Building Brand Awareness with Social Media


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Social media is quickly creating a new area in the workplace - social business. And while you may know your team would benefit from social media adoption, you might not fully realize how you can be using the social channels to drive corporate business objectives. In this webinar presentation, Jordan Viator from Spredfast and Jennifer Stafford from HomeAway explore how to embrace social media for building brand awareness and discover best practices that really drive results.

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  • FullGuide available for complete view of business objectives at
  • Social is now part of the marketing mix. No one relies on just one network – requires a mix for continued success. Social programs focused on objectives.Increasing need for scalability. 48% of interactive marketers plan to increase social media spending in 2011 – Forrester Research, Inc. Average of more than 170 corporate accounts in enterprise companies – Altimeter Group
  • Tactics most commonLowest barrier to entryNot meant to be comprehensiveEverything discussed today should be quickly “implementable”
  • Ties to Biz Obj:Number one goal of most social media marketersSocial media has the ability to reach a large audience, generate traffic and demonstrate expertise
  • Examples:-Tweet pictures or details around a fun company function. -Post on Facebook sharing the latest information and updates about your products or enhancements in services. -Post a YouTube video showcasing clients talking about how they use your product. -Upload a presentation to SlideShare highlighting your industry, services, and importance of your area of expertise.
  • Examples:-Share a link on Facebook of the latest whitepaper or helpful article published by your organization.  -Create a series of Tweets sharing interesting product facts tied to interests that resonate with your target audience -Upload a Flickr picture, tagged with your company and keywords, showing pictures of your clients benefitting from your services in different ways.-Share a YouTube video of employees giving advice on how to use your product or service in creative ways
  • Interview new team leaders Post Flickr images of new social initiatives your company has underway to give back to the communityPost pictures on Facebook of new team membersSlideshare presentations on new company product or service announcements
  • - Tweet a question of the week about users’ favorite aspect of the latest product or service focus area- Use a Facebook poll to ask what areas of your product your community cares about the most
  • Share links to helpful resources in a blog post or set of Tweets Promote links to industry events that your network may be interested in attending
  • Invite customer to write guest blog posts to discuss interesting product experiencesTweet links to case studies, tagging customers and partners to alert them of the content to shareRequest user generated videos of anecdotes of about your product or service to break through the clutter and get attention
  • Building Brand Awareness with Social Media

    1. Secrets to Social Business Success<br />Building Brand Awareness with Social Media<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    2. Jennifer Stafford<br />Social Media Manager<br />HomeAway<br />@jennstafford<br />Jordan Viator<br />Director of Social<br />Spredfast<br />@jordanv<br /><br />
    3. The Social Media Landscape<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    4. Today’s Discussion<br />An understanding of the highest priority social media initiative objective.<br />How harnessing social for building Brand Awareness ties into existing organizational goals.<br />Proven tactics to use with each objective that you can start implementing today.<br />Understanding the Key Performance Indicators in building Brand Awareness<br />Tips and success stories from HomeAway.<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    5. Objective #1: Building Brand Awareness<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    6. Brand Awareness + Social<br />Reach more people through extensive networks.<br />Drive traffic to other corporate channels. <br />Deliver messages to new audiences that you otherwise would not reach. <br />Expertise sharing and positioning. <br />#Socialbiz<br />
    7. People follow brands to learn more about them.<br />Share content about:<br />Culture<br />Company news<br />Employees <br />Products or services<br />Details About Company<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    8. Thought Leadership<br />Promote content illustrating your domain expertise that also provides value.<br />Share whitepapers, stance on industry trends, picturesand infographics.<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    9. Company News<br />Share interesting new hires or industry leaders now collaborating with you. <br />New corporate initiatives worth sharing with your community. <br />#Socialbiz<br />
    10. Questions for Feedback<br />Ask for input to get your audience engaged with you brand and sharing ideas<br />Tap into your network to learn about interests and what resonates for future communication opportunities<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    11. Community Content<br />Many people keep up with social accounts to learn about industry news<br />Corporate accounts often followed due to sharing content about their industry, people in it and resources – not just discounts or product news<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    12. Success Stories<br />Sharing success stories of customers, partners, users allow their results to speak on your behalf<br />Think about how to prompt:<br />Actual testimonials/stories from community<br />Spontaneous customer feedback<br />Case Studies<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    13. Measuring Success<br />Identify specific Key Performance Indicators specific to building Brand Awareness<br />Realize that not all metrics matter for every objective<br />Start measuring KPIs at start of initiatives to track before, during and post-performance <br />#Socialbiz<br />
    14. Activity: Engagement<br />Compare activity published by your organization to interaction with that activity to determine content value.<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    15. Impressions<br />Potential ImpressionsThe total number of potential times your content, activity could be seen<br />Confirmed ImpressionsThe total confirmed times your content, activity was seen<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    16. Network Size<br />Positive change in network will confirm users’ exposure and commitment to your brand<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    17. Other Important Metrics<br />Total Reach<br />Comments <br />Replies<br />Mentions By Audience<br />Average Clicks/ Published Activity <br />#Socialbiz<br />
    18. Building Brand Awareness with Social Media<br />Jennifer Stafford<br />Social Media Manager, HomeAway<br />
    19. What has Worked for Brand Awareness in Social<br />
    20. KPIs and Benefits for HomeAway®<br />
    21. Broad Reach Awareness – Marketing Campaigns<br />Everyday isn’t the Super Bowl®…thank goodness! <br />Huge campaigns = Huge effort<br />Great for mass awareness but aren’t sustainable for everyday<br />How do you move beyond the big awareness generating events?<br />
    22. Facebook Pages<br />HomeAway Confidential© 2008 HomeAway. All rights reserved.<br />Vary content types<br />Use metrics to find your best performing content<br />Interesting content drives awareness through fan news feeds<br />Optimize content to benefit SEO and further boost brand awareness<br />Respond to fan comments quickly to keep fans engaged<br />
    23. Flickr<br />Supplemental channel for HomeAway<br />Cross post photo albums from Facebook to Flickr using Spredfast<br />Good SEO results on photo albums from Flickr and Facebook<br />Driving additional people to our social accounts<br />HomeAway Confidential© 2008 HomeAway. All rights reserved.<br />
    24. YouTube<br />Supplemental channel for HomeAway<br />Utilized UGC from contests, product demos, Super Bowl and marketing campaign videos and corporate info<br />Content drives views, comments and ratings which equals better search results and more eyeballs<br />Search engines love multimedia content <br />HomeAway Confidential© 2008 HomeAway. All rights reserved.<br />
    25. Facebook Ads<br />Inexpensive option for growing your page and promoting content to your fans or a new audience<br />Sponsored Stories <br />Higher CTR due to social connection<br />Run ads to the networks of people who like your page <br />Run ads to your fans to promote important content<br />Standard Ads<br />Run ads to new targeted groups to promote campaigns<br />Run ads to find new fans who might like your page<br />
    26. Contests<br />If running contests on your site include social sharing option<br />Current contest had 1,300 shares to Facebook in first week delivering additional 400,000 impressions from news feeds of those who shared<br />If running a UGC contest build into T&Cs <br /> right to republish content<br />Most successful social contests for <br /> HomeAway have been photo contests run<br /> on our Facebook page<br /> - 2010 contest had 2,300 entries<br />
    27. Take Aways & Tips<br />Likelihood of a campaign going viral is small so focus on building strong accounts and great everyday content<br />Set realistic goals and expectations for social campaigns<br />Cohesive strategies for developing and executing social campaigns can benefit brand awareness and support business initiatives simultaneously<br />Utilize your content across your various social accounts, not all content must be unique<br />Get the whole company thinking about social integration. Combining website share functionality with marketing and social campaigns increases your reach significantly<br />If you need to reach a large social audience an agency partner with power-user accounts is a good option to help with your promotion<br />HomeAway Confidential© 2008 HomeAway. All rights reserved.<br />
    28. Where Social CRM Comes In<br />Social is part of the marketing mix:more activity requires more structure.<br />No one relies on just one network:a Social CRM helps manage these.<br />Increasing need for scalability:Social CRM systems are designed specifically to help scale and grow programs.<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    29. Get the Full Pocket Guide<br /><ul><li>Business Cases for 6 highest priority business objective
    30. Content Ideas
    31. Sample tactics to implement
    32. Suggested success metrics
    33. Ideal team member profile
    34. Real-world examples</li></ul>Download the Pocket Guide<br />#Socialbiz<br />
    35. Contact Us<br />@jennstafford<br />@jordanv<br />@spredfast<br /><br />