[En] Decisional Analytics Solutions - Presentation 2012


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Presentation of Spotter, Decisional Analytics Solutions (2012)


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[En] Decisional Analytics Solutions - Presentation 2012

  1. 1. Spotter Decisional Analytics Solutions ASK FOR A spotterbusdev@spotter.comGIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND
  2. 2. SPOTTER DECISIONAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS Who We Are Spotter moves Media and Social Media Analytics to the next level by combining highly sophisticated, professional analysis with state-of-the-art technology. Our mission is to ensure 100% relevant information and provide decisional analytics, with dedicated solutions for Marketing, Communication, Risk and Strategy. Technology Text mining, semantics, sentiment analysis, statistics, scorings, mapping and graphical representations Online & Offline Content We cover all types of sources: Expertise Blogs, Forums, Twitter, Facebook, YouTub We provide you with tailor- e, Web Sites, Web News, Print made, 100% relevant solutions and Press, Television, Radio, Internal data ... analysis, thanks to our team of multilingual and multicultural experts2 GIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND
  3. 3. SPOTTER DECISIONAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS What We Offer Either you use the Spotter Platform (SaaS) to get alerted, explore and share your data, or do your own analysis, and/or you can let our experts provide you with Alerts, Reports and Studies. Reports & Ad-Hoc Studies Synthesis & SPOTTER Platform Barometers Alerts & Newsletters3 GIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND
  4. 4. SPOTTER DECISIONAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS SPOTTER Platform The Spotter Platform for Decisional Analytics integrates a number of modules and tools, activated according to the needs of each specific project and client. This module integrates tools This module integrates tools This module integrates back- to visualise, customise and to explore, organise, qualify office tools for complete and manage your interactive and analyse your project independent management of Dashboards. They can be data. It also allows you to your project: creation and shared between a group of generate, export and maintenance of sources and users or be personalised for publish Graphics and queries, management of the usage of one or more Newsletters to be shared users, data collection and specific users. within your company. treatment, global quality control …4 GIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND
  5. 5. SPOTTER DECISIONAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS  Access it via your iPad, any other computer tablet or Browser The Decisional Dashboard contains several Widgets : • Graphics: volume, topics, tone, … • Editorial: manual analysis and synthesis written by Analysts and/or a selection of results • Scores: composed indicators that are specific to your project and offers: • several levels of analysis thanks to inter-connected dashboards, • easy configuration, with personalised dashboards that are adapted to users’ needs, • direct access to articles, posts, comments, tweets, … with dynamic and interactive widgets. Spotter’s Widget Library Companies with a risk Top topics Sub themes Top entities per topic Global tone Twitter presence Digital visibility Top sources and tone Risk Factor Type of sources Top authors and tone …5 GIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND
  6. 6. SPOTTER DECISIONAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS  Analyse, organise and share your data within Spotter Workshop Main functionalities • Immediate visualisation of the number of results, for the day and in the archives, on the monitoring plan • Results organised per topic, sub-topic, type of media and/or group of sources • Qualification of results per tone, risk, or any other qualitative criteria defined for your project • Advance search engine combining full-text research, metadata and text-mining • Real-time social media impact monitoring for all results published on the Internet • Visualisation of word clouds of entities, speeches and the content of reported speech • Generation of graphics which can be easily exported for use in your newsletters or reports • Creation, visualisation and distribution of Newsletters, Alerts and Press Reviews • Add your own summaries, post-it notes, translations and fine tune the qualification of the results • Analyse zone dedicated to each user to manage search requests, graphs, personal folders6 GIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND
  7. 7. SPOTTER DECISIONAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS SPOTTER Analytical Deliverables Spotter’s consulting team monitor and analyse online and offline content for you. They provide customised reports, alerts and barometers that are ready to be published to multiple departments within your company. ALERTS & SYNTHESES & REPORTS & NEWSLETTERS BAROMETERS AD-HOC STUDIES • Filtered and analysed Synthesis & Barometers are Reports can be ordered to: information provided to the created to: • Map stakeholders’ opinions right public about your brands, products, … • Provide a global analysis of • Risk Issues identified/assessed your environment • Measure the efficiency of your through your project criteria actions and campaigns • Follow the positioning of • Alerts on your specific risks: • Evaluate social trends, public Stakeholders to help you Reputation, Business, Products perceptions, … anticipate their moves , Market ... • Identify best practices in other countries, sectors, markets ...7 GIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND
  8. 8. SPOTTER DECISIONAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS Spotter Strengths NO NOISE • Results can’t be accurate if you don’t customize and qualify the sourcing according to the needs of each project • Data Quality must be maximum for efficient analysis: no adverts, duplicates, non relevant documents … NOT ONLY SOCIAL MEDIA • Get a 360 vision of your reputation or market by combining Social Media, Print Press, Online Media, Television, Radio, Websites, Forums, Social Networks, Blogs or comments related to articles on online media… • Why use multiple tools & agencies to cover all sources with heterogeneous methods & results? COMBINING TECHNOLOGY WITH HUMAN EXPERTISE • Fully Automated sentiment analysis on Social Media gives poor results … and does not help decision making • We believe that state-of-the art technology and human expertise used together create a real value to our clients QUANTITATIVE & QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS • Graphs are more valuable for Senior Management when they are completed with a quick comment or short analysis. • Do you have time to read all posts, tags, tweets, articles yourself? What about doing it in 15 languages? MORE THAN MULTILINGUAL - MULTICULTURAL • Market solutions usually focus on English in terms of sources, sentiment analysis… Spotter excels in its international offerings in a wide array of languages and covers all geographical zones. • Understanding the culture of a region/country is essential to get the right market pulse: native analysts are necessary to identify the right sources, create the right queries and evaluate criticity or tone. ADVANCED ANALYTICS • Creating CUSTOMISED SCORING by combining Metadata/queries with human qualification is UNIQUE in the market • We apply specific models to correctly identify influencers and assign higher value to their feedback8 GIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND
  9. 9. SPOTTER DECISIONAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS Information Syndication Spotter combines its own web source catalogue with a global network of information providers, including professional, international, and domain-specific databases. We cover all types of sources from online and Print Television Online social media to traditional Press & Radio Media media: Blogs, Forums, Twitter, Fac ebook, YouTube, Web Sites, Web Blogs News, LinkedIn, Print Web (Experts, Internal Data Press, Television, Radio, Int Sites journalists, (CRM, KM Base…) actors, personal) ernal data... We handle +23 languages: English, French, German, D Forums Social Comments utch, Spanish, Portuguese, Newsgroups Networks of articles Polish, Russian… but also Arabic, Chinese, Japanese.. .9 GIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND
  10. 10. SPOTTER DECISIONAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS Some of our References Institutions Strategy Marketing & & Risk Communication Corporate10 GIVING YOU THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND