SplunkLive! Cincinnati - Hurricane Labs - Oct 2012


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SplunkLive! Cincinnati - Hurricane Labs - Oct 2012

  1. 1. Hurricane Labs• Company History• Founded in 2004• Security services company• Cleveland, OH• Customer base around the world• Who is Matt Yonchak?
  2. 2. What Hurricane Labs Does• Security Monitoring and Analysis• Performance Monitoring• Vulnerability Management
  3. 3. Security Monitoring and Analysis • Firewalls • Proxies • IDS/IPS • Host IDS/IPS • OPVD
  4. 4. Security Monitoring and Analysis
  5. 5. PerformanceMonitoringComprised of different areas:System Resources Up / Down Monitoring System Processes Bandwidth Utilization
  6. 6. Performance monitoring
  7. 7. Vulnerability Management Penetration testing and lots of it
  8. 8. Vulnerability Management • More frequent = more data • Clients given a score • Splunk pulls in pen test data
  9. 9. Hurricane LabsBig Data Problem
  10. 10. All Data Is Security RelevantStatistics onHL big data
  11. 11. What Goes Into the HDportal Splunk Instance?(Its A LOT)
  12. 12. Making 246 Million EventsWork For YouHow we filter down so many events Proper tuningto provide security intelligence: (not just turning stuff off)
  13. 13. Capabilities that SplunkProvides to the HD Service• First to correlate across clients• Gives a broader security picture• Warn of industry attack trends
  14. 14. Capabilities that Splunk Provides to the HD PortalFlexible Reporting Searchable Log Data Correlation
  15. 15. Why the HD portal exists• Digital interface with our clients• How we show transparency• Allows our clients to interact with their big data• A way to see the service side vs. the technical side
  16. 16. What makes the HD portal tick?
  17. 17. How Splunk Makesthe Portal Better• Critical piece of HD portal.• Need for Splunk grows as our managed services offering grows.
  18. 18. Why the SplunkSDK Is So Great"Makes things more Pythonic" – yes thats a quote•Allows for faster development times and faster versionreleases of the portal•Helped us to develop a custom UI
  19. 19. Splunk Driven Dashboard Data Reports Monitoring Trends
  20. 20. Splunk Helped TameOur Big Data
  21. 21. In Closing
  22. 22. Questions?Contact Us:Call @ 888-276-4106 E-mail @sales@hurricanelabs.comOur Hurricane Defense Service blends the best ofthese tools with our integration technology for anOpen Source experience that will blow you away.Thank you for your time!