Mhca fall sports parent meeting 2012


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Mhca fall sports parent meeting 2012

  1. 1.  Volleyball ◦ Head Coach: Caitlin DeWitt ( ◦ Asst. Coach: Ed Torres ( Cross-Country ◦ Head Coach: Javier Velez ( Soccer ◦ Head Coach: Oral Bullen ( Tennis  Head Coach: Ed Steele ( Cheerleading ◦ Head Coach: Michelle Moat ( ◦ Asst. Coach: Deb Moat
  2. 2.  Sports Participation Fee ◦ First Sport: $270 which includes Sports Fundraiser ◦ All other sports: $225 Online forms (Concussion, Steroids, etc.) ◦ -> Sports -> Forms -> Fill everything out electronically OR ◦ -> Forms Physical forms – can be printed on line and filled out by doctor and returned to nurse. Attendance ◦ You are expected to be at all practices and games. Emergencies happen but appointments need to not interfere with team practices and games. ◦ Schedules are not set in stone, you should check the website daily for any changes. Go to or click on “Sports” on the Mary Help home page.
  3. 3.  Coaches are committed to helping the girls reach their full potential. They will do what is best for the team at all times. Players are expected to respect the coaches’ decisions. If there are any concerns, they should be addressed after practice or a game, not before or during, because it takes away from the other team members. Parents are expected to be spectators and respect the coaches’ decisions. Cheering at the games is a big YES! Coaching your child or the team during the game or yelling at the referee is a big NO and will not be tolerated.
  4. 4.  Players must travel to the game with the team on the bus. A parent/guardian may drive their daughter home from a game or practice, but must sign her out with the coach before leaving. Every effort must be made to pick your daughter up from practices and games on time. Should you be unable to get there within a reasonable amount of time, please communicate this to the coach, so arrangements can be made. When and if this should occur, the girls will be escorted by their coach to the chapel or the Main Office where they will sit with the sisters until they can be picked up.
  5. 5.  High School Sports Website ◦ North Jersey Interscholastic Conference ◦ 24 Hour Policy ◦ Please allow 24 hours after a game to approach a coach with any concerns you may have. If you are not satisfied with the meeting you may express your concerns to the Athletic Director in writing. Please refrain from daily emails or text messages to coaches To receive text message and phone alerts, visit click on “Phone Alerts” or “E-mails” which are received as text messages.
  6. 6.  MHCA strives to be the beacon of good sportsmanship for Passaic County and NJACPlayers Play, Coaches Coach, Officials Officiate, Parents watch and have fun.
  7. 7.  Students and parents may design their own sports apparel, with a portion of the proceeds coming back to the MHCA Sports Program Visit: Volleyball and soccer: Knee Socks are considered part of the uniform. Each player is responsible for going out and purchasing a pair of plain white knee socks (they should not have any writing or logos on them). These are expected to be worn at all games: failure to do so will result in the player sitting the game out. This is a state and league requirement. Therefore it is highly recommended that each girl has several pairs.
  8. 8.  All proceeds benefit the MHCA sports program 100%. NFL Night (October 13, 2012, Doors open at 5:00 pm) Cheerleading Competition (January 27, 2013) The Cameos (March 9, 2013)
  9. 9.  Uniform washing Fundraiser events ◦ Sign up sheets will be available at the end of the meeting.