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High Tech Customer Case Study


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See results from one of our customers in high tech and what they were able to accomplish in social.

See results from one of our customers in high tech and what they were able to accomplish in social.

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  • 1. SPREDFAST RESULTS Social marketing beats traditional by 190%– boosting conversion at a global software provider Like many technology firms, this midsized business-software company needed to generate more and better leads. Already using social media to drive brand awareness and loyalty, the company wanted to see whether social could really compete with traditional lead-gen efforts conducted via email and offline media. Adding in a major rebranding campaign created a heady challenge for their social team. CUSTOMER CHALLENGE SPREDFAST RESULTS Unsure social media could generate quality sales leads. 400% faster sales cycles — shortened time to close from 120 days to 30 days Wanted to double fans and followers without growing social media team. Gained 150% more Facebook fans with the same team. Needed to expand and engage a new audience to support re-positioning. 760% increase in social engagement: 5.9% to 45% 25 35 45 55 65 15 5 Higher conversion and faster sales cycles with Spredfast. Proof that social works. 75
  • 2. SPREDFAST RESULTS Social Media Heroes Win Over Skeptics The software company’s marketing team was caught in a classic situation: they had been asked to re-brand the company and generate more leads without adding budget or growing their team. It was time to get creative because they knew traditional campaigns required long lead times and risked going over budget. Social media was a clear candidate, but the team had only relied on it for brand awareness campaigns. Here’s how Spredfast helped the software company optimize their social marketing. CONTENT Spredfast delivered key insights into what content was most engaging to the brand’s audience in order to drive better results. COLLABORATION The small social team executed a massive campaign on Spredfast and stayed on top of the resulting 760% increase in social engagement. ENGAGEMENT Spredfast empowered the team to target rich digital experiences to acquire and engage new audiences and dramatically expand their social footprint. ANALYTICS Real-time, rollup analytics enabled close monitoring of campaign and showed a significant increase in conversions, engagement, audience, and awareness. Learn more at | (888) 212-2216 | Copyright © 2013 Spredfast. All rights reserved.