expanded their social media program to include all of their major global brands. Case Study RESULTS: HomeAway, Inc., based in Austin, TX, is the world’s leading online marketplace of vacation rentals, with sites representing more than 640,000 paid vacation rental home listings throughout 168 countries. Increased engagement across social channels 56% growth in Facebook Likes/comments/clicks from 2010 to 2011 1,200% growth in Twitter RTs/mentions/clicks from 2010 to 2011 67% growth in the number of HomeAway properties being viewed from social networks from 2010 to 2011 Through our use of Spredfast we’ve been able to streamline our global social media efforts in terms of publishing content, which has opened up additional time for engaging with current and potential customers that we find through our Spredfast inbox. “ -JENNIFER STAFFORD | SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER, HOMEAWAY
  2. 2. 200 W. Cesar Chavez St. Austin TX 78701 512.538.0460 | | @spredfast | TAKEAWAYS: • Social doesn’t just have to be measured by clicks or growing your friend, fan, follower base. HomeAway was able to use social media channels to connect and build relationships with their target demographic and bring personality to their brand. • Content is king: whether user-generated or from the organization, content drives views, comments and ratings which equals better search results and more eyeballs, leading to increased brand awareness. • When trying to build your brand, start small: focus on building strong social accounts and great, everyday content. • Get all departments thinking about social integration! Combining website share functionality with marketing and social campaigns significantly increases reach. HOW SPREDFAST HELPED: • MONITORING & LISTENING - Having a strong presence on several major social networks, HomeAway is able to efficiently keep track of how their brand is being talked about across channels and monitor general industry trends from one location using Spredfast’s social marketing platform. • ENGAGEMENT – Spredfast’s platform provides HomeAway with the ability to keep track of social interactions and quickly reply to or engage with fellow friends, fans or followers in order to strengthen existing relationships and facilitate new ones. • PUBLISHING – Content is essential to HomeAway’s strategy of driving increased brand awareness across their social channels. The organization sometimes publishes over 30 pieces of content a day - Spredfast streamlines the process and management of publishing this content across channels in a coordinated way so that users know when and where content is scheduled for publication. HomeAway was able to use social media channels to further its brand awareness in the market and leverage the inherent social nature of these networks to build relationships with vacation rental owners and travelers. BUSINESS WITH MARKETING