Tips for creating a Blood Trail


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A quick overview of Blood Trail - a unique role play experience exclusively available on You control who plays, what they do, where they go and what the final experience will be like. Visit for more details

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Tips for creating a Blood Trail

  1. 1. overviewWednesday 14 December 2011
  2. 2. Intro We created Blood Trail to be adapted and used by anyone, anywhere - so there is no single way to experience it. The next few slides provide a bit of background and some tips and ideas to help get you started.Wednesday 14 December 2011
  3. 3. blood trail Blood Trail is what we call a ‘Crowdtrail’ experience. The objective is to set a sequence of tasks that, when successfully completed, set the audience on a trail that leads to a single destination, i.e. an event, gig, party or whatever you have in mind. In Blood Trail, the main character is Abigail, an investigative journalist who has been tracking an organisation known as the ‘Acolytes’ for the past few years. During her investigation she is captured and held prisoner to stop her discovering more about Orlock and the Rising. Ever the resourceful person though she uses her skills to gain access to a communication feed so that she can seek outside help. There are seven main tasks that players must complete in order to help Abigail. Each task is accompanied by instructions from Abigail in her cell. As each task is completed the team learn more about the plot and receive extra information that will help lead them to their final destination.Wednesday 14 December 2011
  4. 4. task overview In your local copy of Blood Trail you will see we have Task 1: The sign of the Acolytes Extra added extra tips and ideas in the ‘Your notes’ tab on Abigail directs the team to go to the place where Elizabeth was last seen (the place mentioned in the Newspaper article). Once there each task. they need to find a code. Task 2: Unravel the riddle Task 4: One in five Having accessed the comms network, Abigail instructs the team to The Acolytes are onto the team and Abigail warns they may have solve a riddle which provides a location for the next code. set a trap. There are five codes in places you have selected. Only one is the right one. Reward: Second map segment Reward: Last map segment Task 3: A code for two Task 5: Tracking the priest Abigail asks the team to go undercover. You decide the location where the team will go to try and find the two parts of a code. The High Priest is in town and Abigail instructs the team to get a photo without being caught. You decide where the Priest will Reward: Third map segment appear and provide teams with an itinerary of his movement. Task 6: The Rising The big one. Abigail instructs the team to infiltrate the Rising. Where and what happens is up to you. Provide additional supporting information if you wish on dress code, timings etc Task 7: Save the day Will entering the final code save the day?Wednesday 14 December 2011
  5. 5. all on a plate Everything is set up and ready to go. Click the ‘Create a Blood Trail’ button and the software will copy a local version into your ‘saved experiences’ area. When you click ‘edit’ it will load the experience into the ‘Create’ process and you can start to localise the experience to your own needs. All of the videos are in place, the tasks are set up and we have even added some ‘game notes’ that might help too. What you do next is really up to you. You decide what happens and whereWednesday 14 December 2011
  6. 6. A bit of planning Screen shot from the Create tool Tip: Setting up the where you decide and set up team mode. team mode This is an important decision. When we played it we knew the final venue could only hold 500 people so we purposely set the experience up in u-select team mode (see the Spontaniac help guide for more information on team modes) We also decided to turn off leader boards so that each team would not be aware how many other teams were taking part. Using the Spontaniac tool we generated our general invitation code and then selected a maximum of 100 teams each containing a maximum of 5 people, giving us a maximum of 500 participants. The other advantage of this decision is that we only had to get 100 people to sign up. Once they did, the software gives them a ‘friend code’ and they are instructed to set up their own team and invite up to 4 friends to join them.Wednesday 14 December 2011
  7. 7. sending the invite Spontaniac gives you the invite code -what happens next is up to you. How we got it started We printed a map showing the final location and divided it into four pieces. The first piece was used as part of our invitation to play. We placed the following in white envelopes: • The 1/4 piece of the map. On the back we placed a message from Abigail asking for help. • A newspaper clipping that provided information relating to where Elizabeth disappeared • A Spontaniac code and basic instructions on use With 250 invite ‘envelopes’ to hand we simply charged around the place and handed them out randomly. The first 100 to enter the code were invited to create a team and begin the Blood Trail. Tip: We created the newspaper clipping using this online tool. 14 December 2011
  8. 8. www.spontaniac.comWednesday 14 December 2011