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Advanced Facebook Capabilities to Elevate Your Brand
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Advanced Facebook Capabilities to Elevate Your Brand


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Deirdre Walsh (Jive Software) …

Deirdre Walsh (Jive Software)

Social sharing is rapidly expanding across the web, and Facebook shares over four billion pieces of content every day. How are major brands using Facebook in their social strategy today and what does the future of Facebook marketing look like? This session will delve into techniques, tactics and lessons learned for targeting, promoted content, sponsored stories and Timeline for brands.

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  • From a like to a sale and ultimately an advocate.
  • Promoted = AdvertisingEarned = Social MediaOwned = Jive Talks and Jive Community
  • Drivers of success:Reach + Engagement = ConversionsContent is KING and reason people Click/ Like/ Sign up
  • But let’s look at our actual results….
  • Transcript

    • 1. Advanced Facebook Capabilities to Elevate Your Brand Transform a “User” into an Engaged Fan / Follower Deirdre Walsh @deirdrewalsh Jive - Sr. Social Media Manager Carolyn Pawelek @cgpawelek Spredfast - Director of Social Services
    • 2. Have always been a geek.PR, Public Affairs, Community Management, Social Media for Tech Companies
    • 3. The Spredfast Partnership Ellen Westcott, Social Kavya Nath, Promoted Business Strategist Content Strategist Ellen helps clients achieve Kavya specializes in social their full social potential network promotions and through platform optimization assisting customers in getting and social strategy. the most out of their advertising spend via social. Matthew Cunningham, Kristen Sussman, Custom Solutions Community Architect Management Matthew and his team create Kristen and her team expand unique social encounters the voice of the customer and leveraging over 10 years of assist with the measurement experience designing and of social business success developing award-winning throughout the program. applications.
    • 4. Eat Our Own Dog FoodSocial Team at Jive Software • Employee Community • External Communities – Customers, Prospects, Partners, Developers, Press • Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google+
    • 5. Social Collaboration Social Intranet Social Customer Service“ Jive allows us to work viral, to “ We have 10,000 users just 4 “ Every question that gets have a freedom of exchange weeks after implementing answered on the community that no other mechanisms will Jive.” saves us $150.” allow.” CEO Director of Intranet Strategy Director of Customer Support Alcatel Lucent Bupa LANDesk Social Marketing Sales Enablement “ Students using Phoenix “ New hire sales revenue Connect spent 25% more attainment increased by time on our student site on 30%.” average.” CEO National Training Manager Apollo Group Toshiba © Jive confidential
    • 6. Business ChallengeDrive Trials of New Software Product
    • 7. The Day You Give Them Jive
    • 8. 1. DefineSet clear goals that align withoverall business objectives
    • 9. Define: Campaign GoalsEnsure social goals align with business goals• Increase awareness• Reposition corporate brand• Drive leads and software trials• Foster loyalty and advocacyEach with measurable targets
    • 10. Define: Target AudienceTalkers – Flip the Funnel Talkers • Fans, bloggers, influencers, employees, customers • Anyone who will talk about Jive, our products or assets Prospects • Ambitious, driven • Fortune 1000 company, + Top 50 prospects • Directly / indirectly manage highly collaborative teams in customer support, marketing, services, IT and/or sales.
    • 11. Define: Target Audience GoalsDon’t forget – both sides need to benefit By participating, customers, influencers, & prospects get: • latest news and info • insider views into Jive • proficient via best practice sharing • connected to like-minded people • voice heard inside and outside Jive • recognized for great work, promoted as thought-leaders
    • 12. Define: Role of Each Social PlatformChannel differentiation is key to building a social ecosystem Channel Function Facebook Social hub where Jive curates the best-in-social from across the web and reinforces industry expertise Twitter Provides of-the-moment industry and product news; where Jive engages influencers YouTube Videos highlight customers and reinforce industry expertise LinkedIn Reserved for more in-depth, strategic conversations Instagram Infuse personality into brand Google + Forum for technical conversation Corporate Blog Provides resources to equip mid-level managers
    • 13. 2. IntegrateDon’t be an island. Connect tointernal structure, process, plans.
    • 14. Integrate: All TeamsSocial DNA Employees Mgmt.• everyone is impacted by social Suppor Agency• virtual social media team with t contacts in key departments• formalize employee social media Spredfast Sales guidelines• social media trainings R&D Marketing• empowered and rewarded participation Public Corp. Relations
    • 15. Integrate all social strategiesIntegrate promoted, earned, and owned social actions to drive activity, reach,and engagement Social Media Users Social Impressions Engagement Fan / Follower Acquisition + Acquisition Engagement = Leads Action JIVE LEADS
    • 16. Integrate social throughout customer journeyAwareness Engage Try Buy Use Loyal• Social • Social • Online • Customer • Adoption kit • Webcasts advertising marketing – community reference and • Jive Talks • Champions• Influencer earned and support and case studies best practices • Rewards and relationship- owned engagement in blog posts reputation building • Social sharing • Gamification• Syndication in trial and curation
    • 17. 3. ListenMonitor and respond toactionable conversation
    • 18. Social Media Management• more than just mass media news sharing• it’s about building valuable relationships• analyze social to gain insight about company, products• also helps monitor competition, get leads, provide support• FTC guidelines requires socially-active companies truthful policies and training monitor the conversation and correct mistakes
    • 19. Monitoring Partner RelationshipsSocial Prospecting Customer RelationshipsCustomer Service
    • 20. 4. EngageAdd value to the social streams
    • 21. Social Content CalendarEnsures value-added content creation & syndication – not more noise
    • 22. Integrated Social Media Marketing Approach
    • 23. Social Publishing Live Tweeting from EventsContent Creation & Syndication Encourage ConversationCall to Action: Try Jive
    • 24. CurationEngage with Influencers • 50% of Jive social content comes from other sources • Create conversations with influencers and “talkers”
    • 25. GamificationInteractive Facebook App Office Hero Super Powers - promote through timeline - make engagement fun
    • 26. Paid Engagements“Like” ads, Promoted Content, Right Rail“The Doer”: Marketing Manager, Community Manager“The Strategist”: Marketing Director“The Decision Maker”: Vice President, CMO
    • 27. 5. BuildGrow successful channels that youmanage.
    • 28. Social Channels
    • 29. 6. ActivateReward and amplify key evangelists
    • 30. Employee= BestREAL Office Heroes Brand Advocate Social Advocate Customer Spotlight Thursday Thanks
    • 31. 7. AnalyzeTrack and report impact acrossbusiness
    • 32. Nearly 66% of interactive marketers are NOT currently measuring their social marketing initiatives
    • 33. Analyze: Key Earned Social Media Metrics Jive Software trial registrations
    • 34. When campaign kicked off, only 5.9% of the Jive Software Facebook community was engaged. Today, we are at 45% This is great for B2B!
    • 35. Promoted ResultsPaid Social Media – Two WeeksFans and Follower Acquisition • 12% increase in Twitter followers directly attributed to promoted content • More than 100% growth in Facebook fans attributed directly to ads and sponsored stories • Engagement increased as “base” was built throughout the program.• Most B2B on Twitter run in the 1-2%, we are at 6%.
    • 36. Owned ResultsJive Talks “thought-leadership” and actionable recommendations perform bestTop 10 Roles of an Internal Community Manager got 30X traffic of any other post
    • 37. Analyze: Key Business MetricsDrove trials and had higher sales conversions than othermarketing channels
    • 38. 7 Steps to become a Social Office HeroDefine Integrate Listen Engage Build Activate AnalyzeSet clear Connect to Monitor and Add value to Grow Reward and Track andgoals that internal respond to the social successful amplify key reportalign with structure, actionable streams channels evangelists impact overall process, convos that you acrossbusiness plans. manage. businessobjectives
    • 39. Top 4 Lessons Learned1. Increasing reach and engagement raises lead potential2. Publishing rich content that fans/followers share along with paid content promoting the trial provided a consistent level of engagement which give credibility to the brand and product3. Prompting fans to take action and provide feedback, not only drove Sign Ups, but also created word-of-mouth engagement that helped expand the reach of content4. There is a social funnel: • Reach leads to Potential Impressions • Potential Impressions lead to Real Impressions • Real Impressions lead to Fan/Follower Acquisition • Acquisitions lead to Conversions