Building Social Community and Increasing Loyalty- Social Prep School Series


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Social Success in the real world is the result of collaboration and teamwork; sit in on this session to learn how to build strong social communities and deepen social relationships.

Social strategists from Jive, HomeAway and Spredfast will talk through ideas, best practices and examples of how to manage day-to-day community efforts with the end result of creating a loyal online community.

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/7/12 02:55) -----encourage you to use the hashtag #socialprep to follow conversation on twitterask questions on twitter or in the conversation boxToday's deck will be posted to slideshare immediately following our conversation
  • Traditional approach:DefinitionGet there through linear marketing funnel
  • With social media: we can actually see that the journey from awareness to loyal purchase or advocacy behavior is far more complex. Not only do we have a better view of this complexity, we have an opportunity to participate in our social customers journey through a number of social touchpoints at these various junctures in this journey to build trust/rapport which are key components of loyalty. So we might build upon our definition of brand loyalty:
  • This type of brand loyalty both contributes to and thrives withinin strong communities. Social consumers are interacting with their peers, industry experts, even your competitors and building a community around a shared interest, your brand or your industry.It behooves you as a brand to be present and actively nurture and grow that sense of community. I’ll talk more in a minute about how we think of building community at spredfast but first some food for thought
  • And we have a few proof points here….Its getting harder to reach consumers through traditional marketing channels
  • But they are opting in to your messaging on social channels- to the tune of 1.8 million average connectionsFB- 1 Billion UsersTwitter- 140 million users(mirror our stat)Know that you are where your audience isAre you answering their questions? Entertaining them? Creating value?
  • How can you tell if you are meeting the bar of your social customer’s expectation?It’s easy, they will tell you by engaging.Hierarchy of engagement.But if your content meets the bar you are rewarded with…
  • Reach. 1.8 M users opens up a potential to reach 47 m users in a quarter- grow your community.Furthermore since your brand message is reaching this broader audience by way of friend surrogate, it is considered more credible/trustworthy.
  • Global head of brand design at facebookNot about grandiose overtures, but finding a rhythm and pace that matches the needs and desires of your community.Goldilocks- too much- hide posts/ too little- where are they? Question legitimacy
  • ----- Meeting Notes (11/7/12 03:53) -----sharing of content that creates value for our users- informs, entertains, answers.
  • Light touches: deliver what your network wants, what did they come forAfter you have an active and present community and you are ready to take the next step: webinars and whitepapers- little bit meatier
  • Talked about:Casting a broad net: brand awareness activitiesDelivering expected value: thought leadershipNext step: deeper engagement to create value for your community
  • Today, I’ll be sharing with you a case study of how Jive used promoted, earned and owned social technologiesthroughout the entire customer journey. Specifically, I’ll discuss our most recent social media marketing campaign called the “Office Hero” and walk you through the 7 steps we took in order to ensure we were obtaining new contacts, encouraging them to try our Social Business Software, and eventually become loyal to the brand. For this specific campaign, loyalty was defined by engagement on social channels. Now we have another of other more long-standing measures of loyalty such as likelyhood to recommend, repeat purchase and purchase new products; however, for this campaign, we were really trying to drive engagement on social and increase software trials.
  • So, let’s dive in. Step 1 was to define.
  • We had 4 major campaign objectives that aligned with our business goals and each had a measurable target. They were to increase awareness, reposition our corporate brand, drive leads and trials, and foster loyalty.
  • Next, we wanted to define our target audience. Working closely with our sales team, we knew the ideal profile of our prospects and built a promoted content strategy to target them directly. But what made this campaign unique is that we spent a lot of our social efforts targeting the Talkers – fans, bloggers, even our own customers and employees. The hypothesis was that if we focused on current advocates we could drive more awareness via word-of-mouth marketing. This flip-the-funnel approach centered around a YouTube video that showed an office hero destroying the Old Way to Work and liberating his office.
  • In this defining stage, I also wanted us to look at what the audience would be getting out of the participation. I’ve been in social for the last 6 years and during that time I’ve had at least 72 conversations that go like this “I want to launch a new FB page.” and I say “Ok, Why?” and they reply “Well, I want to increase awareness for my product” _or fill in some other need. I never hear people say “because I have something great to offer my audience.”So often in large-scale marketing campaigns, we focus on business goals and not the objectives of our communities. This needs to change. For this campaign, participants would get everything from information on the latest news to public recognition for their social business efforts.
  • Next, we worked with the Spredfast services team to define the unique role of each of our social channels. No longer can you take a tweet, just remove the hashtag, and post it on Facebook. It’s necessary to determine how your audience WANTS to engage with you on each of the social channels. For us that meant a channel like FB is great for reinforcing our industry expertise, while Twitter is where we should engage key influencers.
  • The second step was to integrate social.
  • I used the social DNA our company to build a virtual team, with representatives from key internal departments and vendors. This ensured alignment on our goals and tactics.
  • Next, we centralized our paid and organic strategy in order to drive qualified leads. We found that fan acquisition on sites like Facebook, coupled with great engagement techniques, lead to highly qualified leads of our software trials.I used to say – we should never have a goal to double the number of fans we have, but now I’ve learned that it really does make a difference to business objectives.
  • Third, we listened.
  • As most of you on this call know, social media management (especially in B2B) is more than just mass media – it’s about building valuable relationships. Using Spredfast, everyone from the social media intern to our CEO, began to listen to key conversations about our products, competition, sales opportunities or support issues. This is no longer a “nice to have.” The FTC says that any brand engaging in social must do 3 things: 1. be truthful 2) have policies and trainings 3) monitor the conversation and correct mistakes.
  • This level of monitoring was hugely successful as you can see by these tweets.
  • After listening, we started to engage proactively.
  • We compiled a detailed content calendar that followed a strategic pattern outlined by the Spredfast services team. For example, with their guidance, we knew the exact # of tweets that should go out referencing our customers every week.
  • And although I still feel like we are constantly looking for quality content, we became smarter in our content strategy. For example, we would take a white paper, chunk it up into a series of blog posts, do a video interview with the author and then use those assets in traditional and social channels.
  • We also started doing more content curation so that we were a valuable resource and not a promotion engine.
  • To increase engagement, we also played with gamification. Spredfast built an incredible FB application that allowed users to determine which office hero they were. They could then share this information with their network and increase WOM marketing.
  • We also used insights we were getting from the campaign to drive very specific targeted social ads.
  • Next, we wanted to build out our own channels more.
  • We ensured we had a complete strategy for all of our Jive-powered external communities that our customers, partners, and developers use and matched it to the social media communities that leveraged commercial technologies like Facebook. In particular we took a lesson from B2C and built a social persona called the Jive Office Hero. With his own Twitter account and FB page, this character allows the brand to have fun and surprisingly is one of the best ways we get leads today via social.
  • One of my favorite steps and really something that aligns closely with loyalty was activating.
  • We highlighted our employees and customers as REAL office heroes. Sharing video testimonials and fun photos. Thursday thanks series on Twitter.
  • Last, but definitely not least, we constantly tracked metrics.
  • According to Forrester (and surprising to me), the majority of social media marketers aren’t reporting business value.
  • But we looked at how our activity, reach and engagement eventually lead to software trials.
  • On the awareness side, we tracked paid social efforts and saw they directly contributed to the number of fans and followers we had as well as engagement on channels like Twitter.
  • Additionally, when we kicked off the campaign only 5.9% of our FB fan page was engaging with us. Today, we are at 45%, which is amazing.
  • Now this is all great, but nothing resonated with our leadership as much as being able to show REAL business value. We were able to drive software trials and showed they had a higher sales conversion rate than other marketing channels. We also obtained a new slew of loyal users that our now evangelizing our software to their networks.
  • In conclusion, we followed these 7 steps, which led to a successful social campaign.
  • Building Social Community and Increasing Loyalty- Social Prep School Series

    1. 1. Building Social Communityand Increasing LoyaltySocial Prep School Series#SocialPrep
    2. 2. Today’s Presenters Courtney Doman Jennifer Stafford Deirdre Walsh Social Media Social Media Senior Social Media Specialist Manager Manager Spredfast HomeAway Jive Software @cjdoman @jennstafford @deirdrewalsh @spredfast @HomeAway @JiveSoftware#SocialPrep
    3. 3. Brand Loyalty“The degree to which a consumer consistently purchases the same brand within a product class.” - AMA Sources: American Marketing Association, Forrester#SocialPrep
    4. 4. Brand Loyalty The willingness and frequency of desire of a social customer to engage with and on behalf of your brand.#SocialPrep Source: Forrester
    5. 5. CommunityOnline communities are bodies of people joined together by a common interest.- Jeremiah Owyang, 2007#SocialPrep Sources:, Forrester
    6. 6. People are tired of being talked at217 M+ registered 44% of Americans openmembers of the American homes less than 1 in 5Natl. Do Not Call own DVRs marketingList emails Sources: FCC, Nielsen, MarketingProfs
    7. 7. People are opting in to Communicate Are you delivering on the value that they expect and desire?#SocialPrep
    8. 8. ShareCommentLikeClick
    9. 9. People are Similar to their Networks 90% of internet users consider consumer recommendations to be most credible form of advertising- eMarketer, 2011#SocialPrep
    10. 10. We build relationships with brands the same way we build relationships with people. We build relationships with others through many, lightweight interactions over time. -Paul Adams @padday#SocialPrep
    11. 11. Who makes up your community? Customers Prospects Industry Employees Peers and Partners#SocialPrep
    12. 12. How do you connect with your community? Brand Awareness Customers Prospects Industry Employees Peers and Partners#SocialPrep
    13. 13. How do you connect with your community? Brand Awareness Customers Prospects Thought Leadership Industry Employees Peers and Partners#SocialPrep
    14. 14. How do you connect with your community? Brand Awareness Customers Prospects Thought Leadership Industry Employees Peers and Community Partners Building#SocialPrep
    15. 15. Brand Awareness Promoted Content Customers Prospects Corporate Communications Industry Employees Peers and Partners#SocialPrep
    16. 16. Thought Leadership Many light touches: Customers Prospects Share #socbiz content • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Employees Industry Peers and Partners • Platform updates, Industry News and Views Spredfast Blog • Cross post • Guest Blog Occasional deep dives: Webinars Whitepapers#SocialPrep
    17. 17. Thought Leadership Many light touches: Customers Prospects Share #socbiz content • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Employees Industry Peers and Partners • Platform updates, Industry News and Views Spredfast Blog • Cross post • Guest Blog Occasional deep dives: Webinars Whitepapers#SocialPrep
    18. 18. Thought Leadership Many light touches: Customers Prospects Share #socbiz content • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Employees Industry Peers and Partners • Platform updates, Industry News and Views Spredfast Blog • Cross post • Guest Blog Occasional deep dives: Webinars Whitepapers#SocialPrep
    19. 19. Thought Leadership Many light touches: Customers Prospects Share #socbiz content • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Employees Industry Peers and Partners • Platform updates, Industry News and Views Spredfast Blog • Cross post • Guest Blog Occasional deep dives: Webinars Whitepapers#SocialPrep
    20. 20. Community Building Harness Employee Advocates Customers Prospects Connect Customers & Employees Use contests to incentivize participation Industry Employees Peers and Partners#SocialPrep
    21. 21. Community Building Harness Employee Advocates Customers Prospects Connect Customers & Employees Industry Use contests to incentivize Employees Peers and Partners participation#SocialPrep
    22. 22. Community Building Harness Employee Advocates Customers Prospects Connect Customers & Employees Industry Use contests to incentivize Employees Peers and Partners participation#SocialPrep
    23. 23. Building Loyalty and Engagement
    24. 24. Loyalty DefinedWhat is loyalty in a marketing context? Engage Contribute Recommend
    25. 25. Identifying AdvocatesHow do we know who our advocates are?• Net Promoter Score• Most active/engaged on social channels• Opt-ins to advocate program through marketing• Most engaged users on Community• Who are our social influencers
    26. 26. Engage Public Face: Be Receptive to Feedback: Social communities are a Listen & Learn public touch point Special Access: Be Relevant: • Discounts • Info on localGive fans content • Access to employeesthey want to see What do and product tests • Contests/promotions fans love about your business?
    27. 27. Connecting the DotsEngage withfans acrossnetworks tobuild moreinteraction!
    28. 28. Help Advocates OrganizeCase Study - Using Social andCommunity to Help Victims ofDisasters Get word out Owners offer Organize Refugees - vacationNatural Groups on Marketing, S rentals bookDisaster temporary Community ocial, Comm free/discount housing unity & PR ed
    29. 29. Is this Approach Working? • Engagement • Interactions/fan Measuring • Account Growth • Traffic/Users on Community • Engagement on Community • 198% Growth in New Fans YOY Social • 615% Increase in Facebook Engagement YOY • 883% Increase in Facebook Engagement/Fan YOY Media • 600% Growth in Social Reach YOY • 27% Growth YOY Community • 49% Increase Conversations/Participant YOY • 52% Growth in Participants YOY
    30. 30. Scaling with GrowthTraining & Collaboration Tools • Best Practice Sharing • Social Management • Tools & Reporting Training • Analytics• Campaign & Content Planning • Monitoring ScaleInternal Case Studies & Reporting Best Practices • Executive Dash • Campaigns • Social Managers Data • Daily Content
    31. 31. Social throughout customer journey Awareness Engage Try Buy Use Loyal • Social • Social • Online • Customer • Adoption kit • Webcasts advertising marketing – community reference and • Jive Talks best • Champions • Influencer earned and support and case studies in practices • Rewards and relationship- owned engagement blog posts reputation building • Social sharing • Gamification • Syndication in trial and curation
    32. 32. 1. DefineSet clear goals that align with overallbusiness objectives
    33. 33. Define: Campaign GoalsEnsure social goals align with business goals• Increase awareness• Reposition corporate brand• Drive leads and software trials• Foster loyalty and advocacyEach with measurable targets
    34. 34. Define: Target AudienceTalkers – Flip the FunnelTalkers • Fans, bloggers, influencers, employees, customers • Anyone who will talk about Jive, our products or assetsProspects • Ambitious, driven • Fortune 1000 company, + Top 50 prospects • Directly / indirectly manage highly collaborative teams in customer support, marketing, services, IT and/or sales.
    35. 35. Define: Target Audience GoalsDon’t forget – both sides need to benefitBy participating, customers, influencers, & prospects get: • latest news and info • insider views into Jive • proficient via best practice sharing • connected to like-minded people • voice heard inside and outside Jive • recognized for great work, promoted as thought-leaders
    36. 36. Define: Role of Each Social PlatformChannel differentiation is key to building a social ecosystemChannel FunctionFacebook Social hub where Jive curates the best-in-social from across the web and reinforces industry expertiseTwitter Provides of-the-moment industry and product news; where Jive engages influencersYouTube Videos highlight customers and reinforce industry expertiseLinkedIn Reserved for more in-depth, strategic conversationsInstagram Infuse personality into brandGoogle + Forum for technical conversationCorporate Blog Provides resources to equip mid-level managers
    37. 37. 2. IntegrateDon’t be an island. Connect tointernal structure, process, plans.
    38. 38. Integrate: All TeamsSocial DNA Employees Mgmt. everyone is impacted by social Suppor Agency virtual social media team with t contacts in key departments formalize employee social media Spredfast Sales guidelines social media trainings R&D Marketing empowered and rewarded participation Public Corp. Relations
    39. 39. Integrate all social strategiesIntegrate promoted, earned, and owned social actions to drive activity, reach, andengagement Social Media Users Social Impressions Engagement Fan / Follower Acquisition + Acquisition Engagement = Leads Action JIVE LEADS
    40. 40. 3. ListenMonitor and respond toactionable conversation
    41. 41. Social Media Management• more than just mass media news sharing• it’s about building valuable relationships• analyze social to gain insight about company, products• also helps monitor competition, get leads, provide support• FTC guidelines requires socially-active companies truthful policies and training monitor the conversation and correct mistakes
    42. 42. Monitoring Partner RelationshipsSocial Prospecting Customer RelationshipsCustomer Service
    43. 43. 4. EngageAdd value to the social streams
    44. 44. Social Content CalendarEnsures value-added content creation & syndication – not more noise
    45. 45. Integrated Social Media Marketing Approach
    46. 46. CurationEngage with Influencers • 50% of Jive social content comes from other sources • Create conversations with influencers and “talkers”
    47. 47. GamificationInteractive Facebook App Office Hero Super Powers - promote through timeline - make engagement fun
    48. 48. Paid Engagements“Like” ads, Promoted Content, Right Rail“The Doer”: Marketing Manager, Community Manager“The Strategist”: Marketing Director“The Decision Maker”: Vice President, CMO
    49. 49. 5. BuildGrow successful channels that youmanage.
    50. 50. Social Channels: Jive Communities + Social Media
    51. 51. 6. ActivateReward and amplify key evangelists
    52. 52. REAL Office Heroes Employee= Best Brand Advocate Social Advocate Customer Spotlight Thursday Thanks
    53. 53. 7. AnalyzeTrack and report impact acrossbusiness
    54. 54. Nearly 66% of interactive marketers are NOT currently measuring their social marketing initiatives
    55. 55. Analyze: Key Earned Social Media Metrics Jive Software trial registrations
    56. 56. Promoted ResultsPaid Social Media – Two WeeksFans and Follower Acquisition • 12% increase in Twitter followers directly attributed to promoted content • More than 150% growth in Facebook fans attributed directly to ads and sponsored stories • Engagement increased as “base” was built throughout the program.• Most B2B on Twitter run in the 1-2%, we are at 6%.
    57. 57. When campaign kicked off, only 5.9% of the Jive Software Facebook community was engaged. Today, we are at 45% This is great for B2B!
    58. 58. Analyze: Key Business MetricsDrove trials and had higher sales conversions than othermarketing channels.
    59. 59. 7 Steps to become a Social Office HeroDefine Integrate Listen Engage Build Activate AnalyzeSet clear Connect to Monitor and Add value to Grow Reward and Track andgoals that internal respond to the social successful amplify key reportalign with structure, actionable streams channels evangelists impact overall process, convos that you acrossbusiness plans. manage. businessobjectives
    60. 60. Thanks! Courtney Doman Jennifer Stafford Deirdre Walsh @cjdoman @jennstafford @deirdrewalsh @spredfast @HomeAway @JiveSoftware#SocialPrep
    61. 61. Contact us @Spredfast Slides from today’s presentation can be found at Thanks for joining us!#SocialPrep