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How Does Your Social Garden Grow?
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How Does Your Social Garden Grow?


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A tipsheet on scaling and optimizing your social presence.

A tipsheet on scaling and optimizing your social presence.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. How Does Your Social Garden Grow? Rolling out social across an organization can be daunting. Depending on when you get started, your social garden may already be overrun with multiple channels and accounts that result in a fragmented brand presence. Keep these ideas in mind as you plot out an organized social strategy. Plan your Social Footprint Determine your Optimal Gardening Routine What business goals do you wish to achieve with social? Will members of multiple internal teams such as marketing, customer care, and sales be involved? Do you want to organize you social presence by brand, geography, or business unit? Ask yourself questions that help determine the size and scope of your ideal social presence. Social programs require a planned routine. Does content need to be assigned to teams in advance? Do certain people need to have access to plan which seeds of engagement to plant while only your most senior members actually approve these plans? Find the right permissions, workflows and approval paths that map to your internal structure to enable growth and protect your brand. Plant Firm Roots As social spreads in your organization and more people get involved, you’ll want to offer a sturdy foundation of defined roles, goals, and social policies. Offer initial trainings and occasional brush-up sessions to keep your team current on social best practices. Provide Resources to Nurture Growth Consider creating a garden manual- a content repository with approved messages, photos, and videos that your socially active employees can use. This can serve as inspiration and guidance as they create their own content and is great to have on hand when you need to provide a timely response. Harvest Data and Insights Have a plan on how you’ll measure social success. Identify which Key Performance Indicators you’ll need to track like reach, activity and engagement to make sure your social presence isn’t wilting. As the sheer volume of social activity increases, it becomes harder to track these metrics in an organized way. Identifying the proper tools to aid in the management and analysis of your social activity can save you from the heavy lifting. @spredfast | |