Going Local with Social


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Natanya Anderson, Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing at Whole Foods Market and Jim Rudden, CMO at Spredfast, share retail strategies for building engaged communities.

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  • When people hear local social, they often assume we are talking about the physical locations – stores. For some businesses, that will be the right level. For some retailers, store level is too much. They look at City or even Country. But there are ways of doing more localized social that are not geo driven – we see lots of companies driving loyal following for specific sub brands. Others are opening up the functions of their company for deeper engagement.
  • It is a big ask to get followed and even bigger to get interaction. Are you going in with the right mindset?
  • Making local social work
  • Going Local with Social

    1. 1. Going Local with SocialRetail strategies for building engaged communitiesPresented by:Natanya Anderson—Director, Social Media & Digital Marketing@natanyapJim Rudden—Chief Marketing Officer@jimrudden#aadigital
    2. 2. Local Social Has Many Definitions@natanyap @jimrudden #aadigital
    3. 3. Local Social at Whole FoodsBrand socialStore socialCity socialFunctional social@natanyap @jimrudden #aadigital
    4. 4. Battling for Attention―Socially Mature‖ Companies have anaverage of 178 corporate social accounts– Source: Altimeter GroupConsumers follow 10 brands on averageand interact actively with only 5– Source: InSites Consulting 2012@natanyap @jimrudden #aadigital
    5. 5. Understand Customer Expectations• Acknowledge that asking for alocal social follow is a BIG ASK• People get out of bed in themorning to live their life—rarelydo they get out of bed to shareyour brand message.• Does your local social help makea better overall brand experiencefor your customer?@natanyap @jimrudden #aadigital
    6. 6. A Lot of EngagementCompanies that are proliferating the use ofsocial media are publishing 488 messagesa day on average on public social networks– Source: Spredfast Engagement Index H1 2012@natanyap @jimrudden #aadigital
    7. 7. • Be a Local Authority– Connect to peoples’ local lives – and add valuewith your content and engagement• Committing to Content– Creation and Curation– Follow The 25/75 Rule• Dedicated People– Staff local social in your market – like youwould your actual store– Share your brand with your employees• The Tools for the Job– The infrastructure to manage a distributedbrand presence– Visibility to what is working from brand downto local level@natanyap @jimruddenManaging Local Social#aadigital
    8. 8. Your Fans Are Ready to Help―Consumers are more positive than youmight think. More than half of theircomments about brands are positive andonly 10% are negative‖– Source: InSites Consulting@natanyap @jimrudden #aadigital
    9. 9. The Benefits of Local Social• Know big problems sooner,solve local problems faster• Give your fans the opportunityto help your brand locally• Bring the online conversation toyour stores• Bridge the gapbetween store visitsOf course, we are all looking at driving in-store visits, basket sizes andother key retail metrics. Local social also has significant brand benefits.@natanyap @jimrudden #aadigital
    10. 10. Bottom Line: Local Social Takes Work• ―Local Social‖ discussion is about toexplode again (see ―Graph Search‖)• Local social is about helping drivebetter local customer experiences• You are asking for 20% of yourcustomers social brand interaction –are you living up to it?• Predictable local social successtakes significant central organization@natanyap @jimrudden #aadigital
    11. 11. Sources• Altimeter: Number of Corporate Social Media Accounts on the Rise– http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2011/07/29/number-of-corporate-social-media-accounts-hard-to-manage-risk-of-social-media-help-desk/• InSites Consulting: Social Media Around World 2012 Report– http://www.slideshare.net/InSitesConsulting/social-media-around-the-world-2012-by-insites-consulting• Spredfast Social Engagement Index, H1 2012– http://www.slideshare.net/Spredfast/the-spredfast-social-engagement-index-benchmark-report-14378832• Social Habit: Social Habit June 2012– http://socialhabit.com/downloads/@natanyap @jimrudden #aadigital