The 10 Rules of Engagement in a Multi-Platform World


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SponsorPay is proud to announce its white paper on the 10 Rules of Engagement in a Multi-Platform World.

The white paper addresses an important challenge brands are facing today. Consumers’ attention has become fragmented due to the multiple devices they use on a daily basis, meaning advertisers have to work harder to engage with consumers on the devices where they are spending the most time.

To be successful in a multi-platform world, brands need to consider best practices such as being authentic towards their consumers, leveraging different advertising channels and devices as well as generating great content in order to foster a successful and engaging relationship with consumers. SponsorPay’s white paper on engagement in a multi-platform world shares best practices for brands to take advantage of the trends and be successful in this changing environment.

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The 10 Rules of Engagement in a Multi-Platform World

  1. 1.
  2. 2. | 3www.sponsorpay.comTable ofContentsWhat is Engagement Advertising?Multi-Platform World10 Rules:01. Be Authentic02. Leverage Technology03. Mind the Gap04. Use the Right Kind of Ads05. Experiment!06. Generate Great Content07. Use a Call to Action08. Create Brand Advocates09. Embrace Change10. Have Fun!Company OverviewSources030711121822243034384246505257
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  4. 4. | 5www.sponsorpay.comWhat isEngagementAdvertising?
  5. 5. www.brandengage.comWhat is Engagement Advertising?Engagement happens when someone is interested in listening to you.This usually arises when what you tell them is catered towards fulfillingtheir own interests. In engagement advertising the consumer is boththe focal point of and greatly shapes the communication.Brand awareness and image are developed based on communitiesand the content shared within them. Overall, engagement advertisingis about a dialogue between the brand and the consumer, both onlineand offline, with the difficult task of finding the balance between whatwill interest them and achieving your business objectivesThis type of advertising comes from both sides. Consumers havestarted demanding interaction and relationships that are both relevantand valuable for them. Brands are beginning to realize its benefitsand challenges, such as how to embrace the changing attitude ofthe consumer. This may require companies to change both theirperspectives and previous practices.
  6. 6. | 7www.sponsorpay.comThe following 10 Rules highlight what we found to be the mostimportant considerations for engagement advertising:01. Be Authentic02. Leverage Technology03. Mind the Gap04. Use the Right Kind of Ads05. Experiment!06. Generate Great Content07. Use a Call to Action08. Create Brand Advocates09. Embrace Change10. Have Fun!
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  8. 8. | 9www.sponsorpay.comMulti-PlatformWorld
  9. 9. www.brandengage.comMulti-Platform World
  10. 10. |
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  12. 12. | 13www.sponsorpay.com10 Rules
  13. 13. www.brandengage.comBe Authentic0110 Rules: Be Authentic
  14. 14. | 15www.sponsorpay.comBrands rely strongly on advertising to communicate with theiraudience about products and services. Consumers, however, arebecoming increasingly circumspect about this messaging. One-third of online consumers actually trust a stranger‘s opinion on apublic forum or blog more than they do advertisements by brands.Research shows that confidence in paid TV ads has decreased by24% since 2009. How can advertisers turn this trend around?Being authentic is an important first step. In order to create ahealthy dialogue it is essential to clearly and honestly communicatebrand values and make sure that advertising campaigns reflect anddemonstrate them. This not only means inviting the audience totalk about the good aspects of your company but also being boldenough to accept the less positive and open it up for discussion.With the rapid growth of the Internet, it is indeed nearly impossiblefor companies to hide from consumers’ feedback. A better methodis to be transparent. Embracing your assets and mistakes will helpimprove your image in the long run.
  15. 15. www.brandengage.com10 Rules: Be Authentic
  16. 16. | 17www.sponsorpay.comBest practiceDove recently struck success again with its “Real
BeautySketches” ads, in line with the brand’s “real beauty” positioning.The campaign expresses perfectly the values Dove stands
for:self-esteem and acceptance no matter the physical appearance.The ad concept is based on company research claiming only 4%of women consider themselves beautiful.The campaign achieved Dove’s key message. As of April 14,2013, the three-minute version has been viewed more than 91million times on YouTube. The video has over 3.4 million sharesas well across Facebook, Twitter and various blogs.
  17. 17. www.brandengage.com10 Rules: Be Authentic
  18. 18. | 19www.sponsorpay.comA “fail” turning into positiveJC Penney took a unilateral decision a year and a half ago to changeits image in order to attract new, potentially younger consumers:new logo, new image, new look in stores, new promotions. All thesechanges were too much for the core customers, leading to a loss in2012 of $985 Million.JC Penney is now trying to get its former customers back with amultimedia ad campaign admitting to have failed. They want toshow that they have learned from their mistakes and will focus onlistening to their customers. The ad campaign itself is getting a hugeresponse. JC Penney’s Facebook page is receiving lots of traffic andthe hash tag #jcpListens is a top trending topic on Twitter.
  19. 19. www.brandengage.comLeverage Technology0210 Rules: Leverage Technology
  20. 20. | 21www.sponsorpay.comNew technology has brought innovative devices used fordifferent purposes. To make calls and text, we reach for oursmartphones. To browse the web, the tablet is the go-to deviceand to work on documents, we have our laptops. In 2013, it ispredicted that smart mobile devices will grow by almost 20%.The touchpoints to reach target audiences have increased,but the unique features of each device have to be taken intoaccount when devising an effective strategy.Furthermore being present on more than one platform hasbeen proven to increase marketing effectiveness. In a studyby Nielsen, nearly 75% of the people surveyed who saw anad on several platforms remembered it while only half ofthem when exposed solely to TV. Finding and leveraging themost impactful channels for your brand will help you be moresuccessful in multi-platform engagement.
  21. 21. www.brandengage.com10 Rules: Leverage Technology
  22. 22. | 23www.sponsorpay.comMulti-platform viralityCoca-Cola wanted to generate virality around their HappinessTruck campaign during the Olympics. To achieve this, SponsorPayemployed its BrandEngage® platform to create an engagementcampaign around a video ad distributed exclusively in Facebookapps. The campaign was spread across multiple platforms andwas able to achieve great success with hundreds of thousandsof completed video views. The engaging nature of the contentensured a 63.7% share rate.
  23. 23. www.brandengage.comMind the Gap0310 Rules: Mind the Gap
  24. 24. | 25www.sponsorpay.comThere is apparently a disconnect between what consumersand marketers think is valuable. According to a study byForbes and TURN, only 15% of consumers who share an ad feelconnected to a brand while 49% of marketers measure thistype of marketing as very influential. 24% of marketers feel thatnewsletters get a good response, however, less than 10% ofconsumers are actually interested in them.It is crucial to ensure you know your consumers. Makinguse
of the data about consumer behavior and interactionshas been –and should continue to be– an important focus formarketers: 68% said they will increase data-related marketingspending in 2013. Website analytics constitute around half ofthe data generated on customers while email and social mediainteraction are respectively 19% and 12%.
  25. 25. www.brandengage.comUse the RightKind of Ads0410 Rules: Use the Right Kind of Ads
  26. 26. | 27www.sponsorpay.comMarketers are still struggling to crack the magic formula when
itcomes to engaging consumers on new platforms such asonline and mobile. Display and search still draw the majority ofadvertising budgets even though they are not liked or highlyineffective. More than 60% of consumers do not like display ortext ads on mobile devices and over 40% of mobile ad clicks areeither by accident or fraud.Interruptive ads have the power to not only irk the consumer butalso give them a negative impression of your brand – exactly theopposite of what you were looking to accomplish. Establishinga value-exchange is an effective method in which you can getyour message across to the consumer without annoying them.
  27. 27. www.brandengage.com10 Rules: Use the Right Kind of Ads
  28. 28. | 29www.sponsorpay.comGenerate awareness with value-exchangeNivea wanted to generate brand awareness for its productrange, Pure Effect. The campaign was inserted
in social gamesand apps with a strong female audience. The value-exchangemodel was particularly effective in generating engagementfrom consumers as they received premium content inexchange for interacting with advertising in their favoriteenvironments. The result – 68% of consumers who watchedthe video clicked through to the Nivea website to get moreinformation about products.
  29. 29. www.brandengage.com10 Rules: Use the Right Kind of Ads
  30. 30. | 31www.sponsorpay.comCreate a unique user experienceAmerican Express struck gold with their American ExpressUnstaged campaign. The message the brand wanted tocommunicate to customers was about achieving their ownmemorable experiences. Through American Express Unstaged,fans could stream concerts from some of the biggest names inmusic through the lens of a well-known director to fans acrossthe globe. A Coldplay concert from 2011 is still the largest artistevent on YouTube.
  31. 31. www.brandengage.comExperiment!0510 Rules: Experiment!
  32. 32. | 33www.sponsorpay.comOn average, companies spend over six figures on advertisingcampaigns. With this sort of investment, brands certainly wantto make sure they are communicating their messages in themost impactful way.In the past, marketers often diligently pursued one idea theyhoped would work. Today, however, it is inefficient to spend toomuch time and resources developing an idea you are not surewill be successful. Thanks to social media, several channels areavailable to quickly and cost-effectively test whether or not acampaign is meeting with resonance in the market.
  33. 33. www.brandengage.com10 Rules: Experiment!
  34. 34. | 35www.sponsorpay.comTest the social potential of your campaignWarner Brothers took advantage of the BrandEngage®platform to showcase the trailer for The Hobbit acrossdifferent channels, including mobile and social. In the process,they were able to build strong social engagement – 65% ofconsumers who watched the video became fans of the movieon Facebook.
  35. 35. www.brandengage.comGenerate Great Content0610 Rules: Generate Great Content
  36. 36. | 37www.sponsorpay.comResearch shows that consumersare exposed to 3,000 marketingmessages a day but are onlyable to take in 100. Furtherempirical evidence suggeststhat the attention span of mostusers lasts for about threeminutes. How to make sure youare catching the consumer’sattention?The content of your messagehas to be valuable so as tocreate real “value-exchange”.Providing great content is thecurrency you give so consumersappreciate and reward yourbrand with awareness, purchaseand loyalty.Below are three basic criteria for creating content that willresonate well with consumers:Eye-catching: Draw a reaction from your audience whether thatbe through humorous, shocking (within reason) or thought-provokingcontent. It also means creating real-time content to be relevant towhat consumers find interesting right now.Accessible: Can the user find your content? Make sure you useappropriate keywords. Linking to other related content is alsoimportant. Your message does not have to go viral to be effective.Instead, it needs to be easily discovered by the target audience.Clear: Can consumers easily understand what you’re trying tocommunicate? Using the right medium is important to express yourideas in an effective way whether that is through video, text, etc.Sometimes you can have a combination of both visuals and textto deliver your message. Above all, however, it is important to bemindful of who your audience is. Tailor your language and style tosuit them. That way they will be more receptive.
  37. 37. www.brandengage.com10 Rules: Generate Great Content
  38. 38. | 39www.sponsorpay.comThe power of real-time contentEach year advertisers spend millions to create memorable SuperBowl ads, but many have started to wonder whether that moneycould be better spent on digital advertising.In 2013, some brands did just that by creating engaging contenton social media when presented with the right opportunity.During the Super Bowl blackout, Oreo tweeted the image on theleft that created significant buzz – 16,028 people retweeted it.
  39. 39. www.brandengage.comUse a Call to Action0710 Rules: Use a Call to Action
  40. 40. | 41www.sponsorpay.comAn exchange is an actionfollowed by a reaction.You have taken the first stepforward by creating contentmeant to be valuable for theconsumer. Now it is time forthem to react to the content.To help them do this, yourcontent should have a call toaction. This could be varietyof things including a Likeor share on Facebook, acomment/response (such asa poll) or a purchase.Here are some top tips to keep in mind to give your contenta call to action:Provide an incentive: Customers are more likely to respond to yourcall to action especially when they feel they are receiving somethingof value in return. This can include a discount, gift card or prize.Focus on a small number of actions: No matter what the incentivemay be, a customer is less likely to engage if they are confused bywhat they have to complete in the first place. Make the actions simplefor your audience.Create a sense of urgency: Do not let your audience adopt the“do it later” mentality. To create a sense of urgency, use actionwords like “buy”, “call”, “click”, “order”. To reinforce this, suggest toyour audience that they do not have much time to act. This will givethem a boost to complete the action immediately instead of waiting,thinking the opportunity will still be there at a later time.Make the call to action easy to spot: Make the call to action standout. There are plenty of options on how you can achieve this. Give
ita special design, make it big or allow it to catch your audience’sattention with an alternative, eye-catching color.
  41. 41. www.brandengage.com10 Rules: Use a Call to Action
  42. 42. | 43www.sponsorpay.comA clear value-exchange dealDomino’s Pizza ran a campaign with SponsorPay in order tobuild overall brand presence while simultaneously increasingawareness of the “Box Busting Deal” campaign to drive onlinepizza purchases.The “Go” button on the campaign was both easy to spot andcreated a sense of urgency for the audience. Effective day-parting was employed to showcase the campaign only betweenthe hours of 10 pm and 4 am. The result – a 36% clickthrough toDomino’s online pizza ordering site.
  43. 43. www.brandengage.comCreate BrandAdvocates0810 Rules: Create Brand Advocates
  44. 44. | 45www.sponsorpay.comCreating great content takestime, experimentation andcreativity. It is not always easy,so why not have your biggestfans help out for free? Theyare your brand’s advocates,customers who have gonefrom liking your brand andengaging with it to actuallybeing loyal and spreading theword about it. With a typicalcompany receiving around65% of its business fromexisting customers,loyal brand advocates are yourmost valuable clients.89% of marketers consider investing in brand advocatesparticularly important for 2013.Make it easy for advocates to participate via the followingmethods:Positive recommendationsFacebook posts, Tweets and commentsStories and testimonialsVideos, photos and other multimediaSimultaneously, take advantage of the great content theyproduce by sharing it on your social media platforms or evenpublishing it. Give advocates an easy way to share their contentwith others as well.
  45. 45. www.brandengage.com10 Rules: Create Brand Advocates
  46. 46. | 47www.sponsorpay.comLocal bloggers to spread the wordDuane Reade, a US East Coast-based drugstore chain, hassuccessfully used their brand advocates to
form their VIPblogger team. The VIP blogger team comprises bloggers fromthe New York City area who generate content for Duane Readevia their own social platforms. Although they are not employees,they are treated as such. The bloggers receive incentives andare introduced to initiatives before the public.
This strategy hashelped Duane Reade fuel awareness and social activity aroundits content. The chain experienced a 28% increase in year-over-year sales and earned 5 times its investment on the initiative.
  47. 47. www.brandengage.comEmbrace Change0910 Rules: Embrace Change
  48. 48. | 49www.sponsorpay.comMore than ever, advertisers must be flexible and agile to navigatethe dynamic, ever-changing multi-platform world of engagementadvertising. Consumer preferences change at a rapid pace and manytimes in ways we do not anticipate. On the other hand, innovation hasevolved to become cheaper and easier for companies to iterate.Predictions are difficult to rely on due to both the changingpreferences in the consumer and disruptive tendencies of themarketplace. Therefore, marketers must be open to new methodsand ideas and continue to be flexible by experimenting in their space.
  49. 49. www.brandengage.com10 Rules: Embrace Change
  50. 50. | 51www.sponsorpay.comGamification as a new medium to reachrelevant audiencesSponsorPay developed a campaign for Axe that involved aninteractive mini-game placed after an engaging video. It wasvery well-received with consumers spending more than threeand a half minutes with the brand.
  51. 51. www.brandengage.comHave Fun!1010 Rules: Have Fun!
  52. 52. | 53www.sponsorpay.comEngagement advertising offers marketers a chance to be creative andtry new ideas, tools and strategies. Have fun with it!The sky is the limit!
  53. 53.
  54. 54. | 55www.sponsorpay.comCompanyOverview
  55. 55. www.brandengage.comRed HerringWinner - Europe 100 (2011)Red Herring honours the world’smost innovative companies.Previous winners include Google,Skype, and YouTube.White BullWinner (2011)The Bully Awards acknowledgeexcellence in innovation,leadership, growth anddisruptive potential.About UsGlobal leader in value-exchange advertisingFounded in April 2009Berlin (HQ), Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Shanghai, Seoul and TokyoInternational team of 140+ from 30+ countriesInvestment from Team Europe, Hasso Plattner Ventures, Kite Ventures and Nokia Growth PartnersMedia MomentumRank #2 in Top 50 (2012)The awards acknowledge thefastest growing companies inthe European tech community.ALWAYSONOnMedia 100 Top Private Companies (2013)Given to top emerging companies creatingnew business opportunities in the world ofmedia and advertising.Company Overview
  56. 56. | 57www.sponsorpay.comGlobal Footprint
  57. 57.
  58. 58. | 59www.sponsorpay.comSources
  59. 59. www.brandengage.comMulti-Platform WorldcomScore Report: 2013 Europe Digital Future in Focus - pages 16, 19 and 21 1: Be Authentic
  60. 60. | 61www.sponsorpay.comRule 2: Leverage Technology 3: Mind the GapWhite Paper Forbes Insights/Turn, The New Rules On Engagement, page 20 4: Use the Right Kind of Ads,
  61. 61. www.brandengage.comRule 5: Experiment! 6: Generate Great Content 8: Create Brand Advocates
  62. 62. |