Bringing Geoinformation to the Enterprise with Google Earth


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Spot Image provides a new packaged business solution for geoinformation needs : Google Earth Entreprise, the worldwide geodata reference.
Spot Image is a « Google Authorized Reseller ».
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Bringing Geoinformation to the Enterprise with Google Earth

  1. 1. Bringing GoogleEarth to the Enterprise Jean-Francois FAUDI Web & E-Business Spot Image, Toulouse, France
  2. 2. Spot Image and Infoterra • Professional services in geoinformation – More than 25 year experience in satellite imagery services – Access to a unique constellation of optical and radar satellites – Strong know-how in professional derived services • Deep understanding of our customer’s expertise and needs, in various fields: – Agriculture – Defense – Maritime – Risks
  3. 3. Spot Infoterra inside Astrium Airbus Military Eurocopter Astrium Defence Transport & Security Aircraft Turnover 2008: Systems € 4.2 billion Staff : 13,000* Astrium Satellites Astrium Services Space Transportation Telecommunications Terminals & Products Earth Observation Navigation * France, Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands
  4. 4. A global presence The Earth Observation of Astrium Services An internartional network of partners and customers A team of 800+ people located in 13 countries United Kingdom Germany Hungary France Spot Image Corporation Spot Image Beijing Infoterra Spot Image Tokyo Spain Spot Image Infoterra AP Spot Image Mexico Spot Image Spot Asia Peru Spot Image Brasil Spot Imaging Services
  5. 5. GEE solutions for integrators • Spot Infoterra is an « Google Authorized Reseller » and offers Google’s geospatial solutions • GoogleEarth Enterprise licenses • GoogleMaps API Premier licenses • Associated support including installation and training • Spot Infoterra also offers ready-to-use geospatial content for GoogleEarth Enterprise • A wide-range of geospatial content • Satellite and aerial imagery, DEM, 3D city models • Associated services – On-demand refresh, Site moniroting – Hosting of GEE globes • And you deliver turn-key solutions to your clients – You can show your expertise by applying for the « Google Enterprise Professional » label
  6. 6. GoogleEarth Enterprise Key Assets • Full 2D and 3D multiplatform solution available on Widows, Mac, Linux and very soon available on mobile devices (Android + iPhone) • Reference solution when it comes to performance, allowing management of vast quantities of data and numerous users. Depending on hardware, one license can serve more than 1,000 users and 250 simultaneous request per second. • The free version of GoogleEarth has been installed more than 500 millions times. Which makes it the reference solution for its interface. This enables a quick and efficient use throughout the whole company (no training costs) • The GEE plugin is very convenient to integrate of 3D globes into web applications allowing for a variety of features and dedicated applications.
  7. 7. GEE is made of 3 main pieces • Google “Fusion Server” – The tool that enables the integration of geospatial content (images, vectors, 3D data) and creation of 3D globes in « Fusion » format • Google “Earth Server” – The server that publish the content created above • Google “Earth Client” – The software needed to visualize the globe on your desktop – 2D and 3D plugins are available to display globes and interact with them directly inside a web brower. Other content and services (GIS, ETL, KML, scripts)
  8. 8. Disseminate geospatial information Insurrance Real Estate Finance State, Governement Security Oil, Gaz, Minerals Telecommunications Transportation, Logistics Medias, Advertisement
  9. 9. Reference Imagery • GEE is delivered with a BlueMarble globe at 500 m. resolution • SPOTMaps coverages, designed for GoogleEarth, are available over 50 millions km² (in natural colors and 2.5 m. resolution) Afghanistan India Romania Algeria Iran Senegal Argentina Iraq Serbia Australia Israel Slovakia Belgium Italy Slovenia Bosnia & Herzegovina Jordan South Africa Botswana Kuwait South Korea Brazil Lesotho Spain Bulgaria Libya Sudan Chile Luxembourg Swaziland China Mali Syria Croatia Malta Taiwan Cyprus Mauritania Tunisia Czech Republic Mexico Turkey Djibouti Moldavia Turkmenistan Egypt Montenegro United Arab Emirates Eritrea Morocco United States (Southeast) France Mozambique Uruguay  Imagery delivered Galapagos Namibia Uzbekistan pre-ingested, processed Gambia North Korea Yemen Gaza Oman Zambia and ready for publishing Greece Pakistan Zimbabwe in GEE Guinea-Bissau Paraguay … Hungary Portugal
  10. 10. Digital Elevation Models • GEE is delivered with SRTM DEM by default • Spot Infoterra offers a DEM database « off-the-shelf » over more than 45 millions de km² – Horizontal accuracy better than 15 m. CE90 – Vertical accuracy better than 10 m. CE90
  11. 11. Aerial Imagery for Google Earth Enterprise – Global LandSat Coverage at 15 m. (eSat mosaic) – National coverages at less than 50 cm (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, …) – More than 700 world cities at 1m (Ikonos) © Copyright I-Cubed Distribution Spot Infoterra
  12. 12. 3D content for Google Earth Enterprise – 1000 major European cities in vertical and oblique views (4000+ municipalities) – More than 100 3D city models across Europe © Copyright BLOM Distribution Spot Infoterra
  13. 13. Reactive Imagery for Google Earth Enterprise • Get new imagery delivered directly into Google Earth to support any time-critical events • Data delivered in KML format within hours from acquisition • Data Hosted by SPOT for rapid online access • Monitoring & surveillance of targets, sites around the world using satellite Imagery • Daily Feed of fresh imagery into Google Earth Pro / Enterprise • Email notification to user when new imagery is available
  14. 14. GoogleEarth Mobile Solution Your Baseline Data easily accessible on the field ! • GEE solution is available as a portable, deployable, disconnected solution • The user selects his Area Of Interest on the main GEE globe • The systems creates a packaged version of the content that could be stored on a external hard drive • The content is served directly from a local Google Earth Server on the mobile device • Internet connection is not needed to access the content
  15. 15. GEE Client Demonstration
  16. 16. GEE Plugin Demonstrations • Creation of a globe integrating various datasets – Images : BlueMarble, SPOTMaps, Aerial Data – DEM : SRTM and Reference3D – Vectors : NavTeQ and VMAP0 – 3D buildings : Infoterra and Google3D Warehouse • Integration of this globe using the GEE Plugin and a JavaScript environment inside a web browser – Vancouver Olympic Ski Slopes – Geospatial Content available over Barcelona – Risk Analysis inside a Risk Management Portal • The JavaScript developments are independent of the GEE plugin itself, of the data and of the hosting • The development is identical to the standard GE API :
  17. 17. GEE Plugin Demonstrations
  18. 18. Hosted Globes Services • Spot Infoterra offers GEE services and its geospatial content on a subscription based model • How this works : – Setting up of the GE Server on a dedicated environment with security layer if requested • For example on Amazon Cloud / Web Services – Integration in Fusion format of the content of the client or selected content provided by Spot Infoterra or partners – Easy access to the globe through : • GoogleEarth Enterprise Client Application • 2D environment : GoogleMaps • 3D environment : GoogleEarth Plugin
  19. 19. Products & Services for Google Earth Enterprise GoogleEarth Reference Content Hosted Services Enterprise • GEE licenses for Earth • 2D and 3D content in • GoogleMaps API Fusion and Earth Server Fusion format over Premier licenses. more than 80 countries at various resolutions. • Hosting of shared or • Training and Consulting. dedicated globes • Reactive imagery through a subscription • Installation and services for monitoring based model. technical support. and crises. Close to final users though a network of partners and specialized integrators
  20. 20. Spot Image & Infoterra 5 rue des Satellites 31000 Toulouse Jean-François FAUDI France Web & E-Business Spot Image