Innovation 3D


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Innovation 3D

  1. 1. with a sting…
  2. 2. Who are Cherry and Lime?• Cherry and Lime was started by James Leckey of Leckey Design Ltd.• They specialize in the design of pastorally supportive products for children and adults with special needs.• The aim of Cherry and lime is to create videos that advertise a brand and help engage the customers.
  3. 3. What is a Sting?• A ‘Sting’ is a short animation/movie that engages the audience and creates interest in a brand.• Can be used to quickly grab the attention of the audience.• Are a fast effective (subliminal) answer to advertising.
  4. 4. Where did I start looking?• TV advertising• Internet viral ads• Bus shelters• Shop windows• 3D mapping/projections onto architecture• Social Media websites (Facebook etc)
  5. 5. Research
  6. 6. Best Examples• Augmented stings/business cards• 3D mapping is at the forefront of advertising across Europe, I experienced this as I was on my Erasmus• Short car stings with unexpected twists• Eye catching and influence/intrigue the customer• Minimal time/Maximum effect
  7. 7. My ideas• Character Design• Create a scene• Incorporate identity/logo• Short history• Future direction• Focus on mission
  8. 8. Character ideas• Cherry and Lime? (too obvious)• Should reflect their aims/mission• For all ages (as first project is for Leckey Design Ltd.)• Cartoon styled characters with individual characteristics• Represent the company
  9. 9. Character possibilities• Focus on the head of the character• Retro old style cartoon• Simple body structure• Quirky characteristics• Fun/engaging• Happy displaying passion for mission
  10. 10. Music/Sound• Quiet soundtrack/background track• Focus on voices/sound of the characters• Sound produced as the characters react with their 3D environment• Possibility of viral content• Make it memorable (e.g. coke with lime ad)• Include the name?
  11. 11. Environment Ideas• Creative space• Fun• Projection of characters onto surface• Interaction with objects• Relevant content within scene• Environment will develop as my concepts develop and storyboards will help work out the overall layout
  12. 12. Early concept
  13. 13. Feedback• Why the ‘Radio head’?• What type of body (cartoon or more robotic)• What other pieces of technology can be used as the head?• Make it relevant to the company• Think retro cartoon style• Look at current examples/trends
  14. 14. Possible learning curves• Editing video/3D animation using After Effects• Development of characters in 3ds max and advancing in animation skills• Making use of various rendering techniques in order to achieve best outcome• Professional outcome presented with all relevant paperwork and development concepts
  15. 15. Cherry and Lime visit• Animated corporate videos for internet• Create videos that change your life• Creative scripting• Engage customer with music• Communicate feeling/emotion• Important storyboarding• Retro/old style
  16. 16. The Logo Cherry and LimeFont Experimentation Incomplete? Unknown future
  17. 17. Their studio• Open friendly working environment• Area for story boarding and discussing work with client• Meetings on Friday with client• Good communication between colleagues• Don’t be afraid to raise any issues and be honest• Team work
  18. 18. Where am I going?• 3D animation involving multiple characters• Experimentation with concepts• Work with possible outcomes• Consider the environment in which the sting could be displayed• Possibility of permanent installation• Where will sting be displayed?
  19. 19. My plan• Further research• Concept sketches• Storyboard possible animation sequence• Develop 3D models• Develop final storyboards• Character rigging and animation• Test animation sequences
  20. 20. My final outcome• Incorporates my character design based on old style retro camera.• Includes simple Cherry and Lime character animation.• Characters react with their environment and engage the customers.• Display humor and energy but also maintain integrity.