Building B2B Relationships Through Social

Building B2B Relationships Through Social



Cliff Kinard (IBM), Jon Sander (Mason Zimbler), Rohit Bhargava (Ogilvy) ...

Cliff Kinard (IBM), Jon Sander (Mason Zimbler), Rohit Bhargava (Ogilvy)

Social strategies vary between companies and industries, but business-to-business enterprises face very specific opportunities and challenges in social media. No consumer goods to purchase in an online store? No problem. Looking for ways to convert? Consider relationship and content marketing. Think you can’t find actual sales opportunities on social? Think again.



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  • …And this is what Mason Zimbler focuses on: Using social data to build relationships with the B2B audience.
  • This is why B2B is a better fit for social media.Address that last point—power of social data---and demonstrate how its relevant to all.

Building B2B Relationships Through Social Building B2B Relationships Through Social Presentation Transcript

  • Building B2B Relationships through Social Jon Sander Cliff Kinnard Mason Zimbler IBM @thejonsander @cliffkinnard Rohit Bhargava Ogilvy @rohitbhargava
  • October 4, 2012© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • OUR FOCUS We build B2B relationships through social media with a data-centric approach© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • B2B is a better fit for Social Media than B2C.© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • 84% of B2B buyers say word-of-mouth recommendations influence their purchase decisions.© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • 59% of B2B buyers engage with peers. 48% of B2B buyers follow industry conversations. 41% of B2B buyers read research papers and postings from thought leaders. 37% of B2B buyers ask questions on social networking sites.© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • WHY B2B IS THE BEST FIT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA Long Sales Cycle = Relationships are more importantMore Complexity in Purchase Decisions = Deeper need for quality contentMost Purchases are Group Decisions = Social data and personas essential© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • IN A NUTSHELL We monitor data to give us insight into our B2B target audience© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • WHY DOES DATA MATTER? SOCIAL DATA AND ATTRIBUTES CAN GUIDE THE CREATION AND SHARING OF SOCIAL CONTENT TO FOSTER B2B RELATIONSHIPS. The right time: B2B buying cycle can be months, not days. The right topic: B2B audience can be more technical. The right channel: B2B audience can be found on LinkedIn, forums and communities. The right creative and format: B2B audience wants to repackage and repurpose.© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • WHAT CAN WE KNOW ABOUT TARGET AUDIENCES? A LOT. Are they on social? If so, what is their social footprint? What topics do they post the most about? What industry topics do they care about? What type of content are they consuming? And where? Whom are they connected to? Who are their competitors and influencers? What groups or forums are they most active in?© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • WHAT ARE B2B AUDIENCE TYPES? B2B BRANDS FOCUS ON BUILDING THREE CORE TYPES OF EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. Prospects Customers BDMs vs. TDMs Retention and Upsell Influencers Social, Analysts, Online/Offline© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • HOW CAN THE RELATIONSHIP BE QUANTIFIED? WE CAN MEASURE RELATIONSHIPS USING SOCIAL ATTRIBUTES. Social footprint: Reach, resonance and relevance Areas of expertise: Groups, forums, background Social connections: Followers, mentions, RTs Top online sources: URLs, relevancy, influence Influencer relationships: Historical mentions, sentiment Competitor relationships: Historical mentions, sentiment© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • OUR WORK Here are examples of how we use social media to fuel B2B relationships© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • SOCIAL DATA IN ACTION IF YOU KNEW, BASED ON INDUSTRY BUZZ AND POST ANALYSIS, THAT… Many individuals were still asking questions about fixed assets and the benefits of a fixed asset management software.© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • SOCIAL DATA IN ACTION THEN YOU COULD CREATE… • Almost 455,000 brand impressions • 66 social shares, including 49 RTs and 12 inShares on LinkedIn • 2,500% increase in new blog visitors • 600% increase in average daily visitors over the pre-posting average© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • SOCIAL DATA IN ACTION OR IF YOU KNEW, BASED ON INDUSTRY BUZZ AND POST ANALYSIS, THAT… There were key pain points and conversation topics your audience had related to cloud computing, and that they varied by industry.© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • SOCIAL DATA IN ACTION THEN YOU COULD CREATE… Industry-specific infographics linking to a white paper.© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • SOCIAL DATA IN ACTION AND… • Why is the banking and financial industry “quickly” adopting cloud computing? • Is driving the idea of using cloud computing for business ventures a stronger point to make for skeptics in the finance and banking industry who are focused on the security issue of cloud computing? • What business case can be presented to convince finance professionals of the A script for tailored video content that answers key questions advantages of cloud computing? your audience has.© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • THANK YOU© 2012 Mason Zimbler CONFIDENTIAL
  • Enterprise Social Media Unvarnished Truth Cliff Kinard - IBMThe views expressed in this presentation are mine and not those of IBM
  • Did I say? The views expressed in thispresentation are mine and not those of IBM
  • IBM’s Social FootprintIBM external social footprint• 300,000 IBMers on Linkedin• 198,000 IBMers on FB• 25,000 IBMers on TwitterIBM’s internal social footprint• 17,000 individual blogs• 1 million daily page views of internal wikis, info websites• 15 million downloads of employee-generated videos/podcasts• 20 million minutes of eMeetings every month int/external• 40-50 million instant messages per day
  • Welcome to my world!• Tech experts usually “suck” at being social• Social is NOT free or “just” a marketing channel• Lawyers, process junkies and policy gurus are everywhere• You really need the bean counters to be your friends• Outsourcing and interns are dangerous bedfellows “Jump in! The water is warm.”
  • Expert recruiting is very, very hard• Use existing programs, sites and pubs• Tech experts can be coached• Give them guidelines• Tools for execution and measurement• Promote their content and provide incentives• Be Flexible
  • Fishing where the expert fish are!IBM Redbooks, Forums• Every month over 500,000 IBM Redbooks are downloaded• Over 100,000 Redpapers are downloaded per month• Over 4,800 IBM Redbooks have been published• Over 1,100 residents participate in the program per year• 80,000+ technical professionals subscribe to the IBM Redbooks Weekly Newsletter Four million developers, IT professionals, and students in 195 countries use developerWorks each month
  • Coach and teach them to fish • Learning-and- doing • Get broad Education on Social and Security topics • Get detailed Enablement on specific tools and technologies • Use Social Business resources to find official hashtags, blogs, resharable graphics, and reference materials • Do recommended activities to improve your social footprint, then track your progress
  • Promote and expand expert eminence• Homepages andcommunity pages highlightexperts•Promote, promote, promote•Internal and external toolsfor customer and peerexpertise search•Measure and give feedback
  • Enterprise Social Media – The Unvarnished TruthSOCIAL IS NOT JUST A MARKETINGCHANNEL
  • Social Selling is the blending of digital technology, innovative web & social mediatechniques to increase reach, depth, leads, and expedite the sales cycle. Reach the clients Engage them and where they are … Get them to act … grow the relationship … Call Virtual Briefcase Social Media Chat Video & Web conferencing Home Pages Rep Page Collaborate Content should Have at least E-contact 1 call to action, which can be reinforced in all other mediums. Stay Connected
  • Rep page 1-1 chatWas Web Sales included inwebcam distribution? Invitation to chat appears in the lower right corner of your screen Client initiates chat
  • Customers are saying about the Rep Page • Customer’s are saying  Simplifies my web experience  Single page for communicating my rep  Interacting with my sales rep and get the latest updates on information that is important to me  I can bookmark the page to get a hold of my rep without searching through emails or contacts  Customized information just for me and my needs!  Local & industry events that I care about • Customers do use it & do share with others! • The Rep Page accelerates responsiveness
  • Did I say? The views expressed in thispresentation are mine and not those of IBM
  • Policies are painful but we need themIBM Social Computing Guidelines1. Know and follow IBMs Business Conduct Guidelines.2. IBMers are personally responsible for the content they publish on-line, whether in a blog, social computing site or any other form of user-generated media. Be mindful that what you publish will be public for a long time—protect your privacy and take care to understand a sites terms of service.3. Identify yourself—name and, when relevant, role at IBM—when you discuss IBM or IBM-related matters, such as IBM products or services. You must make it clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of IBM.4. If you publish content online relevant to IBM in your personal capacity use a disclaimer such as this: "The postings on this site are my own and dont necessarily represent IBMs positions, strategies or opinions."5. Respect copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws.6. Dont provide IBMs or anothers confidential or other proprietary information and never discuss IBM business performance or other sensitive matters publicly.7. Dont cite or reference clients, partners or suppliers without their approval. When you do make a reference, link back to the source. Dont publish anything that might allow inferences to be drawn which could embarrass or damage a client.8. Respect your audience. Dont use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in IBMs workplace. You should also show proper consideration for others privacy and for topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory—such as politics and religion.9. Be aware of your association with IBM in online social networks. If you identify yourself as an IBMer, ensure your profile and related content is consistent with how you wish to present yourself with colleagues and clients.10. Dont pick fights, be the first to correct your own mistakes.11. Try to add value. Provide worthwhile information and perspective. IBMs brand is best represented by its people and what you publish may reflect on IBMs brand.12. Dont use use IBM logos or trademarks unless approved to do so.
  • IBM enterprise social web strategy• Enable the expert in the context of our go-to-market programs.• Optimize engagement across owned and earned social platforms to create shared belief with IBM experts and strategic constituencies.• Map social content and interactions to optimize the progression through the demand cycle.
  • Enterprise Social Media- The Unvarnished TruthMEASURE EVERYTHINGREGARDLESS OF ROI CONCERNS
  • Ongoing analytics 43
  • Acknowledgments• IBM Inside sales team – Jeanette Browning• IBM Systems management – Scott Hawkins• IBM Corporate HQ –• IBM STG team – Angie Brown, Shlomo Ron, Renee Bain and• ITSO Redbook team – Tina Williams• IBM SmartCloud and Social Business Teams• My wife – Maureen
  • Social Platforms
  • The Beautiful Myth of B2BSocial Media@rohitbhargavaPresented at Spredfast Social Summit , Austin – October 2012
  • The Snickers Problem …
  • 48
  • 49
  • What Is VisionaryMeasurement?Visionary measurementfocuses on business impactinstead of recording volume. 50
  • 4 Elements Of Business Value: Increase Increase Efficiency Sales or or Save WOM Money Increase Inspire Employee Innovation Retention 51
  • Tip #1:Don’t start with BS … 52
  • Tip #2:Have a strategy, not a bubble.
  • Tip #3:Be Useful. 54
  • Tip #4:Redefine “conversation.”
  • Tip #5:Focus on the big picture.
  • What Am I MostExcited About?Social media can help solvethe biggest B2B businessproblem today …
  • 58
  • Thank you! Visit for daily insights from the Ogilvy team!Twitter: @rohitbhargava Download a free excerpt of Likeonomics at
  • Q&A Jon Sander Cliff Kinnard Mason Zimbler IBM @thejonsander @cliffkinnard Rohit Bhargava Ogilvy @rohitbhargava#SFsummit