[En] European Com Summit 2012 Conference


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European communication Summit - Spotter Conference - How State of the Art Media Monitoring and Analysis Work As Part of Communications and Reputation Management Strategy? - Brussels, 4 & 5 July 2012.


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[En] European Com Summit 2012 Conference

  1. 1. How State of the Art Media Monitoring andAnalysis Work As Part of Communicationsand Reputation Management Strategy Brussels, 4 & 5 July 2012
  2. 2. Who We AreSpotter moves Media and SocialMedia Analytics to the next levelby combining highly sophisticated,professional analysis with state-of-the-art technology. • We have 14 years of experience • We treat more than 30 languages • We cover all types of media all over the world We work for major brands and institutions : Air France, Chanel, European Commission, Orange, ...
  3. 3. Who We AreOur mission is to ensure 100% relevant information and provide decisionalanalytics, with dedicated solutions and applications for Marketing,Communication, Risk and Strategy. Precise Intelligent Sourcing Qualificatio n Decisiona Advanced l Analysis Reporting
  4. 4. Market ShiftsSince 1998 we have been facing majorchanges in the Information Market :• Rise of Social Media• Development of Analytics• Treatment of Big-Data in the Cloud… and major social changes to new-older Digital Users From Young • Buying Digital Natives • Searching for advice • Expecting an answer • Wanting to share
  5. 5. Challenges for Communications Measurement The challenge today is no longer to find, collect and structure relevant data, but to transform this information into tools that can help decision making! Communications Measurement needs to combine : • Share of Voice and Digital Visibility • Media Reach and Social Reach • Media Opinions and Consumers/Citizens feedback and to keep in mind that even if it is necessary new tools and technology to deal with social data, the fundamentals of the analysis are the same: must be simple, efficient and help you take concrete decisions
  6. 6. How can we deal with these changes 2 concrete examples to show how it can be done: Corporate Reputation Communications Efficiency& Marketing Intelligence & Citizens Voice
  7. 7. Reputation Management & Marketing IntelligenceWhy BtoC market Very exposed brand Client since 2 years A very complete project, that uses all SPOTTER services • Multilingual monitoring French / English • Geolocalisation detection : only data from Europe, USA and Canada • Monitoring and Analytics interface to manage and analyse the data • Decisional Dashboards with several views imbricated • Daily Newsletters – Synthesis of the last news, Key indicators and Risk Factor • Real-time Automatic Alerts based on a selection of sources and key words • Weekly Reports with specific analysis for Corporate and Marketing Departments • Ad-hoc Studies to analyse specific issues, evaluate crisis impact, ... • Dedicated team with a daily communications with the Project Manager
  8. 8. Reputation Management & Marketing Intelligence  Definition of objectives and achievements expectedClient Request: Goals:• Monitor social conversations related to clients • Identify unsatisfaction and/or questions to experience, clients expectations or clients engage conversation opinions on the brand • Detect negative buzz to react immediately• Monitor media coverage on corporate issues • Analyse trends of client perception of the that may impact the company’s reputation: services and of the offer in general financial, social, management, … • Benchmark with competitors• ... in French and English to cover Europe and • Reduce time of internal work North America
  9. 9. Reputation Management & Marketing Intelligence  Validation of the scope of the projectHuge work with Air France team to have a betterunderstanding of: • their media and digital environment • their services and offers • the specific language of aviation sector
  10. 10. Reputation Management & Marketing Intelligence Definition of the Monitoring plan and Analytical grid STEP n°3 STEP n°4 Boarding Flight STEP n°5 Baggage collection STEP n°2 Check-in STEP n°6 After-sales service Define a plan that represents the STEP n°1 Information / real traveller experience Reservation Not only on paper, but also with field experience via a guided tour of Charles de Gaulle Airport to really understand what passengers go through.
  11. 11. Reputation Management & Marketing Intelligence Definition of the Monitoring plan and Analytical grid
  12. 12. Reputation Management & Marketing Intelligence Data organised on the Client Platform
  13. 13. Reputation Management & Marketing Intelligence Conception and Implementation of Decisional Dashboards
  14. 14. Reputation Management & Marketing Intelligence Daily Newsletters
  15. 15. Reputation Management & Marketing Intelligence Weekly Reports
  16. 16. Reputation Management & Marketing Intelligence Ad-Hoc Studies
  17. 17. Reputation Management & Marketing IntelligenceBenefits and ExperiencesDaily • Fine-tune the communications actions on an• Corporate: Identify corporate risk on-going basis and emerging topics • Helps to prepare counter-actions or corrective• Marketing: Instant feedback on actions new products, new adverts, etc. • Engagement with unsatisfied clients or consumers requesting informationWeekly • Enables them to take a step back and to put• Corporate: Gives an overall things into perspective for a company having snapshot of the weeks coverage to permanently deal with hot topics and• Marketing: Benchmark with sensitive situations competitors • See whether it is necessary to improve the offer over time or not --> feeds marketing strategy reflection
  18. 18. Not only private companies that are interested… An increasing number of Institutions too!
  19. 19. Social media are changing the relationship between citizens and institutions Change from one way to Spread messages directly two way communication with instant feedback Institutions have a new Connections between people powerful channel of lead to viral sharing of key communication to reach a information wider public Citizens expectations and Citizens talk directly to centres of interest are within representatives and expect reach to be replied to
  20. 20. Institutions are facing new challenges ...and tools need to be adaptedCitizens are increasingly communicating with institutions LISTEN FIND & STRUCTURE … and generate unstructured content CONTENT UNDERSTAND, ANALYSE & Citizens have a new power of influence USE THIS INFLUENCE INTERACT & ENGAGE Social Media is Two-Way channel CONVERSATIONS DEVELOP ONE-TO-ONE Citizens want to be considered as individuals RELATIONSHIP TAKE POSITIONS AND Communication on Social Media is now a CLAIM YOUR PLACE necessity
  21. 21. Social Media Main uses for Public Institutions• Spread key messages and measure impact• Identify new influencers outside the institutional sphere and develop relationships• Understand citizens preoccupations by analysing conversations on EU matters• Detect emergent topics and anticipate communication risks • Improve communications through influential sources that are widely “shared” by citizens and opinion leaders • Evaluate sentiment towards the Institution representatives, actions and initiatives • Keep up to date with key players digital communication and influence
  22. 22. Social Pulse of Citizen Voice Example of Previously monitoring and analysis of more traditional media….• Monitoring of print and online media in 27 Member States• Focus on Issues linked to the Digital Agenda and EC communication actions in particular• Daily Synthesis of coverage, top topics in the news, presence of Commission representatives• Weekly analysis: Which countries published the most ? Where is the weakest coverage ? How effective were communication actions during the week (IP, MEMO, SPEECH).• Zoom on specific actions – Which messages were the most successful? Which were not picked up?
  23. 23. Social Pulse of Citizen Voice… but now fully aware of the importance ofsocial media and want to use potentialIntegration of SOCIALPULSE Module• Weekly reports on impact of EC topics in Social Media• New indicators, including Sentiment Index and Social Reach of communication actions• Detection of new form of impact: some topics were not well picked up by traditional media, but well picked up by social media• Identification of key influencers• Detection of Top viral issues
  24. 24. Conclusion• Don’t focus just on technology but on how results will lead to concrete actions• Find the way to combine all types of media that may impact or reflect the opinions of your target audience• Give preference to flexible solutions that may evolve over time with your company• Implement a system that meets the needs of your internal clients: core team, top management and end -users
  25. 25. Thanks for your attention! Ana Athayde CEO E anaathayde@spotter.com T + 33(0)4 67 68 61 72 Richard Weetman Directeur of Client Relations E rweetman@spotter.com T + 33(0)4 67 68 61 74