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Generating Buzz Among Your Social Customers
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Generating Buzz Among Your Social Customers


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A tipsheet on how to know and delight your social customer.

A tipsheet on how to know and delight your social customer.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Generating Buzz Among Your Social Customers Looking to attract a swarm of engaged followers? Start by getting to know your social customer and follow up by delivering value, providing unique experiences, and constantly exceeding expectations. Follow these quick tips to set your social abuzz. Monitor Organic Conversations Let Fans get their Hands Dirty People are talking about your brand, your competitors, and your industry right now. Tune in to see what they are saying and chime in with relevant, interesting, and useful insights to build rapport. Showing that you are present to interact and engage goes a long way with community members. Offer your social network opportunities to engage and participate with you socially. Invite feedback, ask interesting questions and share responses in a poll, or host a contest and invite followers to submit personal or multimedia content. Keep Track of Interactions Find a way to keep track of social interactions. Having a relationship history on hand when responding to an inquiry or offering new information provides context that helps tailor your message to the customer’s needs and desires. It also helps make each interaction more personal and relevant. Every follow, and unfollow, is a click away. Figure out why individuals chose to follow you in the first place and continue to deliver content that meets and exceeds expectations. While you don’t want to flood your social channels with self-promotion, people expect to hear about your brand and its product or service offering. Stay on topic, and deliver value. Identify and Reward Pollinators Make Your Social Presence Blossom Are certain fans and followers spreading the word about your brand more often and enthusiastically? Nurture relationships with individuals that are actively engaged with your brand and amplifying your messages. Create unique experiences that help consumers connect with your brand. Whether you create a visually stunning, interactive Facebook Application or share a beautiful, funny, or moving YouTube video, find ways to stand out among the crowd. Be Consistently Compelling @spredfast | |