Achievement Series: Fueling Social Programs with Winning Content

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Smart social brands are revving their content engines to stay ahead of the competition. Get in the driver's seat with social practitioners from LinkedIn, Raidious, and Spredfast to discuss how winning …

Smart social brands are revving their content engines to stay ahead of the competition. Get in the driver's seat with social practitioners from LinkedIn, Raidious, and Spredfast to discuss how winning content fuels social programs and drives traffic back to the business in meaningful ways.

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  • MichaelBrito “your brand, the next media company”Kristina wrote a book called content strategy for the webJay Baer “Youtility” Leadership Series speaker
  • Consumer reviews are 12x more trusted than brand-generated marketing messages (eMarketer, February 2010)at the beginning of the year we announced a partnership with bazaarvoice to help brands identify and amplify positive ratings and reviews from real product owners across the social web.Sharing ratings and reviews gives a voice to your advocates andprovides your audience with valuable firsthand content
  • Consumer reviews are 12x more trusted than brand-generated marketing messages (eMarketer, February 2010)
  • Great content can exist at multiple points in space and time. Right channel right content right consumer
  • Great Ideas don’t always mean Great Social ContentImperative to gutcheck using the tons of data available today (whether you are using a tool like spredfast or publishing natively)
  • Touched on with REI/Customers but will explore more with engagement/lauren, gannett, rackspace.Hand over to taulbee
  • We’re making great strides toward our mission:LinkedIn has over 225 million members, and we’re now adding more than two members per second. This is the fastest rate of absolute member growth in the company’s history. Sixty-four percent of LinkedIn members are currently located outside of the United States.LinkedIn counts executives from all 2012 Fortune 500 companies as members; its corporate talent solutions are used by 88 of the Fortune 100 companies.More than 3 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages.LinkedIn members did over 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searches on the platform in 2012.[See for a complete list of LinkedIn facts and stats]
  • But, we’re just getting started. By our measure,there are more than 640 million professionals in the world. And roughly 3.3 billion people in the global workforce. Ultimately, our vision is to create economic opportunity for every professional, which we believe is an especially crucial objective in light of current macroeconomic trends.
  • For us, fundamentally changing the way the world works begins with our mission statement: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. This means not only helping people to find their dream jobs, but also enabling them to be great at the jobs they’re already in.


  • 1. Fueling Social Programs with Winning Content Spredfast Achievement Series #SFAchieve
  • 2. Courtney Doman Social Media Specialist Spredfast @cjdoman @spredfast Connie Chan Wang Social Media Strategist LinkedIn @cheesycons @LinkedIn Taulbee Jackson CEO Raidious @taulbee @raidious Today’s Presenters #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 3. #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 4. “There is a content surplus and an attention deficit in the minds of consumers today.” - @britopian “High-quality web content that's useful, usable, and enjoyable is one of the greatest competitive advantages you can create for yourself online.” - @halvorson “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” - @jaybaer #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 5. #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 6. Who Contributes Content? Employees across the organization • Leadership • Business units • Locations Industry partners and peers Customers • Ratings and reviews • User Generated Content #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 7. Ratings and Reviews #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 8. #SFachieve @cjdoman User Generated Content
  • 9. User Generated Content #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 10. #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 11. What Makes Content Compelling? INSPIRING EDUCATIONALENTERTAINING #SFachieve @cjdoman Know your Audience Inform Them Motivate them to act Make them laugh, make them cry
  • 12. Building Blocks of Great Social Content #SFachieve @cjdoman K.I.S.S. Share this Stat! 73% share content to connect with others who share their interests
  • 13. #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 14. #SFachieve @cjdoman The Social Business Textbook
  • 15. A Framework for Great Content #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 16. #SFachieve @cjdoman Create
  • 17. Converse Curate
  • 18. #SFachieve @cjdoman
  • 19. Leverage real-time relevancy. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 20. Take some chances. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 21. There are no boring topics. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 22. Know your audience. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 23. Know your audience’s culture. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 24. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 25. Know popular culture. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 26. Show the story, don’t just tell it. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 27. Think big. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 28. Super Bowl XLVI Social Media Command Center aka Raidious Control Real Time Brand News Room
  • 29. Know why you’re doing this. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 30. 57,000+ new followers 35% increase in reach 1,211% increase in engagement Responded to over 100 different real time situations. Share of Voice parity with Target Sentiment 81% Favorable Best Black Friday in the history of the company. Exceeded analyst expectations with earnings of $1.67 per share on profits of $1.27 Billion. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 31. 300k estimated impressions, 1800 confirmed mentions on twitter 47% positive sentiment (1% negative) Local press National press Drove thought leadership reputation #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 32. Reach is up +36,000 in a year 50% increase in engagement Email open rates up 12% Email CTR up 13%. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 33. 25% increase in visits 122% increase in page views 45% decrease in bounce rate Referrals from LinkedIn: Up 497%, #1 non-search referrer Referrals from Facebook: Up 391%, #5 non-search referrer Referrals from Twitter: Up 211%, #7 non-search referrer Online leads, 2011: 15 Online Leads, 2012: 6,625 #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 34. Increased total audience from 100,000 to 1,500,000+. Comp store sales up 5.5%. Online sales increased 60.1%. Engagement increased from 35 (Feb) to over 70,000 (Jul). CEO credited social / content for sales increases. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 35. Grew audience from 315 to over 49,000 in 12 months without any paid media or PR support. 2,000,000+ amplified impressions in 1st 6 months. Total value: over $3.2 Million. Delivered over 64 million impressions in two weeks. Positive sentiment ratio of 3.6:1 Over $200 Million in media exposure, just for the “social media command center” coverage. At kickoff, our Klout score exceeded the NFL’s regarding the Super Bowl. #SFachieve @taulbee
  • 36. #Winning Social Content Connie Chan Wang Social Media Strategist at LinkedIn @cheesycons
  • 37. Social media is not an island #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 38. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network 1 As of June 27, 2013 2 As of March 31, 2013 225M+ Members Worldwide Growing at more than two members per second >3M 88% 2 1 Company Pages Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn Talent Solutions to hire 1 #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 39. LinkedIn’s Vision. Create economic opportunity for every professional in the world #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 40. LinkedIn’s Mission. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 41. We’re a part of professional conversations wherever they’re happening #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 42. Our Social team is evolving into an internal agency #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 43. 5 steps to creating winning content 1. What’s your story? Define audience and goals. 2. What content is most engaging for this audience? 3. Which distribution channels should we leverage to reach our audience? 4. How do we measure success based on goals? 5. Can we extend this content? #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 44. Case Study: Best LinkedIn Company Pages #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 45. Goal: Encourage administrators to engage more with their LinkedIn Company Pages #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 46. Crowdsourced content #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 47. Created “Top 12 LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012” Slideshare #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 48. Distributed content via all relevant channels #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 49. Winning results 10%increase in LinkedIn Company Page administrators posting status updates 535kViews on Slideshare, continues to be most viewed deck on our channel #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 50. Next Play #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 51. Case Study: Most InDemand Employers #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 52. Goal: Use LinkedIn data to help members & recruiters #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 53. Created Top 10 Most InDemand Tech Startups #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 54. Distributed content via all relevant channels #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 55. Winning early results #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 56. Next Play #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 57. Social media is not an island #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 58. Let’s keep talking! @cheesycons #SFachieve @cheesycons
  • 59. Courtney Doman @cjdoman @spredfast Connie Chan Wang @cheesycons @LinkedIn Taulbee Jackson @taulbee @raidious Thanks! Slides from today’s presentation can be found at #SFachieve